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   Manchester United's performance in the transfer market this summer is not satisfactory. The team's biggest signing is the 35 million pounds introduced by Van der Beck. But so far in the new season, Van der Beek has not started on behalf of Manchester United in the league. Although he can perform in every appearance, Solskjaer still failed to find a way and position to insert Van der Bek'an into the main lineup. This may be a problem facing Manchester United and Sophie.


   Manchester United played against Newcastle, and Suo Shuai made a significant rotation of the lineup. Martial suspended, Suo Shuai also rotated Pogba, Greenwood, Matic and other main players. But even so, Van der Beek still failed to usher in the Premier League starting opportunity. After the announcement of the starting list before the game, Suo Shuai's decision also attracted many questions.


   "The Sun" reporter Neil Costis said, ‘I expected (starting) there would be no Pogba, but I did not expect there would be no Van der Beck. "The Guardian" reporter Jackson even ridiculed "Manchester United will have to lose to 66-1 Van der Beek to start. The British media’s doubts are not without reason. First of all, Van der Beek's previous games were very brilliant. He scored in his league debut and created a winning corner against Brighton. On the international match day, Van der Beek also scored in the game between the Netherlands and Italy, and he was in good shape. But Solskjaer still chose to keep him in the rotation.

《太阳报》记者尼尔·科斯蒂斯(Neil Costis)说,‘我原本以为不会有Pogba,但我没想到不会有范德贝克。 “卫报”记者杰克逊甚至嘲笑“曼联将不得不输给范德比克66-1。英国媒体的质疑并非没有道理。首先,范德比克的前几场比赛非常精彩。他得分他在联赛中的处子秀,为布莱顿创造了一个胜利的角落,在国际比赛日,范德贝克在荷兰和意大利之间的比赛中也取得了进球,他的状态还不错,但索尔斯克亚仍然选择保持他的位置。

   It wasn't until the 76th minute of the game that Van der Beck replaced James. The Dutch also performed as usual after playing. B Fee’s key goal was Van der Beck’s offense. He divided the ball to Mata, and Mata divided the ball to Rashford. Rashford assisted B Fee to complete the fatal blow. The whole process went smoothly, and it was the best offense that Manchester United played in this campaign.

直到比赛第76分钟,范德贝克才取代詹姆斯。荷兰人比赛后也照常表演。 B Fee的主要目标是范德贝克的进攻。他将球分配给Mata,Mata将球分配给Rashford。拉什福德协助B Fee完成了致命一击。整个过程进行得很顺利,这是曼联在这场运动中打的最好的进攻。

   But returning to Manchester United's lineup, it is indeed not easy for Suo Shuai to put Van der Beek into the core lineup. With the system unchanged, the main force of the three midfielders advocated by Suo Shuai should be Pogba-Matic-B Fee, of which Matic is the main defense, B Fee and Pogba are the main attackers. The three-person system is Manchester United. The key to reaching the top four in the second half of last season. In terms of personal ability and technical characteristics, it is indeed difficult for Van der Beek to shake the position of these three people.

但是,回到曼联的阵容中,索帅将范德贝克(Van der Beek)纳入核心阵容确实不容易。在体制不变的情况下,索帅所倡导的三名中场的主力应该是波格巴-马蒂奇-B·费,其中马蒂奇为主要防守方,B·费和波格巴为主要攻击者。三人制是曼联。上赛季下半年进入前四名的关键。就个人能力和技术特征而言,范德贝克确实很难撼动这三个人的位置。

Going back to the game against Newcastle, Solskjaer formed a 4231 formation today, taking Pogba and Matic, but still did not choose Van der Beck to start. The double midfielder chose Fred and McTommy. Chennai's explanation for this is that Fred and McTominay are better at protecting the line of defense, which is now urgently needed by Manchester United. Speaking directly, Suo Shuai wants the two midfielders to do the dirty work directly to protect the defense line. Van der Beck is not an engineer-type midfielder, and Suo Shuai does not want to use him in this way. In a sense, it also protects Van der Beek.


The British media previously summarized Van der Beck’s technical characteristics and abilities, saying that Van der Beck has excellent ball handling ability and is good at creating space. He is a hard-working midfielder, but he is not an excellent opportunity creator and cannot be bigger. It should not be used as a pure blue-collar player. He is more like a high-level tactical puzzle, which will be very strong under the right system, but today's Suo Shuai and Manchester United have indeed not found a suitable system that can put Van der Beek into the starting line.


   ESPN previously stated that Van der Beck was not the priority target set by Soshuai when he signed this summer, and the reason may be that. He is an excellent player, but in the midfielder, right winger, and central defender, where Manchester United is in urgent need of reinforcement, Van der Beek cannot provide much help. The introduction of him can enhance the depth of the lineup, but he can be directly inserted into the main force. The lineup is not appropriate, and Suo Shuai needs to build a new system.


  From this point of view, Solskjaer uses Van der Beck as a fixed rotation for each game, which is also a no-brainer at this stage. How to maximize the ability of Van der Beek, So Shuai and Manchester United may need to explore...




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