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Milan derby became "anti-virus derby", Inter Milan 5 people were positive, Milan 2 people, Ibrahimovic declared that it has turned negative, isolation is over, and "healed." Inter Milan's Naingolan and Gali were recruited. Vecino was injured and did not make the Champions League squad. Is Eriksson's chance again? This extravagant substitute has once again become the focus of public opinion. How should Conte use it?


Eriksson's change of fate in the three rounds of Serie A in the new season is almost the epitome of coming to Inter Milan. Viola started in the first match and was replaced after 64 minutes (the performance is really bad), Inter Milan's counterattack came after 85 minutes; Benevento played 9 minutes off the bench in the second match; Lazio sat on the bench in the third match. "Torino Sport" headline the party bluffs: "From the top star to Inter Milan's seventh midfielder, the status is only higher than the unplanned Vecino." Nain and Ronaldo are ranked ahead of Eriksson. Not too outrageous, Eriksson is a bit embarrassed by an outsider.

埃里克森在新赛季的三轮意甲联赛中的命运变化几乎是来到国际米兰的缩影。 Viola在第一场比赛就开始了,并且在64分钟后被换下(比赛的表现确实很差),而国际米兰的反击在85分钟后结束了。贝内文托在第二场比赛中替补出场9分钟。拉齐奥在第三场比赛中坐在板凳上。派对上的“都灵体育”标题虚张声势:“从顶级球星到国际米兰的第七个中场,状态仅比计划外的维奇诺高。” Nain和Ronaldo的排名领先Eriksson。埃里克森(Eriksson)并不太尴尬,局外人对此有些尴尬。

After the national team warmed up and took a penalty kick from the Faroe Islands on behalf of Denmark, the Danish reporter asked "Why can't I play at Inter" and answered: "Obviously, I don't want to spend the whole autumn on the bench. It's not me. Hope, it should not be what the coach and Inter club want to see. The next matches are frequent. The national team will play Serie A (Derby) after 3 games, and then the Champions League will start (against Borussia). Many double matches in a week, I believe I will have my own Chance to get playing time.


When I first arrived at Inter Milan, I performed very well, and then the epidemic ceased, and then I went up and down. Many people expect me to play every game. With this expectation, the attitude towards me is different from before. At Inter Milan, I encountered an unprecedented situation in my club career. With my experience and the various attempts (position and role) I have made after coming to Inter Milan, my patience is fading. This is normal. It has nothing to do with my age. I am 20 years old. Neither I nor 30 years old want to sit on the bench. "

当我第一次到达国际米兰时,我的表现很好,然后流行停止了,然后我上下波动。许多人希望我参加每场比赛。有了这种期望,对我的态亚博棋牌有保障度与以往有所不同。在国际米兰,我的俱乐部生涯遇到了前所未有的情况。凭着我的经验以及来到国际米兰后所做的各种尝试(位置和作用),我的耐心正在逐渐减弱。这个是正常的。这与我的年龄无关。我20岁了。我和30岁的人都不想坐在长凳上。 ”

Eriksson played 4 goals and 3 assists in the 28 game with Inter. He played 1,149 minutes in total, averaging 41 minutes per game in less than half. "Gazzetta dello Sport" failed with an average score of 5.95, but the Europa League and Coppa Italia scored an average of 6.5, which is not bad, and Serie A 5.64 is very low. The Europa League only played two low-difficulty matches against Ludogorets. After the rematch, he withdrew from the main line from 1/8 of Getafe, and four consecutive battles were just a substitute. He has a total of 40 shots, Serie A 24 + Europa League 8 + Italian Cup 8; creating 35 attack opportunities.

埃里克森在与国米的28场比赛中打进4球和3助攻。他总共打了1149分钟,平均每场41分钟的时间不到一半。 “ Gazzetta dello Sport”以5.95的平均分数失败,但是欧洲联赛和意大利杯的平均分数为6.5,这还不错,意甲5.64的得分非常低。欧罗巴联赛只对阵卢多哥雷特进行了两次低难度比赛。复赛后,他从赫塔费的1/8退出主线,连续四场战斗只是替补。他总共出手40球,意甲24球+欧洲联赛8球+意大利杯8球;创造35次攻击机会亚博棋牌娱乐。

Italian media commented: He and Brozovic didn’t call and couldn’t cooperate. For the present, he can only try to combine with Vidal-Varrera's double all-around midfielder (Conte’s current two main players). No, there is no hope at all. This is the reason. It was originally not the type of player Conte liked. The style was soft, and the venue coverage and hardness were not enough. The club found a business opportunity of 20 million "low price" to plug in. This price is indeed a treasure, but it has become a headache luxury. Xia Chuang was inquired about by Berlin Hertha and other three teams. He wanted to rent, but Inter refused. The club level still attaches great importance to it.

意大利媒体评论:他和布罗佐维奇没有通话,也无法合作。就目前而言,他只能尝试与维达尔-瓦雷拉(Vidal-Varrera)的双重全能中场球员(孔戴目前的两个主要球员)相结合。不,根本没有希望。这就是原因。最初不是孔戴喜欢的球员类型。风格柔软,场地覆盖范围和硬度不够。俱乐部发现有2000万“低价”的商业机会可以插入。这个价格的确是宝藏,但它却成为令人头疼的奢侈品。夏赫被柏林·赫塔(Berlin Hertha)和其他三支球队询问。他想租房,但国米拒绝。俱乐部级别仍然非常重视它。

Inter Milan’s celebrities have different opinions on it. Bergomi screamed badly. “The overall performance is not convincing. Conte doesn’t need to have a reason.” Beccarosi believes: “Erickson is too shy and lacks personality, which is not good for integration . But the technical ability is still there, it will show up sooner or later. "Sooner or later when? Conte is one of the few publicly speaking about the Danes, "I hope he will be integrated into the team as soon as possible."

国际米兰的名人对此有不同的看法。贝尔戈米尖叫得很厉害。 “整体表现并不令人信服。孔戴不需要理由。”贝卡罗西认为:“埃里克森太害羞,缺乏个性,这不利于融合。但是技术能力仍然存在,迟早会出现。 “迟早是什么时候?孔戴是少数几个公开谈论丹麦人的人之一,“我希望他能尽快融入团队。”

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