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亚博棋牌娱乐|16年前 泰达新外援神兵天降 如今苏亚雷斯能做到吗

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   Article source: New Vision of Sports


   This season, the Tianjin TEDA team suffered a rare start in history without winning 14 rounds. In the second stage of the Chinese Super League, the team will embark on an arduous relegation journey. Looking back at history, the TEDA team also had a similar experience in the first year of the 2004 Super League. It was also a long-term start, and it was also led by a domestic famous coach. It was also a mid-term replacement of coaches and foreign aid. TEDA eventually experienced a low drive and high move that season, and finally won the sixth place in the Super League. In this process, foreign aid such as Gali, Mara and Haskovic also played an important role. Starting from today, the special series of "Green Field Strangers" specially produced by "New Horizons in Sports" will start the second season. Starting from the 2004 season, we will tell you the story of Tianjin TEDA's foreign aid.


The song "Beyond" by Zero Point reminds people of the night on May 15, 2004. The opening ceremony of the first year of the Chinese Super League settled in Tianjin, and the newly completed TEDA football stadium unfolded its charm in front of national audiences. The figure, Tianjin’s first professional football stadium entrusts this city proud of football and TEDA’s vision for the future. That season, the Tianjin TEDA Club was not unprepared for the Super League. At the beginning of the season, the hiring of the famous domestic coach Qi Wusheng was a masterpiece that shocked football.

零点之歌“ Beyond”让人们回想起2004年5月15日的夜晚。中超第一年的开幕式落户天津,新落成的泰达足球场在全国观众面前展现了它的魅力。 。该数字是天津第一个职业足球场,这座城市以足球和泰达对未来的愿景感到自豪。那个赛季,天津泰达俱乐部并没有为超级联赛做好准备。在赛季开始之初,聘请国内著名教练齐武生是一场震惊足球的杰作。





   In 2004, we will be in the top six, which is our lowest standard.


   Along with Qi Wusheng, there are new foreign aids. The Romanian foreign aid Mara, who played for TEDA in the 2003 season, has conquered Tianjin fans with his elegant style. He also naturally appeared in the team's lineup in the 2004 season. In addition, in order to deal with the brutal competition in the Chinese Super League, the TEDA Club also introduced two big-name foreign players with very prominent resumes. Dursan, the Turkish international, used to be the main striker of the Turkish powerhouse Besiktas before coming to TEDA. He also had a wonderful performance in the Champions League. Through training in Spain, Dulsan was favored by Qi Wusheng, and the club spent a lot of money to sign the Turkish international.






I played in Besiktas for four years. Last year I wore size 7 and this year I wore size 10. In TEDA I wore size 30. I am very happy. This is my first time playing abroad. I want to show my Ability, I hope I can play better in Tianjin, I hope Tianjin fans like me.


   Another foreign aid selected by TEDA during his time in Spain was the Chilean League’s top scorer Argentine Jose Jose in 2003, and the foreign aid’s position on the field is an attacking midfielder, which fits the needs of the team. It is worth noting that the 2004 season was the first time that Tianjin TEDA did not select defensive players in the introduction of foreign aid. The placement of all foreign aid candidates in the midfield is also directly related to the introduction of Qi Wusheng's internal aid.

泰达在西班牙期间选拔的另一名外援是智利联赛的最佳射手阿根廷何塞·何塞(Jose Jose),2003年,外援在场上的位置是进攻型中场,这符合球队的需求。值得注意的是,2004赛季是天津泰达首次在引进外援方面没有选择防守球员。所有外援候选人在中场的安置也直接与齐五生内部援助的引进有关。





   We have a statistic last year. Last year we scored 32 goals and lost 33 goals. From this phenomenon, the focus of our domestic signings is the defense.


In the domestic transfer market at the beginning of the season, TEDA made frequent moves, and the joining of three former Qi Wusheng, Wang Xiao, Qu Dong, and Zhang Enhua, made the TEDA team’s staffing in the guard position even a bit bloated. After all, like Liu Wei and He Yang , Wei Zhonghu and others have matured due to their experience in 2003. The arrival of newcomers will inevitably squeeze the playing time of these Tianjin local teenagers. It can be seen that Qi Wusheng's idea at that time was to rely on the all-China team for defense, and the heavy responsibility of offense fell on the shoulders of three offensive foreign players.


However, since the opening game of the league, Tianjin TEDA’s offense suddenly became a bit miserable. In that game, Tianjin TEda drew with Chongqing 0-0 at home. The excitement of the opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League first year and the lack of goodness of the two teams on the court formed the formation sharp contrast.





   In such a grand opening ceremony, we did not win, I feel really ashamed of Tianjin fans.


Since then, TEDA’s invincible footsteps have continued for eight rounds, and the Tianjin fans at the time did not know why the “Tianmen Tigers” who were recruiting enthusiastically at the beginning of the season fell into this situation. After many years, the truth gradually emerged after the parties’ declassification water surface. Due to the chaos in management at that time, there was a certain contradiction between the club and the head coach Qi Wusheng, and there were as many as 7 main players in the team who did not renew their contracts with the club until the eve of the league opener. Under the influence of many off-field factors, the team's record is naturally difficult to improve.






   Team leader Liu Zuoyun came and told me that it was troublesome. The team members did not sleep. Why didn't I explain that it was the opening ceremony? He said that the boss came to negotiate a contract with them, and they all fell apart. I went down and looked at it. I didn't sleep at three or four o'clock. I really didn't understand what I was going to do.


   In addition to internal conflicts, the sluggish performance of the two new foreign players selected by Qi Wusheng at the beginning of the season also affected the team's record. In the first eight rounds of the league, on the TEDA team's scorer list, all domestic players, such as Yu Genwei, Cao Yang, Han Yanming, and Wang Jun, were all domestic players. As for foreign aid, after the eight rounds, there was still nothing. Of the three attackers, only Mara scored a goal in the Super Cup. Jose was completely invisible, and Dulsan not only performed poorly on the court, but also received internal penalties for visiting Hong Kong without permission.


On June 26, 2004, Tianjin TEDA lost to Shanghai Shenhua 0-2 at home in the eighth round of the league. After the match, Qi Wusheng submitted his resignation to the club. Although Tianjin expressed his intention to stay, but in fact, Tianjin local coach It is the general trend that Liu Chunming has taken over the coach.






   What to do next, I think our coaching staff needs to calm down and consider these issues.


   As the former national team coach, Liu Chunming first adjusted his main lineup after taking office. Qi Wusheng's 3-5-2 was abandoned and TEDA returned to the traditional 4-4-2. In terms of foreign aid, Liu Chunming also made adjustments. Just two days before the tenth round of the match between Tianjin Teda and Liaoning Zhongyu, the club signed two consecutive foreign aids. They are Romanian foreign aid Gali and Belarusian international Haskovic. Dulsan, who had not scored a goal before, And Jose was terminated by the club and left the Super League, while Mara got the opportunity to stay in TEDA and play with fellow Gali.






   Give me a week, I will be better, I met my old friend Mara here, I am very happy to be able to play for TEDA with him.






   I chose me because of my ability. I also want to repay the team's trust with my practical actions.


   On September 15, 2009, a heavy rain raided Jinmen, and the match between Tianjin TEDA and Liaoning Zhongyu was forced to start in the heavy rain. In that game, Han Yanming's world wave helped TEda secure the victory, and the first record for the team was the newly joined foreign aid Gary. At that time, Yu Genwei's powerful shot was saved by the opponent's goalkeeper, and Lu Yan's cross contributed to Gary's Super League goal. Before coming to TEDA, Gali played in Romania, Spain, and Switzerland leagues and has strong adaptability. This goal and the subsequent excellent performance proved this point.


   On October 16, 2004, in the 15th round of the Super League, Tianjin TEDA played against Shenyang Jinde at home. For TEDA, who has only won two victories in the past 14 rounds, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity to score points against the weaker Jinde. In that game, Yu Genwei scored a goal hotly, and Gary was even more dazzling than Yu Genwei. In the first half of the game, his goal helped the team open the first goal. In the second half of the game, Gary used a very wonderful goal to seal the victory for TEDA.


   It was from that game that Tianjin TEDA started a wave of four-game winning streak. On October 20, 2004, in the 16th round of the Chinese Super League, TEDA was caught up in an away game against Qingdao Beilete. In the absence of an advantage, Gary stepped forward and scored a goal for the team. Three points. It is not difficult to see from this goal that Gary and Yu Genwei's cooperation at that time was already very tacit. The breakthrough of sharp Yu Genwei and the excellent ability of grabbing points, the lethality of this combination is not to be underestimated.

正是从那场比赛开始,天津泰达开始了四连胜的浪潮。 2004年10月20日,在中国超级联赛第16轮中,泰达队在一场客场对阵青岛贝勒特的比赛中陷入困境。在没有优势的情况下,加里上前为球队攻入一球。三点。从这个目标不难看出,加里和于根伟当时的合作已经很默契了。犀利的余根伟的突破和抢断能力出色,这种组合的杀伤力不容小under。

   In the Beijing-Tianjin Derby in the 2004 season, Tianjin beat Beijing Guoan 3-0 at home. This game was the biggest victory of the Tianjin team against Beijing Guoan since its professionalization, which also contributed to Gary's contribution.


   After that game, three foreign aids headed by Gary were completely accepted by Tianjin fans. They became the protagonists in a clothing catwalk that the team participated in that year.


On October 31, 2004, in the 18th round of the Chinese Super League, this was the most proud victory of TEDA's four consecutive victories, because this time their away victory was Shenzhen Jianlibao, who won the Chinese Super League championship that season. That game was TEDA. The only team that scored a winning goal was the foreign aid Mara.


   After four consecutive victories, Tianjin TEDA actually has no worries about relegation, and their winning streak has also been blocked by Shenhua. However, in that 4 to 4 goal battle, there was still no shortage of TEDA foreign aid. In that game, Zhang Shuo and Sun Ji who completed the hat trick were the most eye-catching stars on the court, but the fourth goal of TEDA came from Gary.


   At that time, TEDA coach Liu Chunming had completed the transformation of the team. At that time, a large number of "post-80s" teenagers grew into the team's main force, which made TEDA's strength improved and full of vigor. On November 28, 2004, in the penultimate round of that season, Tianjin TEDA defeated Liaoning Zhongyu 5-1 in an away game. That game was not only for Hao Junmin, the future core of the team that scored the first goal in the Super League, but also Belongs to foreign aid Mara and Haskovic.

当时,泰达教练刘春明已经完成了球队的转型。当时,大量的“ 80后”青少年成长为车队的主力军,这使泰达的实力得到了增强,并充满了活力。 2004年11月28日,在那个赛季的倒数第二轮,天津泰达在客场比赛中以5-1击败辽宁中羽。那场比赛不仅是为中超联赛中首个进球的球队未来核心郝俊敏,而且是外援马拉和哈斯科维奇。

   Not only did Mara, who hadn't played much in a season, scored a goal, he also showed off his dazzling skills on the offensive end. And his teammate Haskovic also seized the opportunity of a free kick to score with a header and scored his only goal in TEDA.


  Tianjin TEDA finally ranked sixth in the standings with a record of 7 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses that season, and this is also the best ranking Tianjin Football has achieved in the top league since its professionalization. Among the foreign aid, although Gary joined the team midway, the data of 6 goals is quite good, and his excellent sense of smell in front of the goal is still impressive after many years. In 2008, at the TEDA Club's 10th Anniversary Celebration, Gali also defeated Zola and occupied a leading forward position in TEDA's best team of the decade. And Mara, the foreign aid beloved by Tianjin fans, said goodbye to the fans after TEDA's final home draw with Luneng.

天津泰达最终以本赛季的7胜8平7负的战绩名列第六,这也是自职业化以来天津足球在顶级联赛中所获得的最好成绩。在外援中,尽管加里中途加入了球队,但6个进球的数据还是不错的,而且他进球前的出色嗅觉在多年后仍然令人印象深刻。 2008年,在泰达俱乐部成立10周年庆典上,加里(Gali)也击败了佐拉(Zola),并在泰达十年最佳团队中占据领先地位。在天津开发区与鲁能队的最后一场主场抽签之后,天津球迷最爱的外援Mara向球迷告别。

   After the end of the 2004 season, in order to return to the national team, Mala, Gali, and Haskovic failed to renew the contract with the TEDA club. The three foreign players bid farewell to the Super League. After that, Mara moved to Spain, Romania and the Ukrainian league, and represented the Romanian national team in 23 appearances and scored 8 goals. However, as the Romanian team missed the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Mara’s dream about the World Cup was shattered. After retiring, Mara became a professional manager. Bilas, who played for TEDA in the 2011 season, was introduced to Tianjin. In 2018, in the news of the termination of the contract between the Romanian coach Petlescu and the Cluj club, Mara returned to people's vision. At that time, he was already the sports director of the Cluj club. In recent days, Mara has resigned from Cluj and has been appointed as the sports director of Astra Club in the Romanian Serie A.

2004赛季结束后,为了重返国家队,Mala,Gali和Haskovic未能与TEDA俱乐部续签合同。三名外国球员告别了超级联赛。此后,玛拉移居西班牙,罗马尼亚和乌克兰联赛,并代表罗马尼亚国家队出战23次,打进8球。但是,由于罗马尼亚队错过了2006年德国世界杯,马拉对世界杯的梦想破灭了。退休后,玛拉成为职业经理人。比拉斯(Bilas)曾在2011赛季为泰达(TEDA)效力,后来被引进天津。 2018年,在罗马尼亚教练Petlescu与科鲁俱乐部之间的合同终止的消息中,马拉回到了人们的视野。当时,他已经是科鲁俱乐部的体育总监。最近几天,马拉(Mara)从克鲁伊(Cluj)辞职,并被任命为罗马尼亚意甲Astra Club的体育总监。

   After leaving the TEDA team, Haskovic played for Dynamo Minsk until he retired in 2007. After retiring, he took up the pointer and started with Dynamo Kiev B team and became the first team coach in 2017. In the team’s two seasons, Haskovic’s team appeared in the European competition. Under his leadership, Dynamo Kyiv won two Ukrainian Super Cup titles. At the beginning of 2018, TEDA team also had a warm-up match with Dynamo Kyiv when they were training overseas. Cao Yang, who was still playing before the game, also left a precious photo with Haskovic. Currently, Haskovic coaches the Volgograd Rotor of the Russian Super League team, and he is also the first Belarusian coach in team history. However, Haskovic’s life has not been easy these days. His team’s current situation is very similar to this season’s TEDA. After experiencing the league’s ten-round start, they ranked at the bottom of the Russian Super League with 3 draws and 7 losses. Stuck in the quagmire of relegation.

离开TEDA团队后,Haskovic一直为明斯克(Dynamo Minsk)效力,直到他于2007年退休。退休后,他接过指针,开始了基辅Dynamo基辅B队的工作,并于2017年成为第一支球队教练。在球队的两个赛季中,Haskovic的球队出现了在欧洲比赛中。在他的领导下,基辅迪纳摩赢得了两次乌克兰超级杯冠军。 2018年初,泰达队在海外训练时还与基辅迪纳摩进行了热身赛。赛前仍在比赛的曹阳还与哈斯科维奇合影留念。目前,哈斯科维奇(Haskovic)指导俄罗斯超级联赛球队的伏尔加格勒转子(Volgograd Rotor),他也是球队历史上第一位白俄罗斯教练。但是,最近这些年来,哈斯科维奇的生活并不轻松。他的球队目前的状况与本赛季的泰达非常相似。在经历了联赛的十轮开局之后,他们以3轮平局和7输球排名俄罗斯超级联赛的最低点。陷入降级的泥潭。

   As for Gali, in February 2017, he assisted Contra as the assistant coach of the Dynamo Bucharest team. In September of the same year, he started to serve as the assistant coach of the Romanian national team. In August of this year, Gary returned to Dynamo and continued to serve as Contra's assistant.

至于加利(Gali),2017年2月,他以迪纳摩布加勒斯特(Dynamo Bucharest)队的助理教练的身份协助了孔特拉(Contra)。同年9月,他开始担任罗马尼亚国家队的助理教练。今年8月,加里回到了迪纳摩,继续担任Contra的助手。



  The past has become a trend and cannot be recalled, but people always look forward to finding inspiration for the future from the past. In those days, Gali’s superb army descended and quickly integrated to help TEDA out of the invincible quagmire, leaving countless Tianjin fans with a lot of talk. However, it is worth noting that Gary was able to score 6 goals in 13 games and maintain his scoring efficiency of 1 goal in 2 games. In addition to his outstanding strength and a keen sense of smell in front of goal, what is more important is that There are teammates around him who can send him the ball. Today, Suarez, who has high hopes, also hopes to create a legend of his own in Jinmen. As a "thigh level" player of the Portuguese Super League giants, he has stronger strength and greater fame than Gali then, but if you want to be like a Romanian shooter, leaving his own legend in Tianjin, Suarez has to show In addition to his strong ability to adapt quickly, he also expects his teammates around him to give him more technical and tactical support. After all, only with enough "cannonballs" can a shooter be fully fired.


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