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Different regions have different interpretations as to which number is a late midfielder-in the UK it is the No. 4, South America is the No. 5, and Europe is the No. 6.


But when it comes to the number of the partner next to the midfielder, everyone's answer is surprisingly consistent, that is, the number 8.


Although not as legendary as No. 9 and No. 10, No. 8 brings us more stability and tenacity. Although it has a long history, it is also a flexible number. No. 8 is full of vitality in different formations and styles.

尽管没有第9号和第10号传奇,但第8号为我们带来了更多的稳定性和韧性。尽管历史悠久,但它也是一个灵活的数字。 No. 8在不同的形式和风格上充满了活力。

In the era when the 2-3-5 formation and the “WM” formation dominated football, No. 8 was a right inside forward, but with a deeper retracement than No. 10 on the other side, the latter gradually evolved into a second forward, because it is generally believed , The left-wing players are better than the right-wing players in terms of talents and ball business.

在2-3-5阵型和“ WM”阵型主导足球的时代,第8号是右前卫,但比另一侧的10号有更大的回撤,后者逐渐演变为第二个。向前,因为通常被认为,就人才和球业务而言,左翼球员要好于右翼球员。

In the 4-4-2 formation, No. 8 became the more attacking one in the double midfield. Their role in the 4-2-3-1 system is quite similar to that in the 4-4-2. In the 4-3-3 formation, things become a little more complicated, because the midfielder is in an inverted triangle position. There are two players in the traditional 8 position, and they are both given a higher degree of offensive freedom. The midfielder behind them will escort the two No. 8s.


"During the first time I coached Chelsea, we had two 8s in our formation." After the second entry at Stamford Bridge, a reporter asked about Mourinho's previous 4-3-3 and current 4-2. -3-1 when the tactics are different, the Portuguese said. "But now we have two midfielders and a No. 10."

“在我第一次执教切尔西时,我们的阵型有两个8分。”在斯坦福桥第二次进入后,记者询问了穆里尼奥之前的4-3-3和当前的4-2。葡萄牙人说,当战术不同时,-3-1。 “但是现在我们有两名中场和一名十号球员。”

There are two legendary No. 8s in contemporary English football, but how the two are compatible in the national team is a very difficult problem.


The first is Lampard, who has been in the Chelsea No. 8 jersey for the Blues for 13 years. When he first joined Chelsea from West Ham United, Lampard was a traditional No. 8 player in a 4-4-2 formation. In Lampard's second season for Chelsea, he wore a No. 4 French midfielder. Makelele became his midfield partner. After Mourinho arrived, Lampard became the player with the strongest offensive desire in the three midfield system. In terms of technical characteristics, Lampard is not a good wingman next to the midfielder. The Blue 8 is good at inserting into the opponent's penalty area and directly participating in the attack.

首先是兰帕德(Lampard),他为蓝军效力于切尔西8号球衣已有13年之久。兰帕德最初从西汉姆联(West Ham United)加盟切尔西(Chelsea)时,以4-4-2阵型成为传统的第八名球员。在兰帕德切尔西队的第二个赛季中,他身穿法国第四中场。马克莱莱成为他的中场搭档。穆里尼奥到达后,兰帕德成为三分中场进攻欲望最强的球员。在技​​术特点上,兰帕德不是中场的好边锋。蓝色8擅长插入对手的禁区并直接参与进攻。

The national team's Lampard also wears the No. 8. Whether he can coexist with another legendary No. 8 Gerrard is an unavoidable question that has been repeatedly raised throughout his national team career. Gerrard is another all-around midfielder wearing No. 8. His club resume is quite brilliant. The Red Captain used to wear No. 17 before. Husky got his favorite No. 8 after leaving the team. Gerrard is also one of the few players in English football who likes to be a little clever in the number-in the 2006 Merseyside derby, both Gerrard and Everton’s James Beatty wore "08", this move is to create momentum for Liverpool's "08 European Capital of Culture" event.

国家队的兰帕德(Lampard)也穿8号。他是否可以与另一个传奇的8号杰拉德并存是一个不可避免的问题,这在他的国家队职业生涯中屡屡提出。杰拉德(Gerrard)是另一位身穿8号球衣的全能中场球员。他的俱乐部履历非常出色。红队长以前穿过17号。赫斯基离开车队后获得了他最喜欢的8号。杰拉德(Gerrard)也是英格兰足球中少数几位喜欢这个数字的球员之一-在2006年默西塞德郡德比(Merseyside derby)上,杰拉德(Gerrard)和埃弗顿(Everton)的詹姆斯比蒂(James Beatty)都穿着“ 08”,此举为利物浦的“ 08欧洲杯”创造了动力文化之都”活动。

At the level of the national team, the double virtues have never sparked friction. Here we only provide the simplest explanation: they are all No. 8. When both Germans play at the same time, they need a No. 4 to do the dirty work behind them, in order to free them from the heavy defensive tasks, and then play a beautiful offense. Unfortunately, Beckham is active on the right, and the speed-based striker Irving needs a high center forward as a partner. Therefore, the England team rarely uses the 4-3-3 formation, and the combination of double virtue has become a promising one. The unattainable dream.


Although the number 8 is not the most sought after number in English football, it is indeed the most characteristic number in England. People expect No. 8 to be an all-around midfielder-able to tackle, pass, score goals and cover every inch of turf. Most of the teams in the English low-level leagues still use the number allocation method for the players on the field from 1 to 11. You can see from their games. Almost every team has a poor man with a huge range of activities. Rad.


Counting further, perhaps the most famous No. 8 is Paul Gascoigne, who has worn the No. 8 jersey at Newcastle United, Tottenham, Glasgow Rangers and Middlesbrough. Although he was awarded the No. 10 jersey when he played for Lazio, Gascoigne is still an English-style No. 8 player in terms of style, and at the end of his career, Gascoigne prefers others to call himself " G8" instead of Paul or Gaza.

更进一步,也许最有名的第八名是保罗·加斯科因,他在纽卡斯尔联队,托特纳姆热刺,格拉斯哥流浪者队和米德尔斯堡穿了八号球衣。尽管在为拉齐奥(Lazio)效力时他获得了10号球衣,但在风格方面,加斯科因仍然是英国风格的第8名球员,而且在他的职业生涯结束时,加斯科因更希望其他人称自己为“ G8”而不是保罗或加沙。

Back to the contemporary Premier League, the owner of the No. 8 jersey is still mostly all-round midfielders with roots: such as Nabi Keita, Barkley, Gundogan, Delph, Ruben Neves, Thieleman Scheervi and so on. Someone might say that Bournemouth No. 8 Lerma is more focused on fighting and defending, or Tottenham’s Winks is more like a playmaker. These people limit the definition of No. 8. In fact, these People are in essence a midfielder.

回到当代英超联赛,拥有8号球衣的所有者仍然基本上是全能的中场球员,例如纳比·凯塔(Nabi Keita),巴克利(Bakley),贡多安(Gundogan),德尔夫(Ruph Neves),蒂勒曼·舍尔维(Thieleman Scheervi)等。也许有人会说伯恩茅斯8号莱尔马队更注重战斗和防守,或者托特纳姆热刺队更像是一个组织者。这些人限制了8号的定义。实际上,这些人实质上是中场球员。

The most inconsistent with the definition of No. 8 may be Felipe Anderson of West Ham United. The Brazilian is the core of the frontcourt organization with activities on the left. However, No. 8 is not the first choice for Anderson. He tends to wear No. 10, which is also his Lazio number, but West Ham United's No. 10 jersey has long belonged to the Argentine Lancini. Considering that Snodgrass took number 11, Anderson had no choice but to choose number 8.


Looking at the European continent, Germany has cultivated many excellent No. 8 players. These players are skilled and physically strong, able to fly up and down tirelessly throughout the game. Gundogan mentioned earlier is an example. His predecessor in Dortmund was No. 8 and the same was true for Turk Shahin. Kroos, wearing the German No. 8 jersey, has grown into a benchmark figure in Real Madrid.

放眼欧洲大陆,德国培养了许多优秀的八号球员。这些球员技术娴熟,身体强壮,能够在比赛中不停地上下飞行。前面提到的贡多安就是一个例子。他的前任在多特蒙德排在第8位,特克·沙欣(Turk Shahin)亚博棋牌娱乐也是如此。穿着德国8号球衣的克罗斯(Kroos)已成长为皇家马德里的基准人物。

The No. 8 of major European giants is almost always the leader in the midfield of today’s football, such as Barcelona’s Artur, Atletico Madrid’s Saul, Inter Milan’s Vecino, and Paris’s Paredes. and many more. Although Bayern No. 8 Harvey Martinez is now mainly in the defense, he also joined the Southern Stars as an all-around midfielder.


Except for the midfield position, no matter where No. 8 appears anywhere else, it feels unnatural. French central defender Desailly once crossed the No. 8 in the national team. He and Harvey Martinez transitioned from midfield to backfield, so he chose this number.

除了中场位置,无论8号出现在什么地方,它都是不自然的。法国中央后卫Desailly曾一度超越国家队第八名。他和哈维·马丁内斯(Harvey Martinez)从中场过渡到后场,因此他选择了这个数字。

Gunners star Ian Wright is a prolific shooter. When he joined the team, No. 9 and No. 10 were occupied by Alan Smith and Paul Merson respectively, so Wright became a forward wearing a No. 8 jersey. . Rooney was actually more suitable to wear the No. 8 in the first three seasons of Manchester United. Coincidentally, Rooney took over the No. 18 left by Gascoigne at Everton, and Gascoigne liked the No. 8. Andy Johnson, who played bravely in the 2004-05 season and was selected as the Premier League Team of the Year, is another striker wearing the No. 8, whether in Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham or Queens Park Rangers, No. 8. Has always been his first choice.

枪手明星伊恩·赖特(Ian Wright)是多产的射手。当他加入车队时,艾伦·史密斯(Alan Smith)和保罗·麦森(Paul Merson)分别占据了第9名和第10名,因此莱特成为一名身穿8号球衣的前锋。 。鲁尼实际上更适合在曼联的前三个赛季穿8号。巧合的是,鲁尼接替了加斯科涅在埃弗顿留下的18号,加斯科涅也喜欢8号。安迪·约翰逊(Andy Johnson)在2004-05赛季表现出色,被选为年度英超联赛球队,是另一位前锋穿着8号,无论是在水晶宫,埃弗顿,富勒姆还是皇后公园巡游者8号,一直都是他的首选。

No. 8 has never been a number belonging to a wing player. The Gunner's Ljungberg is an exception, but his style is not so much a winger, but an all-around midfielder with a strong offensive ability. Roma's Perotti is an orthodox winger, so No. 8 looks very uncoordinated on him.


In recent years, Manchester City's De Bruyne and David Silva have further interpreted the number 8. In theory, the two were originally full-backs, but they were given a lot of freedom. Although neither De Bruyne nor Silva wears No. 8, the former once said in an interview with Belgian media "HetLaatste Nieuws": "I am not a No. 10 player, but a No. 8 player with a high degree of freedom. "

近年来,曼彻斯特城的De Bruyne和David Silva进一步解释了数字8。理论上,这两个人原本是后卫,但他们拥有很大的自由度。尽管德布鲁因和席尔瓦都不是第8名,但前者在接受比利亚博棋牌娱乐时媒体“ HetLaatste Nieuws”的采访时曾说:“我不是自由度排名第10的球员,而是排名第8的球员。”

There is not much to say about this number. In general, the number 8 on the football field is basically synonymous with almighty.


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