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At Old Trafford, Costinha scored a tie in the 92nd minute to help the team defeat Manchester United 3-2 on a total score. Mourinho waved his fist and ran along the sideline of the court. Flying behind him; after the unexpected comeback of Barcelona at the Nou Camp, Mourinho's celebration is even more iconic.


Even if Mourinho’s team did not win, he would still get a lot of attention: to avoid the suspension penalty, he hid in a laundry basket; he compared managing the team to making omelets; he also gave English-speaking audiences Explain what is "ghost goal".


He also made false accusations against Champions League referee Anders Frisk, claiming that Anders Frisk went to the locker room to meet Barcelona coach Rijkaard during the halftime of the Champions League round of 16 against Chelsea against Barcelona. Anders Frisk received death threats for this and retired soon after.

他还对欧洲冠军联赛裁判安德斯·弗里斯克(Anders Frisk)进行了虚假指控,声称安德斯·弗里斯克(Anders Frisk)在冠军杯16轮对阵切尔西(Chelsea)对阵巴塞罗那(Barcelona)的半场比赛中去了更衣室与巴塞罗那教练里杰卡尔德(Rijkaard)会面。安德斯·弗里斯克(Anders Frisk)为此受到死亡威胁,并于不久后退休。

But for better or worse, Mourinho cannot be ignored when recording the history of the Champions League. In that ten years, Mourinho served as the head coach of four clubs, only three times failed to lead the team to the Champions League semi-finals.


After leading Porto to the cup, he came to Chelsea to help the team reach the semi-finals twice in three seasons, but was picked by Liverpool twice. Then came Inter Milan, under Mourinho, the team became the first triple crown team to win the Champions League, Serie A and Coppa Italia.

在带领波尔图进入杯赛之后,他来到切尔西帮助球队在三个赛季中两次进入半决赛,但被利物浦两次选中。随后是穆里尼奥(Mourinho)统治下的国际米兰(International Milan),这支球队成为赢得冠军联赛,意甲和意大利杯冠军的第一支三冠王球队。

After the Triple Crown, Mourinho was favored by Real Madrid, and the La Liga giants called him. Before Mourinho came, Real Madrid under Florentino pursued the superstar policy, and the joining of superstars such as Figo, Zidane, Beckham and Ronaldo made Real Madrid a star-studded "Galactic Battleship." When Mourinho joined, Galeries Lafayette said bluntly: This year, our superstar is Mourinho.


This joining should be a match made in heaven, and both Galeries Lafayette and Mourinho regard reaching the Champions League as their primary goal. Although Real Madrid was already the most successful team in the history of the Champions League at the time, they have not won the Champions League trophy since 2002, and they are still one step away from the symbolic "ten crowns of the Champions League". As the third coach to lead two different teams to win the Champions League, Mourinho saw an opportunity here in Real Madrid: to become the first legendary coach to lead three different clubs to win the Champions League.


When Florentino took Mourinho to visit the Bernabéu museum, he stopped in front of a Champions League trophy and said to his new coach: "I miss it." "Me too," Mourinho replied, "even though it was only a few days away from me." But for some reason, Mourinho has not been able to lead Real Madrid back to the top of Europe. Even now people have mixed praise and criticism for Mourinho's coaching performance in Real Madrid.


Mourinho supporters said: the Champions League knockout is full of variables, no one can guarantee the result, and before Mourinho took over Real Madrid, the team had not even made the quarter-finals for many years. Opponents pointed out: Real Madrid entered the semifinals under Mourinho because of being taken care of, and during the same period Real Madrid only lags behind Manchester City in signings. More ironically, after Mourinho left, his successor Ancelotti led Real Madrid to the top of Europe and beat Bayern 5-0 in the semifinals.


Subsequently, Mourinho criticized Hazard for not actively following Juan Fran before Atletico Madrid scored the equalizer. This creates hidden dangers for the relationship between the two. In the second season, Chelsea won the Premier League, but the relationship between Mourinho and Hazard has deteriorated. The teammates noticed that in order to calm the conflict with Mourinho, Hazard began to deliberately change his playing style, choosing to pass the ball hard when it was time to dribble.


All this shows that Mourinho has changed during this period. He has become too ego, and will even use his players as a scapegoat. Previously in Porto, Inter Milan and Chelsea (Phase 1), he would draw the media spotlight on himself through talk and play conspiracy theories to protect the players. Now, he pushed them out to block the muzzle.


In Porto, the players felt the toughness of a young coach; in Inter, the players understood that everyone had to make sacrifices for the team, no exception, even if it meant that the value of some big-name stars had shrunk.


There are actually many reasons why similar methods have not worked in Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester United. Interpersonal relationships are inherently complicated, and the mental state of each team is different. Whether it is Mourinho's management method or just his method is outdated, we don't know.


When successful, Mourinho will laugh at those football idealists. After leading Manchester United to the Europa League in 2017, he said: "There are many poets in football, but the championship is the last word." However, Jonathan Wilson, the author of "Inverting The Pyramid," said that at a certain time, Mourinho was also a poet. He would stick to his beliefs and believe that fierce pressing and disciplined defense can win everything. In the past, he may be right, but football has been evolving.


In the early years of the 2010s, Mourinho contended with Guardiola, Barcelona and the elegant Tiki-Taka; now, he continues to fight the fierce "heavy metal football" struggle with the new European king Liverpool.


Mourinho has not always been rigid and bossy. In the first period of Porto, Inter Milan and Chelsea, he showed a strong tactical adjustment ability, and it looked more interesting. Last week


Saying goodbye to Inter is a very difficult decision. After defeating Barcelona in the semifinals, Moratti told Mourinho that they would not prevent him from leaving the team, because such performance allowed him not to owe Inter Milan anything. Mourinho said: "Inter Milan respects any decision I make, but it cannot guarantee that I will still be happy after making a decision. In fact, I am happier at Inter Milan than at Real Madrid."


It is worth noting that Mourinho has always been nostalgic for that Inter Milan. The team of the Triple Crowns still has a WhatsApp chat group. The players found that Mourinho was still one of the most active. This is an interesting detail, and it also reveals something. It is hard to imagine that Mourinho will maintain such a close relationship with Manchester United or Real Madrid's old department.


Unity, forge ahead, and consistent goals are the keys to Inter Milan's establishment of the Triple Crown in 2010. Can Mourinho once again achieve European hegemony in Tottenham or other teams? Only time will tell us the answer. Mourinho has left his mark on the most prestigious events in Europe, but for him, the story continues.


Excerpts from the original text:


In the early 2010s, he was competing with Pep Guardiola, Barcelona and delicate tiki taka. Today, the kings of Europe are Liverpool with Jurgen Klopp's furious "heavy metal football." 

在2010年代初期,他曾与瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola),巴塞罗那和精致的tiki taka竞争。今天,欧洲国王是利物浦与尤尔根·克洛普(Jurgen Klopp)狂怒的“重型金属足球”。

None of which is to say that Mourinho's window for winning the Champions League is necessarily closed. It's difficult for any manager to stay at the


Mourinho has not always been


In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport last week, Mourinho was asked about the decision to leave Inter for Madrid in the summer of 2010. He spoke frankly about ambition, the fact that he had already turned the Spanish club down twice and that desire to achieve something

上周在接受米兰体育报(Gazzetta dello Sport)采访时,穆里尼奥被问及有关决定于2010年夏天离开国际米兰前往马德里的决定。他坦率地谈到了雄心壮志,事实是他已经两次拒绝了西班牙俱乐部,并且渴望实现某事

Parting with Inter was still difficult. By Mourinho's account, the club's owner, Massimo Moratti, told him after the semifinal win over Barcelona that they would not stand in his way, that after such a performance he owed them nothing. In effect, the Italian club granted him "the right to do what I wanted. But not the right to be happy. In fact, I was happier in Milan than Madrid.

与国际米兰的分手仍然很困难。根据穆里尼奥的说法,俱乐部老板马西莫·莫拉蒂(Massimo Moratti)在半决赛击败巴萨后告诉他,他们不会挡住他的路,在这样的表现之后,他不欠他们任何钱。实际上,这家意大利俱乐部授予他“做我想做的权利。但没有获得幸福的权利。实际上,我在米兰比马德里更快乐。

Mourinho's enduring attachment to that Inter team feels


Togetherness, and a shared sense of purpose, are often cited at Inter as the key ingredients in their unprecedented 2010 success. Time will tell if Mourinho can achieve something similar at Tottenham, or wherever his journey takes him next. He has already left his mark on European soccer's most prestigious competition. But in his own mind, at least, the story is not finished yet.


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