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At 14:10 pm, September 26, F1


Tang tianyucheng“


In the sixth round, Tang Tianyu won his first professional league championship at the Sochi circuit. After that game, Tang Tianyu not only lamented the lingering fear of winning the championship with "zero penalty time", but also specifically mentioned the team's pit stop arrangement. Today, he once again reached the top podium in Sochi, thanks to his tactical choice: starting from pole position, he was always chased by Yuan Yifan from behind. On lap 9, after Tang Tianyu pitted to change tires, he was overtaken by Yuan Yifan who pitted one lap earlier. However, on the last lap of the game, Tang Tianyu was 0.35 seconds away from Yuan Yifan and was not completely close to the car in front. He broke the car and took the lead, and took the lead in the post to successfully pass and win the championship. His decisiveness and his desire to win as a professional e-sports driver left a deep impression on the audience.


In the two rounds of the Russian Grand Prix, Tang Tianyu won the championship, and he deserves to be the "King of Sochi" in the professional league. Interestingly, Tang Tianyu just finished the race and turned around and appeared as a guest in the commentary of Five-Star Sports. "Strike while the iron is hot" combined with his own racing experience to bring fans the 2020 F1 Russian Grand Prix qualifying. A different kind of commentary.

在俄罗斯大奖赛的两轮比赛中,唐天宇获得了冠军,他理应成为职业联赛的“索契国亚博棋牌有保障王”。有趣的是,唐天宇刚刚结束比赛,转身就作为五星级体育的评论嘉宾出现。 “趁热打铁”与自己的赛车经验相结合,为车迷们赢得了2020年F1俄罗斯大奖赛的资格。另一种评论亚博棋牌有保障。

LHR shows great cooperation again


If Tang Tianyu showed his ability as a top domestic e-sports driver at the Sochi circuit, then at the Silverstone circuit, the two LHR drivers Yuan Yifan and Zhang Liao not only finished the race with their strength 1-2, but also made a contribution. The tactical coordination of the Bo Da Shen-level has given people a glimpse of the high, precise and in-depth "professional team".


The key point of the race appeared on the 12th lap: Tang Tianyu followed the leading Yuan Yifan into the station to change tires. After coming out, he made a mistake under the pressure of G7 driver Zhuo Chao and others. He made a lap on the track and fell to 11th place. Although Tang Tianyu's mistake was an accident, the LHR car "double-teamed" Tang Tianyu after a stop but had a strict plan. "I completed the surpassing of Tang Tianyu before the first stop because we knew it was important. Then we arranged for Zhang Liao to pit in advance, and on the next lap I and Tang Tianyu pit in the same lap. Because his repair room is at the back, It caused him a loss of 1 second, and it also caused him to make such a mistake after leaving the station." Yuan Yifan revealed that the strategy of the LHR two cars after that was to "pull the train", pulling out a 5-knot "train". "I deliberately slow down the pace. One is to ensure that Zhang Liaoneng finishes the second race, and the other is to increase the difficulty of Tang Tianyu's pursuit. We deliberately pulled up such a train. The first five cars form a group. It is difficult for Tang Tianyu. To further improve the ranking. It is also to help Zhang Liao defend Lu Zhouhao behind him." During the course of the track, not only can he control his own rhythm and position, but also use a third party to fight against his main opponents. LHR's tactics allow Five Star Sports to explain Li Bao of Xi was amazed and full of praise.

比赛的关键点出现在第12圈:唐天宇跟随袁一凡带领他进入站内更换轮胎。出来后,他在七国集团车手卓超等人的压力下犯了一个错误。他在赛道上跑了一圈,跌至第11位。尽管唐天宇的失误是一次意外,但LHR赛车“唐纳德·唐天宇”停下来后却制定了严格的计划。 “在第一站之前,我完成了对唐天瑜的超越,因为我们知道这很重要。然后我们提前安排张辽进站,在下一圈我和唐天瑜在同一圈进站。因为他的维修室是在后面,这使他损失了1秒,并且还导致他在离开车站后犯了这样的错误。”袁一凡透露,LHR两辆车的策略是“拉火车”,拉出5节结的“火车”。 “我故意放慢脚步。一方面是确保张廖能完成第二场比赛,另一方面是为了增加唐天宇追求的难度。我们故意拉开了这样的火车。前五辆车成组。对于唐天宇来说是困难的。进一步提高排名。这也有助于张辽捍卫卢周浩在他身后。”在亚博棋牌有保障赛道上,他不仅可以控制自己的节奏和位置,还可以利用第三方与主要对手作战。 LHR的策略使《五星级体育》解释了习近平的李宝感到惊讶,并赞扬不已。

Next week, the F1 E-sports China Championship will usher in the 13th round of the professional league. The two tracks are the China Station Circuit and the Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands. One is the track most familiar to Chinese drivers and fans, and the other is the first F1 Let us wait and see what exciting scenes will happen in the 2020 territory.

下周,F1电子竞技中国锦标赛将迎来职业联赛的第13轮。两条线路分别是荷兰的中国站巡回赛和荷兰的赞德沃特巡回赛。一个是中国车手和车迷最熟悉的赛道,另一个是第一个F1 让我们拭目以待,看看2020年领土将发生什么激动人心的场面。

The F1 E-sports China Championship is hosted by Shanghai Sports Federation and Shanghai Jiushi Sports Industry Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiushi Smart Sports Co., Ltd. is the organizer and the exclusive authorization and operation management party of the event IP; transportation The Shanghai Branch of the Bank is the chief strategic partner of the event, and Bright Youjia is the official sponsor; Five Star Sports and Quantum Sports VSPN are the co-organizers; Shanghai E-sports Association and Shanghai Motorsports Association are supporting units. This year's event will be broadcast throughout the entire event on Five Star Sports. Douyu Live is an exclusive game online live broadcast platform. Douyu Live (room number: 8467441), a joint broadcast platform: China Sports, Game Situation.

F1电子竞技中国锦标赛由上海体育联合会和上海久士体育产业发展(集团)有限公司主办。上海久士智能体育有限公司是赛事的组织者,独家授权和运营管理方。 IP;交通本行上海分行是本次活动的主要战略合作伙伴,光明友佳是此次活动的官方赞助商。五星级体育和量子体育VSPN是协办单位;上海市电子竞技协会和上海市赛车运动协会是支持单位。今年的赛事将在“五星级体育”的整个赛事中播出。斗鱼直播是独家游戏在线直播平台。斗鱼直播(房间号:8644741),联合广播平台:中国体育,比赛情况。

This time, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch became the chief strategic partner of the F1 E-sports China Championship for the second consecutive year. It is a major strategy of Bank of Communications to actively integrate into Shanghai's urban development by connecting new trends, supporting new industries, and embracing the new future. Important move. The Bank of Communications also looks forward to adding financial power to Shanghai's goal of achieving the "global e-sports capital" at an early date.


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