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In response to the recent concerns about sports team physical training and physical fitness testing from all walks of life, representatives of sports experts from all over the world held discussions and exchanges in the form of video and teleconference on September 29. Representatives said that although the concept of strengthening physical training, strengthening physical shortcomings, and promoting the overall development of athletes is being recognized and accepted by more and more people, there is still a need to actively promote traditional ideas and training concepts at the national level. The change in practice will lead the majority of sports workers and sports enthusiasts to further enhance their understanding. At the same time, it is also necessary to continuously improve and refine the guidance standards of physical training and physical testing in the exploration to improve the scientific and refined level.


Why in the current Olympic cycle, the importance of strengthening physical fitness to make up for shortcomings has been highlighted, China


In the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the introduction of some new rules also put forward higher requirements on athletes' physical fitness. For example, the Olympic shooting event increased the number of bullets in the competition, the flying saucer event increased the number of targets, and a mixed team event was added. As a result, the competition time of athletes was extended, and some excellent athletes could even take part in three events. "All of these put forward higher requirements for athletes, especially high-level athletes, for their specific strength, endurance, and balance ability." said Liang Chun, director of the Shooting Center of the State General Administration of Sports, strengthening basic physical training and improving skills for athletes. , Tempering the will, maintaining the mental state, preventing injury and disease are all beneficial.

在东京奥运周期中,一些新规则的出台也对运动员的身体素质提出了更高的要求。例如,奥林匹克射击比赛增加了比赛的子弹数量,飞碟比赛增加了目标的数量,并且增加了混合团体比赛。结果,延长了运动员的比赛时间,一些优秀的运动员甚至可以参加三项比赛。 “所有这些对运动员,特别是高水平运动员,对他们的体能,耐力和平衡能力提出了更高的要求。”国家体育总局射击中心主任梁春说,加强基础体育锻炼,提高运动员技能。 ,锻炼意志,保持精神状态,预防伤害和疾病都是有益的。

By paying close attention to physical fitness, the national rowing team and the national canoeing team quickly achieved immediate results. First of all, from the perspective of physical performance, compared with the world championship model, now the national team female athletes can 100% meet the physical fitness test standard of the model. "The men's team has recently added training programs. Both Zhang Liang and the sculls have reached the standard 100%, and the team is close to 80%." Liu Aijie said that the results of these reforms in training were quickly reflected in the World Series. "Last year In the World Championships, the Chinese team won 7 championships in rowing and kayaking, including 4 Olympic champions." Zhang Liang and Liu Zhiyu won the men's double scull gold medal.

通过密切注意身体健康,国家划船队和国家皮划艇队很快取得了立竿见影的效果。首先,从身体表现的角度来看,与世界冠军模型相比,现在的国家队女运动员可以100%达到模型的体能测试标准。 “男子队最近增加了训练计划。张亮和双桨都达到了100%的标准,而队伍接近80%。”刘爱洁说,这些训练改革的结果很快反映在世界大赛中。 “去年在世锦赛上,中国队在划船和皮划艇比赛中赢得了7个冠军,其中包括4个奥运会冠军。”张亮和刘志宇获得了男子双桨金牌。

Similarly, the shooting and archery project has achieved certain effects in promoting the improvement of competitive level through strengthening physical training. In 2018 and 2019, the shooting team broke or tied the world record 13 times in international competitions, and the rifle project was the first time in history to get a full quota. Olympic seats, the archery team also won the men's team gold medal at the World Championships for the first time, and the women's skeet broke the world record four times last year. The appearance of these good results fully demonstrates the promotion of physical training for shooting and archery.


Photo by Ni Minzhe

photo表扬NI min这

Laying a solid foundation for energy creates conditions for improving the technical strength of various projects.


Song Kai, director of the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau, said that Wang Jian Jiahe has been training in Liaoning for nearly six months. She is 1.86 meters tall and it is not easy to do pull-ups. However, her pull-ups in the physical fitness test of this national championship are full marks. It shows that her physical training is very hard, and her ability to break the record in the competition this time reflects the effect of the previous physical training. But at the same time, it can be seen that her physical development is still not balanced and needs to be further strengthened next. "For athletes like her, our goal of training is not a national champion, but a world championship and Olympic champion." Song Kai said.

辽宁省体育局局长宋凯说,王建嘉和已经在辽宁训练了近六个月。她身高1.86米,做引体向上并不容易。但是,她在这项全国冠军赛的体能测试中的引体向上是满分。这表明她的体育锻炼非常辛苦,这次她打破比赛记录的能力反映了以前体育锻炼的效果。但与此同时,可以看出她的身亚博棋牌有保障体发育仍不平衡,接下来需要进一步加强。 “对于像她这样的运动员,我们的训练目标不是全国冠军,而是世界冠军和奥林匹克冠军。”宋凯说。

During the discussion, industry experts such as Luo Dongling, director of the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, Li Wei, a professor at Beijing Sport University, and Yin Jun, a professor at the Capital Institute of Physical Education, all emphasized that they should further unify their thinking in practice, enhance understanding, and promote broader The importance of changing ideas and building consensus within the scope. At the same time, experts also combined their personal experience in practice and suggestions from the grassroots, and agreed that in the following practical exploration, it is necessary to further promote and improve the level of refinement of related standards and models.


Yu Hongchen, vice chairman of the Chinese Athletics Association, said that the association will not only design and launch the 2.0 version of the relevant standards, but also launch a more advanced version 3.0 for the design of the national team world championship model. Chen Yingbiao, director of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, said that in the future national competitions, it is planned to adopt a new method to add special tests to the existing physical fitness test items, more closely integrate the actual needs of project development, and at the same time be higher than the competition system. International standards, such as increasing the game time in the third and fourth quarters of water polo matches, lead the team to improve their ability to fight tough battles in key links.


"Although there are different opinions on the standard setting of different sports for different groups of people, physical training is very important for the overall development of physical fitness, the improvement of special skills, and the prevention of injuries and diseases in the later period." said He Wenge, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau Next, we will continue to carry out scientific demonstrations in combination with practice, so that basic physical fitness and specific physical fitness can be more scientifically and effectively connected. "For young athletes who have just joined the team, they should be guided to lay a solid foundation and coordinate development."

“尽管对于不同人群的不同运动的标准设置存在不同的看法,但是体育锻炼对于整体健康发展,特殊技能的提高以及后期预防伤害和疾病非常重要。 ”河北省体育局副局长何文革说,下一步,我们将结合实践继续开展科学论证,使人们的基本身体素质和特殊身体素质更加科学有效地联系起来。 “对于刚刚加入该团队的年轻运动员,应指导他们打下坚实​​的基础并协调发展。”

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