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   On September 26, 2020, an extraordinary youth tennis match ended successfully in the southern area of ​​the National Tennis Center.


The Tsinghua International School UTR Autumn Tennis Challenge is divided into men’s singles U15 and U13 (16 signings each), women's singles U15, U13 (8 signings each) four groups, attracting a total of 48 outstanding young people. The tennis players compete. THSI-ITA sent 13 players to participate in this competition. Competition registration, lottery and points are all automatically completed in the ITA partner UTR Tennis Points Ranking System. The points after the game provide strong data support for all players who intend to apply for American university tennis student athletes in the future.

清华国际学校UTR秋季网球挑战赛分为男子单打U15和U13(每个签名16个),女子单打U15,U13(每个签名8个)四个小组,总共吸引了48名年轻人。网球运动员比赛。 THSI-ITA派出13名选手参加了比赛。比赛注册,彩票和积分都将在ITA合作伙伴UTR网球积分排名系统中自动完成。赛后积分为所有打算将来申请美国大学网球学生运动员的运动员提供了强有力的数据支持。

   Before the start of the competition, Ms. Zhang Wenying, the executive principal of THSI, gave an opening speech. In the opening speech, President Zhang mentioned the significance of tennis matches to the growth of young people:




   After a game, whether you win or lose, you will gain motivation.




   Tennis is a social sport. On the field, you understand each other’s personalities through playing against each other. Off the field, I hope you can encourage and greet each other. I hope all the athletes will have the opportunity to meet new friends today. Cheer for each other while watching the game!




   Playing every ball is like solving a problem, and solving the problem requires constant innovation! Not only to be innovative, but also to be happy!




Athlete representative Ding Jiayi (THSI) took the oath of the athletes, coach Ruan Peixun of THSI read out the rules of the game, and the father of contestant Li Haokun delivered a speech as the audience representative. Special guests: Mr. Zhang Lei, Secretary General of China Middle School Sports Association, Development and Management of Beijing Shiao Forest Park Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Ye Ying and Manager Mr. Tian Dong, Principal Zhang Wenying and ITA head coach Ivan started the game together.


During the game, the organizers also invited THSI-ITA senior consultant Howard Moore and the head coach Mike Belmonte of the Carnegie Mellon University Tennis Men’s Varsity Team to bring parents an online forum, respectively, focusing on how teenagers can have a game in tennis. The good psychological quality and how to prepare to apply for the American college team with tennis expertise were shared. Parents conducted relevant consultations on the issues of entering a higher school, ITA tennis training, etc., and had a better understanding of tennis entering a higher school.

在比赛期间,组织者还邀请了THSI-ITA高级顾问Howard Moore和卡内基梅隆大学网球男子校队的总教练Mike Belmonte分别为父母带来了一个在线论坛,重点关注青少年如何在网球上打比赛。大家分享了良好的心理素质以及如何为拥有网球专业知识的美国大学队准备申请书。家长们就进入高中,ITA网球训练等问题进行了相关的咨询,对网球进入高中有了更好的了解。

  The athletes have shown their own styles on the tennis courts. Although they are still in the youth tennis stage, their spirit of hard work and not giving up every scoring opportunity has already shown the style of professional players. Several wonderful rounds caused continuous applause from the off-site audience. After a day of fierce competition, after a day of fierce competition, Zhang Bowen, Liu Dongke, Ning Ruisheng and Kong Wei one point or U13 women, U5 women, U13 men, U15 men champions.






   Champion/Champion Zhang Bowen


  Runner-up Liu Manlin


Semi finals Ding Jiayi pan Yiyun

semifinals ding J IA一盘Y i韵



Champion Liu dongke

champion l IU动科

  Runner-up/Runner-up Yue Xinyan


Yang cairan meets Jia Zhaorun




   Champion/Champion Ning Ruisheng


  Runner-up Li Weitang


Semi finals Wang Jiayang Chen Yiming




Yao Yuxiao, Liu Puwei, Wang Ziyuan, Cui Dingchen

Y奥y u小, l IU PU为, Wang Z i院, Cu IDing陈



Champion / champion Kong Weiyi


  Runner-up Liu Zhile


Semi finals Liu TongZhou Zhang Siqi

semifinals l IU tong Zhou Zhang SI其



  李昊堃 赵奕宁 孔庆子 刘皓宁

  李昊堃 赵奕宁 孔庆子 刘皓宁

The game was broadcast live with pictures simultaneously, and the audience who failed to come to the scene could also see the wonderful performance of the players. Through online interaction, the best online player was finally selected. The top three are LiaoRuohan and JiangAnlan. , Micheal Wang.


   Although the ruthless raging epidemic blocked the tennis training process of many teenagers in the first half of the year, as the epidemic improved, everyone's enthusiasm for tennis remained unchanged. This competition helped the young players to establish a good friendship and provided an opportunity for young players to test their training level after the epidemic.


As an international school located in the Lotus Court of the National Tennis Center, THSI has the advantage of top tennis resources. The THSI-ITA project integrates academic and tennis to provide students with the enjoyment of tennis while not relaxing academic development. Course schedule. ITA player Yang Caiyu said that although she has only joined ITA for one year, it has provided her with a relaxed and happy tennis atmosphere. Not only did she meet many like-minded friends, but the foreign coach also spoke for her and classmates. The improvement and the broadening of international horizons provide a good environment, and his skills and confidence have been improved in training and competition.

作为位于国家网球中心莲花球场的国际学校,THSI拥有顶级网球资源的优势。 THSI-ITA项目将学术和网球运动融为一体亚博棋牌娱乐,为学生提供网球运动的乐趣,同时又不放松其学术发展。课程时间表。 ITA选手杨彩雨说,尽管她刚刚加入ITA一年,但它为她提供了轻松愉快的网球氛围。她不仅结识了许多志同道合的朋友,而且这位外国教练还为她和同学们讲话。国际视野的改善和拓宽提供了良好的环境,他在训练和比赛中的技能和信心得到了提高。

  The integration of sports and education to promote the healthy development of young people is the future development direction of school sports. The important role of sports in holistic education has been highlighted. The time when athletes had the stereotype of "simple mind and well-developed limbs" has passed. Inheriting the spirit of "no sports without Tsinghua", THSI not only has a good sports atmosphere, but also takes on the responsibility of contributing to the development of youth sports. In the future, it will continue to hold various youth and transitional tennis tournaments from time to time, and will be committed to working with tennis players from all walks of life to promote the development of youth tennis.

体育与教育相结合,促进青少年健康发展,是学校体育的未来发展方向。强调了体育在整体教育中的重要作用。运动员具有“简单的思维和发达的四肢”的刻板印象的时代已经过去。 THSI秉承“没有清华就没有体育运动”的精神,不仅拥有良好的体育氛围,而且还肩负着为青年体育运动发展做出贡献的责任。将来,它将继续不时举行各种青年和过渡性网球比赛,并将致力于与各行各业的网球运动员合作,促进青年网球的发展。

   This competition is sponsored by the China Middle School Sports Association, co-organized by Tsinghua Attached International School (THSI) in Chaoyang District, Beijing, sponsored by Baisui Mountain and Hyde HEAD, and strongly supported by the National Tennis Center, Sina Sports, and the UTR Tennis Ranking System.


   Please continue to pay attention to the series of youth tennis tournaments and UTR points tournaments hosted by the National Middle School Sports Association and jointly organized by the International School of Tsinghua Affiliated Middle School and the National Tennis Center. Our goal of the event is to give every player a chance to go to a world-class arena! From the Courts to the World!


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