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【亚博棋牌有保障】盛世网坛迈入双20时代! 依然书写着三个人的故事

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   Yesterday's Roland Garros, Djokovic and Nadal, the duel between two people, but unavoidably turned into a story of three people. The third person is Federer, who is absent but always there.

昨天的罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),德约科维奇(Djokovic)和纳达尔(Nadal),两人之间的决斗,但不可避免地变成了三人的故事。第三个人是费德勒,他缺席,但一直在那里。

   The French Open under the epidemic is deserted and vigorous. Federer's record of 20 Grand Slam men's singles titles was just overtaken by Nadal. The men's net is equally divided ever since. The contest between men is unreserved and not roundabout. Behind, there is even more eye-catching Djokovic, only three gold cups.



   The final itself, there is almost no suspense. In October, Paris was already cold. The romantic streets, people, and scenery are all not related to Roland Garros. All the players can do is swing their racket, relax in the hotel, or even hard to walk. Nadal is of course an absolute favorite, even if the Spaniard is more blocked in the off-season French Open. This time the French Open used a new ball. Nadal described it as "slow and heavy". His forehand spin was difficult to use. When the virus spread, he stayed at his home in Mallorca without any training... But all kinds of things, Neither can cover up Nadal's advantage. Before this year, he was the king of clay with 12 French Open gold cups. People may have predicted the ending, but they still guessed the wrong process, and the one-sided game is just a bit unbearable. Djokovic didn't get his first game until more than an hour after the game started. After that, even if there were occasional flashes in the third set, it was no longer helpful. Before the game, someone threw the question to Djokovic: "If you can choose to let your opponent win a set because this person can save your life, who do you choose?" Djokovic chose Nadal without hesitation: "This is the French Open. , You know." In the end, Nadal won one game after another and ended the German treaty.

决赛本身,几乎没有悬念。十月份,巴黎已经很冷。浪漫的街道,人民和风景与罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)无关。玩家所能做的只是挥舞球拍,在酒店放松身心甚至难以走路。纳达尔当然是绝对喜欢的人,即使西班牙人在淡季的法国公开赛中受阻更大。这次法国公开赛使用了一个新球。纳达尔将其描述为“缓慢而沉重”。他的正手旋转很难使用。病毒传播后,他未经任何培训就留在了马略卡岛的家中。但是,无论如何,这两种方法都无法掩盖纳达尔的优势。在今年之前,他凭借12个法网金杯成为了粘土之王。人们可能已经预言了结局,但他们仍然猜错了过程,单面游戏实在让人难以忍受。德约科维奇直到比赛开始一个多小时后才开始自己的第一场比赛。之后,即使第三组中偶尔出现闪烁,也不再有用。比赛开始之前,有人向德约科维奇抛出了一个问题:“如果您可以选择让对手赢得一场比赛,因为这个人可以挽救您的生命,您会选择谁?”德约科维奇毫不犹豫地选择了纳达尔:“这是法国公开赛。”最终,纳达尔赢得了一场又一场的比赛,并结束了德国条约。



   These three people have their own meanings. Obviously, Federer and Nadal are a bit like white roses and red roses. An elegant and gentle, an enthusiastic and unrestrained, fortunately the white rose will not turn into rice sticky, and the red rose will not turn into mosquito blood. They live together peacefully, supplementing each other, fulfilling each other, they are all treasures in our hearts. And that Djokovic, who broke in, looked like a black rose. It is a group of its own, with similar styles, but the faces inside and outside the arena are very beloved, and they ignore it after all.




   In fact, we can see who they are from their daily words and deeds. In the days when the world was isolated together, Federer interacted with fans on video. He practiced fancy shots against his own wall, sharing a little, a little cautious, and a sense of accuracy. Djokovic brought in hard-core buddies to do the live broadcast. He used "my brother" to describe Hafari. The latter set foot in the field of commercial real estate before, and now runs a nutrition company. Dejo said that the other party is his soul mentor. The content of the two live broadcasts is not marginal: "I believe in angels, I believe in invisible stronger power." They also began to discuss the use of mind to purify sewage to meet drinking standards... Of course, Djokovic is the most famous It was a competition that could gather people without wearing a mask. As a result, the world was in an uproar. As for Nadal, he loves staying with his family, so it is not difficult at all. His sorrow continued to the French Open. "Everyone is saying that the atmosphere of Roland Garros this year is not very good, that's right. So many sad things happen, why do we have any reason to expect the same as usual." To catch up with Federer and become the king of the Grand Slam, Nadal's excitement has always focused on the game itself. "For me, it is not necessary to catch up with the Grand Slam record, nor is it a great goal. I only care about my own career and off-field life. Like, I don’t care about my neighbor’s house. I am older, the car is more expensive than me, and the income is more than mine. I am very satisfied with everything I have. Even in the end, Federer and Djokovic have more Grand Slam gold cups than me. Will affect my happiness."

实际上,我们可以从他们的日常言行中看到他们是谁。在世界被孤立在一起的日子里,费德勒通过视频与粉丝互动。他在自己的墙上练习花式射击,分享了一点点,谨慎点和准确感。德约科维奇(Djokovic)带来了骨灰级的好友进行现场直播。他用“我的兄弟”来形容哈法里。后者以前涉足商业房地产领域,现在经营一家营养公司。德乔说对方是他的灵魂导师。两次现场直播的内容并非微不足道:“我相信天使,我相信隐形的强大力量。”他们还开始讨论如何使用思想来净化污水以达到饮用水标准……当然,德约科维奇是最著名的比赛,它可以不戴口罩聚集人们。结果,世界一片混乱。至于纳达尔,他喜欢和家人在一起,所以这并不困难。他的悲伤一直持续到法国公开赛。 “每个人都说罗兰·加洛斯今年的气氛不是很好,没错。发生了很多可悲的事情,为什么我们有理由期望与往常一样呢?”为了赶上费德勒并成为大满贯之王,纳达尔的兴奋始终集中在比赛本身上。 “对我来说,没必要赶上大满贯的纪录,也不是一个伟大的目标。我只关心自己的职业和场外生活。就像,我不在乎邻居的房子。我年纪大了,汽车比我贵,收入也比我多。我对自己拥有的一切感到非常满意,甚至到最后,费德勒和德约科维奇都比我拥有更多的大满贯金杯,这将影响我的幸福。 ”


   Although I don’t care, after all, the Grand Slam Gold Cup is comparable to the house, car and ticket. Federer immediately sent a long congratulation, full of sincerity. "Whether as an ordinary person or a great champion, Nadal has always been my most respected friend. He has been my greatest opponent for so many years. We have inspired each other to become better players, so I sincerely congratulate each other. He won the 20th Grand Slam. Especially in Roland Garros, he can get the 13th championship. It is really amazing. This is one of the greatest achievements in sports history... I also hope that 20 is our next journey. Congratulations to you again, Rafa, you deserve to have all of this." It’s time to focus on-20, we, continue!

尽管我不在乎,但毕竟,大满贯金杯赛可以与房子,汽车和门票相提并论。费德勒立即发出了长久的祝贺,充满了诚意。 “无论是普通人还是伟大的冠军,纳达尔一直是我最受人尊敬的朋友。多年来,纳达尔一直是我最大的对手。我们相互激励,成为了更好的球员,因此我由衷的祝贺。他赢得了比赛。第20大满贯赛事,尤其是在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),他获得了第13届冠军。这真是了不起。这是体育史上最伟大的成就之一……我也希望20是我们的下一个旅程。再次恭喜您,拉法,你应该拥有所有这些。”是时候专注于20了,我们继续!



   For the fans, Sansheng is fortunate to have all gathered at this moment, but in the past 15 years, it has seen so many splendor. The youngest Djokovic is also 33 years old, and Federer is rushing around. Yes, they are still there, with us, to the youth that will eventually pass away, the brilliance that is hard to fade. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Hua Xinyi)

对于粉丝来说,三生很幸运在这一刻聚集了所有人,但是在过去的15年中,它已经看到了如此辉煌的一面。最年轻的德约科维奇(Djokovic)也已经33岁了,费德勒亚博棋牌有保障(Federer)也在奔波。是的,他们仍然与我们同在,这些年轻人最终将逝世,这些辉煌的光彩难以消散。 (新民晚报记者华新义)



   How do you say, Nadal should be the most "human" of the Big Three.

How do you say,纳达尔应该是三巨头中最“人性化”亚博棋牌娱乐的人。

   Federer is too elegant and lacks pyrotechnics; Djokovic is a bit "mysterious", and his words and actions are "unpredictable". Nadal is a grounded existence, just like his tennis, a lot of hard work, a lot of energy, a lot of focus.




   After so many years of hard work in professional tennis, Nadal’s English is no longer a problem, but in the past two weeks when he hit the 13th French Open and the 20th Grand Slam crown, he has been apologetic. "When I first debuted, my English was not good. Someone asked me every hour

经过职业网球这么多年的努力,纳达尔的英语不再是问题,但是在过去的两周里,当他打入第13届法国公开赛和第20项大满贯冠军时,他一直道歉。 “当我初次露面时,我的英语不好。每小时有人问我

  Because of Federer, few people use their outstanding talents to accommodate Dahl. Later, because of Djokovic, he also failed to enjoy exclusive attention in the post-Federer aura. What people remember is his diligence and kindness. His playing style is more likely to cause damage to the body. After a few times of dormancy, he returned from the trough to the top of the tower, but it has confirmed his rigidity and toughness. But Nadal, who is closest to us, has caught up with Federer's seemingly unsurpassable record.


   is really good. It doesn’t need too much whitewashing, too much flattering, and too much chasing, playing quietly, living quietly, greatness is an extra reward. The road is not complicated in fact, as long as you remember, you are still you. (Hua Xinyi)

真的很好它不需要太多的粉饰,过多的奉承,也不需要太多的追逐,安静地玩耍,安静地生活,伟大是一种额外的奖励。实际上这条路并不复杂,只要您记得,您仍然是您。 (华新义)

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