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In the anxious wait of the fans, the Football Association finally announced the schedule for all levels of the league this season. On July 25, the Chinese Super League will be launched in Suzhou and Dalian at the same time. This is the first time that the league has been held in a game system for more than 20 years. It is also another historical event that people will witness in 2020. Of course, this history must be unwilling to witness.

在球迷的焦急等待中,足协终于宣布了本赛季各个级别的联赛时间表。 7月25日,中国超级联赛将在苏州和大连同时启动。这是联盟二十多年来第一次在游戏系统中举行。这也是人们将在2020年见证的另一历史事件。当然,这一历史一定是不愿见证的。

Although things should be done cheaply under the epidemic, there is still no good way to talk about the game system. This is a measure that is only used as a last resort.


And the development of the matter to the last resort, the fans blame it on the procrastination of the Football Association. At the beginning of June, the Basketball Association officially announced the time for the rematch, leaving the Football Association a few positions. Since then, every news commentary area about the Super League semi-final has always questioned the Football Association.

事情发展到万不得已时,球迷们将其归咎于足协的拖延。 6月初,篮球协会正式宣布了复赛的时间,从而使足协留下了一些职位。从那时起,有关中超联赛半决赛的每条新闻评论区始终对足球协会提出质疑。

During the period, the Football Association's "new rules for implementation on June 31", and the extremely formalistic Shanghai-Suizhou team swapping the competition zones, further aggravated the doubts of the fans.

在此期间,足协的“ 6月31日实施新规则”以及极其正规的上海穗州队调换比赛区域,进一步加剧了球迷的疑虑。

In the process of arranging the schedule, there are indeed many objective factors that are difficult to overcome.


For example, before the outbreak of the epidemic, the best start time recognized by the Football Association Epidemic Prevention Expert Group led by Zhang Wenhong was July 11, while Chen Xuyuan said in an interview that the latest start time for the zoning system was June 27 Around the day, this means that even if there is no recurrence of the epidemic, the zoning scheme still has to be ruined.


As for the action of the Football Association is slower than the Basketball Association, in fact, it is normal. Before the suspension of the CBA, the original 46 rounds of the regular season had already played 30 rounds, and there was no need to consider the factors of the top 40 and the AFC Champions League. The format of the tournament system was sufficient to meet the requirements of the remaining games.


It can also be inferred from this that the Basketball Association has formulated a plan for the game system model from the beginning, and this plan is the minimum standard rematch plan. If the relevant department still fails to pass, the only possibility is to cancel the rematch. .

由此也可以推断,篮球协会从一开始就制定了游戏系统模型的计划,并且该计划是最低标准的比赛计划。如果相关部门仍未通过,唯一的可能性是取消重赛。 。

In other words, as long as the relevant departments agree to the rematch, as long as the epidemic prevention measures are meticulous and thorough, this plan of the Basketball Association will definitely be passed.


The football side is different. The Football Association has also drawn up a plan for the semi-finals. In an interview with CCTV in early May, Chen Xuyuan gave a detailed introduction.


What Chen Xuyuan focused on at the time was the zoning system, and the rest of the plans, including the game system, were mentioned in one sentence. It can be seen that the main plan of the Football Association at that time was not the game system. When the zoning scheme loses its feasibility, the Football Association can only proceed to arrange the game system.


Some people may think that changing the zoning system to the game system is a mess. This is also caused by the Football Association's misconsideration. When making plans, why don't they make one or two backup plans?


In fact, although Chen Xuyuan did not introduce other plans in detail in the interview, the Football Association should have considered a backup plan, but the backup plan is not as simple as making a plan.


Take the competition venue as an example. Football and basketball have different requirements for the venue. Basketball games do not have much wear on the floor. As long as you arrange carefully, there will be no problems for several teams to train and compete in the same venue. .

以比赛场地为例。足球和篮球对场地有不同的要求。篮球比赛在地板上没有太多磨损。只要您精心安排,几个团队在同一地点进行训练和比赛就不会有问题。 。

The football side is much more troublesome. Eight teams gather in one city, which requires that the city have enough venues for the game. Guangzhou and Shanghai, which were previously selected by the Football Association, can make up 4 official stadiums and 2 spares. court. According to previous reports by authoritative media, after the venue was changed to Suzhou and Dalian, only three official stadiums and one backup stadium could be provided.


Although outside of the traditional first-tier cities, this is already remarkable, but the frequency that could have been rounds in 4 days has to be changed to rounds in 5 days. The first stage of the competition has also been extended by more than ten days, which is likely to affect In the second half of the AFC Champions League and the top forty matches.


Compared with the playing field, the more difficult to solve is the training field. In recent years, government departments have attached great importance to the construction of venues, but they have been relatively sloppy on training venues. Even in the two cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai, finding 8 training venues that meet the standards and 2 spare venues is a bit laborious, and it is also Consider the huge pressure of turf maintenance.


To do this well, the Football Association and the local government need to fully coordinate, and when the game system is still a backup plan, the Football Association is obviously unable to do these tasks, even if they have time, the local government does not have time.


Although objective factors cannot be used as an excuse, the above-mentioned situations are real difficulties. Regardless of the time and place, the Football Association and the Basketball Association are not on the same starting line.


Therefore, even if the Football Association works extremely efficiently, it is impossible to move faster than the Basketball Association. And after the outbreak of the epidemic repeated, there have been many versions of the schedule in the media, such as single rounds of 16 teams, cancellation of promotion and even cancellation of the season.


These plans have been reported by authoritative media. Based on past experience, although there is no official certification, these plans have at least been put forward by people with the right to speak. Under pressure, the Football Association can keep the Super League and retain the promotion. One thing is worthy of recognition.


In particular, it is unexpected to be able to retain the promotion, because with the passage of time, it will become more and more difficult to retain the promotion.


Although the competition system is implemented this year, compared with the traditional competition system, the Super League is obviously different. Except for the absence of home and away games, the competition mode is no different from the "division system" introduced by Chen Xuyuan in May. "Group stage + play-off" approach.

尽管今年实行了比赛制,但与传统的比赛制相比,中超明显不同。除了没有主场比赛的比赛外,比赛方式与陈旭元5月份提出的“分区制”没有什么不同。 “小组赛+季后赛”的方法。

This model has a natural flaw, that is, it will form a "mouse pulls the shovel, the big head is behind". Unlike NBA teams competing for playoff qualifications, every Chinese Super League team has “playoffs” qualifications, but the difference between championship and relegation.


Under this kind of competition system, some teams that are not worried about rankings are likely to deliberately maintain their strength in the group stage and wait until the play-offs to attack with all their strength. The excitement of the game will be greatly reduced, which is the main reason why many people opposed the zoning system.


When the teams are fully engaged, it is also the beginning of the top 40 matches-the first stage of the Chinese Super League will end at the end of September, and the top 40 will be played in October. During this period, the AFC Champions League is likely to be interspersed. The AFC Champions League group stage is likely to adopt a double round-robin system.


According to media calculations, if there is a team in the Super League BIG4 that can appear as a group, then the Chinese football team is likely to face the devil's schedule of 19 days and 7 matches, which will have a great impact on the preparation of the national football team.


The qualifying situation of the national football team in the top 40 is not optimistic. If the performance of the national team is the most important, it is not surprising that the relevant parties propose to cancel the promotion or cancel the relegation. What's more, the Japanese J1 and J2 leagues also canceled their relegation this year. There are special circumstances and needs in China, and foreign countries have advanced experience. The pressure to cancel the relegation is certainly not small.


Under pressure, the Football Association can preserve the promotion and relegation and keep a more complete competition system for the league as much as possible.


Although the results are not bad, the Football Association and relevant parties have to reflect on the difficulty of the semifinals.


The league is affected by the AFC Champions League and the top 40 matches. The most fundamental reason is that the start time is too late. If it can be opened simultaneously with the CBA League, it will not only achieve the original "division system, home and away", but also have more time. , The impact of the top 40 and the AFC will be greatly reduced.

联赛受亚冠联赛和前40场比赛的影响。最根本的原因是开始时间太晚。如果它可以与CBA联赛同时开放,那么它不仅将实现原始的“本垒打”,而且将有更多的时间。 ,前40名和AFC的影响将大大降低。

It is undeniable that there are many objective difficulties in the semi-finals, of which the biggest difficulty is the epidemic prevention.


Of course, judging from the situation after the outbreak, epidemic prevention itself will not be an obstacle to the semi-finals of the Chinese Super League, and compared with the once-challenged "copy homework" of countries around the world, the possibility of the Chinese Super League being the first in the semi-finals is even higher.


Generally speaking, the Chinese Super League team’s epidemic prevention work has two key points. One is to do a good job of daily epidemic prevention such as testing and killing, and the other is to isolate the team from the outside world.


As for the former, the teams are doing very well. They have already started training shortly after the Spring Festival. The General Administration of Sports has also issued a notice to carry out the "Spring Training". During this period, although Fellaini was infected, However, due to the timely measures and effective response, not only did Fellaini be cured, but the disease did not spread further.


After another outbreak in Beijing, the national security team tested negative. All of these can show that the club's epidemic prevention work is still quite good.


As for isolation from the outside world, it can be described as the "valuable experience" of Chinese football. To this day, there are still not many Chinese teams that practice walking training. Moreover, the relevant parties have always been obsessed with long-term training. As long as there is an opportunity, they must always show this "magic weapon".


However, until the German, Spanish, English, and Italian leagues officially kicked off, there was no doubt about when the Chinese Super League will play in a rematch.


Moreover, it is not only the league that has been restored, the cup has also returned (still home and away). The Football Association has only announced the opening of the league so far. There is no news as to whether the Football Association Cup can be held.


If the FA Cup is forced to be cancelled, it will have a big blow to Chinese football, because the FA Cup is the only opportunity for many low-level teams to appear in front of the national audience. When the living environment of the low-level leagues is deteriorating, the FA Cup competitions will become more and more serious. Important, once cancelled, the survival of the small team will be more difficult.


It can be seen from this that the closed, training-style management that we have not given up has not only achieved little effect on performance, but also cannot be used when we should show our talents.


Just as Ma Dexing said when six national youth players violated disciplines: Follow up and interview 12 national youth teams, the team rules are getting more and more detailed, and the punishments are getting stricter, but the violation of discipline has never been interrupted. If the understanding does not change, I am afraid it is difficult to fundamentally change some situations.


Although this year's league arrangement is not ideal, it is a victory in itself to achieve the rematch amidst numerous difficulties.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, there has always been a misconception that roams the Internet: football is not important, just cancel the league. Everyone knows what the domestic economy is like now. The Chinese Super League semifinals can not only contribute to economic recovery, but more importantly, it can bring people more confidence to overcome the difficulties together.


Since the Industrial Revolution, whenever mankind has encountered major difficulties, sports can always bring people hope and confidence, and its role is irreplaceable. Nowadays, football has become a part of the lives of many fans. When football returns to people, it also signifies that even under the epidemic, human beings are still able to maintain their normal rhythm of life.


With the spread of the epidemic, football is no longer important but more important. I hope that the teams in the Super League can play wonderful games to boost the morale of the entire society, defeat the epidemic as soon as possible, and restore the league to normal order as soon as possible.


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