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On October 12, Beijing time, with the Heat losing to the Lakers in the finals in G6, the Miami team lost to the Lakers with a total score of 2-4, failing to stand on top of the championship again. Although the Heat failed to win the fourth championship in team history, they returned to the finals for the first time in 6 years as a dark horse, and scored the third runner-up in team history. This is already an extremely successful season.


The heat of the post-Wade era has re-emerged under the leadership of Butler, especially in the east all the way with the "dog posture", dictating all kinds of dissatisfaction and madness, and it is also looking forward to them again in the future. Rush for the crown, and their crazy season can already walk out of the Orlando campus.


The Heat ushered in Wade's "last dance" last season, but the team failed to make the playoffs. In the offseason, the Heat signed Butler with a very targeted maximum salary, allowing the team to find a strong core leader in the post-Wade era. Butler led the Heat's rise with outstanding offensive and defensive performance. In addition, Dragic and Crowder performed bravely, young Adebayor and Shiro also made rapid progress, helping the Heat to achieve 41 wins and 24 losses in the 65 games before the rematch.


When entering the rematch stage, the Heat had 3 wins and 5 losses in 8 regular season games, resulting in a total of 44 wins and 29 losses for the season, ranking fifth in the Eastern Conference and returning to the playoffs. It is worth mentioning that the Heat have certain suspicions of releasing water. They did not fight for the top four rankings in the East, and even let the Pacers surpass them to fall to No. 5 in the East. After all, there is no difference between home and away games, and naturally there is no difference between the game system. Striving for home court advantage.


The Heat ushered in their ideal opponents in the first round of the playoffs. Even if the Pacers rank fourth in the Eastern Conference, their overall combat effectiveness is far inferior to the Heat. The Pacers insider core Sabonis suffered a serious injury to the season, and the outside core Oladipo failed to return to his best condition. Their biggest hope is Warren, who played explosively in the regular season of the rematch.


Only when Butler confronted Warren in the playoffs, the Heat core suppressed Warren on both offense and defense, especially Claude, Iguodala, etc. to chase and intercept Warren. In addition, Dragic has repeatedly played amazing performances in the first round of the playoffs. They helped the Heat easily win four consecutive games, thus sweeping the Pacers with a total score of 4-0 or less, and they were promoted without any strong resistance. second round.


The Heat welcomed the Bucks led by Antetokounmpo in the second round. The Bucks also won the regular season championship for two consecutive seasons. Before the series began, the outside world was generally optimistic about the Bucks' promotion. It's just that the Heat successfully smashed the doubters from the outside world. They successfully defeated the Bucks with a whole round of outstanding performance and once again achieved the magical counterattack promotion of the following grams.


The Heat completed an 11-point reversal in the first game to win the game. In the second game, they used Butler to make two final shots. The third game was a 40-13 reversal in the final quarter. They were the first to win three consecutive games to get a 3-0 lead. Won the match point. Although the Heat defeated the Bucks by 3 points in Game 4, they faced the Bucks who lacked Antetokounmpo in Game 5. The Heat won another strong and easily resolved the battle in 5 games. The Heat's "four major iron gates" successfully frozen Brother Alphabet and "upset" eliminated the regular-season champion Bucks, which also made people see the Heat's terrifying combat effectiveness.


The Heat ushered in another strong team in the Eastern Conference finals. They faced off against the Celtics, who made three Eastern Conference finals in four years. The matchup before the series was considered evenly matched. The Heat completed a 14-point reversal in the first game. They narrowly defeated the Green Army with 3 players and 20+ overtime. In the third quarter of the second game, the Heat blasted a 37-17 reversal to win, thus gaining a 2-0 lead. In the third game, the Heat failed to block the four-man 20+ offensive of the Green Army, and they suffered their first defeat in the Eastern Conference Finals.


In the 4th game, the Heat, led by Shiro's 37 points, once again defeated the Green Army and took a 3-1 lead to win the match point. Although the Heat lost to the Green Army by 13 points in the fifth game, the Heat defeated the Green Army in the final quarter under the leadership of Adebayor 32+14+5 and eliminated the Green Army with a total score of 4-2. The Heat once again demonstrated the super toughness of the dark polo team, and also defeated the strong enemy in the third consecutive round, thus returning to the finals stage after a lapse of 6 years.

在第4场比赛中,由四郎(Shiro)赢得37分的热火再次击败绿军,并以3-1的优势赢得了比赛分。尽管热火在第五局输给绿军13分,但热火在阿德巴约32 + 14 + 5的带领下在最后一个季度击败绿军,以4-2的总比分淘汰绿军。热火再次展示了黑暗马球队的超强韧性,并且在连续第三轮击败了强大的敌人之后,经过了6年才重返决赛。

The Heat and the Lakers completed their meeting in the Finals. Both teams missed the playoffs last season. They were able to reach the Finals at the same time this season to create a record for the first time in NBA history. In terms of overall strength, the Heat are more balanced, but the Lakers have Zhan Mei’s super dual-core drive, and the difference between the Heat and the Lakers in core competitiveness, plus the team’s core players suffered successive injuries, became the Heat in the finals. Important factor.


The Heat’s three cores were injured one after another in the opening game of the finals. Butler was fortunate enough to lose his foot, while Dragic and Adebayor were injured and retreated one after another, causing the Heat to fall behind by 32 points at most, which is also a gap of 18 points. Lost the first battle. The Heat lacked Dragic and Adebayor in the second match of the finals. They were behind by 18 points at most, and finally lost another game by 10 points.


However, in the third game, the Heat continued to lack Dragic and Adebayor, with the help of Butler to beat James 40+11+13, and restrict the thick eyebrows from swallowing the eggs in the first and last quarters, thus making it difficult to recover. One game. It's just that even in the 4th game, even if the Heat ushered in Dragic's comeback, they still regretted losing the match point by 6 points. Entering the fifth round, the Heat, led by a 35+ triple-double under Butler's bombardment, once again pulled back to catch up to 2-3. However, in the sixth game, the Heat failed to continue the magic, they failed to stop the Lakers from showing up again, regretting to lose another defeat, and the overall score was 2-4 to the Lakers and placed second.

然而,在第三局中,在巴特勒的帮助下,热火继续缺少德拉季奇和阿德巴约,以40 + 11 + 13击败詹姆斯,并限制了眉毛浓密的头和尾部吞下鸡蛋,因此很难恢复。一局。只是即使在第四局,即使热火迎来了德拉季奇的复出,他们仍然遗憾地输掉了比赛积分6分。进入第五轮,热火在巴特勒的轰击下以35+的三双取得领先,再次拉回以追赶2-3。但是,在第六场比赛中,热火未能延续魔术,他们未能阻止湖人再次出现,遗憾地输给了另一个失败者,总比分是2-4,湖人排名第二。

Although the Heat failed to defeat the Lakers to win the fourth championship in team history, they were the third runner-up in team history, but Butler led the team to the Finals after joining the first season, and Adebayor and Shiro grew rapidly. Dragic and Crowder are also outstanding, and they have already constructed a lineup that will be extremely effective for the next few seasons. Once the Heat continue to target signings and upgrades during the offseason, no doubt they are still expected to attack the championship again next season.

尽管热火未能击败湖人队赢得球队历史上的第四次冠军,但他们是球队历史上的第三名,但是巴特勒在加入第一个赛季后带领球队进入了总决赛,阿德巴约尔和希罗迅速成长。 Dragic和Crowder也很出色,他们已经建立了一个阵容,在接下来的几个赛季中将非常有效。一旦热火在休赛期继续以签约和升级为目标亚博棋牌有保障,毫无疑问,他们仍然有望在下个赛季再次夺冠。

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