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"Naturalization" is not a new term in Chinese football. At least 20 years ago, Spanish high center Andres, who played for Beijing Guoan, was mentioned in the list of naturalization. In the A-A era, Chen Yiming, who coached for the Chengdu Wuniu Team, also stated clearly that the national football team needs naturalized players.


More than ten years later, when Chinese football really opened the window of naturalization, Li could enter the national football team as the first naturalized player by blood. Exxon competed in the world preliminaries as the first non-blood naturalized player, but the result was not as good as imagined. As a result, since the beginning of naturalization, the discussion has never stopped.


Controversy and compromise of naturalization Is this the era of naturalization you are looking forward to?


Chinese football has always had a World Cup complex. From the impact of the Spanish World Cup in 1982, the Chinese men's football team has repeatedly failed and only achieved a breakthrough in 2002. After the World Cup in Korea and Japan, the Chinese men's football team has repeatedly competed with the World Cup in the past. Only one step away", slowly degenerating to a level where entering the final stage of the World Cup preliminaries is a luxury.


It is precisely because of the many disappointments accumulated on the road to the World Cup that it has become an indelible shadow in the hearts of Chinese footballers, and it has also become the goal that everyone is most eager to achieve. To this end, relevant parties have long expressed their hope to FIFA to bid for the World Cup, but the 2022 World Cup has settled in Qatar in Asia. According to FIFA rules, the continents that have hosted the World Cup will not be allowed to host the World Cup in the next two sessions. The best entry point for China to bid should be the 2034 World Cup.


In short, China’s determination to bid for the World Cup is affirmative, but the relevant parties do not hope that the national football team will win the right to participate in the World Cup next time as the host. Before China hosts the World Cup, it is the short-term goal of Chinese football.


Because of the strong demand to impact the World Cup and the fact that the strength of local players is still in a low period, the naturalization of Chinese football has been put on the table. This matter has also been given the green light in terms of policies and laws, and will soon return. The players are now in front of the fans.


However, since the introduction of naturalization, Chinese football has been controversial from top to bottom. There are two factions at the top. Some think that naturalized players can increase the probability of entering the World Cup. Some people worry that naturalized players will change their nationality for monetary benefits and have an impact on society. The clubs are also divided into two factions. For example, Evergrande has undertaken the first batch. The expenses of non-blood naturalized players have fully promoted the naturalization strategy, but SIPG insists on the idea of ​​relying on local forces; disputes among fans are even more raging.


There should not be only one voice for any development. Chinese football should hold different views on the use of naturalized players. But while retaining the dispute, both parties should make appropriate compromises to allow things to develop. Now that the era of naturalized players has come, we should cater to it.


In the early morning of September 19, Beijing time, FIFA passed an overwhelming advantage of 193 votes in favor and 1 objection through online voting and passed the much-watched "Amendment to the relevant provisions of the FIFA Constitution Players Association Conversion" . On the one hand, the overwhelming number of votes demonstrates the importance of naturalized players in international competitions in the future; on the other hand, it means that some players have the qualifications to represent the national football team, such as Hou Yongyong, Jiang Guangtai, etc.; Choosing to be a Chinese national will also be eligible to play, such as foreign aid such as Ivo, Renardinho, Evra.


In the survey on the "proportion of naturalized players" published on the official Weibo of the Sports Department of the People's Daily, a total of 925 netizens participated in the vote:


24.1% of netizens who believe that “no more than 3 people are allowed, otherwise I would hardly agree that this is the Chinese team” accounted for 24.1%, and 24.4% agreed that “it can be about 5 people and the strength of all three lines should be improved”. More than half of those who hold the view that "the more the better, as long as the rules are met, can be fully utilized".


It can be seen that most fans recognize naturalization and hope to see naturalized players enter the national team and help the national team improve its competitive strength. They have opened their arms to cater to the advent of the naturalization era.


First experience of naturalization: no surprises yet Standard to be determined


Beijing Guoan naturalized Chinese players Li Ke and Hou Yongyong, Guangzhou Evergrande won Jiang Guangtai, and at the same time naturalized five players from Brazil, Exon, Fernando, Luo Guofu, Alan and Goulart. Naturalized players, Shandong Luneng handled the naturalization procedures for Delgado. In this type of player, Li Ke and Exon have participated in the official competition on behalf of the national football team, and Fernando, Luo Guofu and Jiang Guangtai have participated in the national football training camp.


In this series of domestication operations, what are our domestication standards? At present, it is still very blind.


The purpose of our naturalization is to improve the team's strength and allow the national team to get a good result in the world preliminaries. But Li Ke and Exon, who have already played on behalf of the national football team, did not rely on their personal ability to solve the problems of the national team.


At this stage, the national football team has a certain advantage in the top forty matches and can also create shooting opportunities. At present, the expected number of goals scored by the Chinese team in the top forty group stage is as many as 13.74, ranking second among forty teams, while the Japanese team, which is ranked first, is only 0.01 higher than the national football team at 13.75. This shows that the Chinese team's ability to create shooting opportunities is good, and the ability to seize opportunities needs to be improved. Exxon’s naturalization is obviously to solve the stubborn problem of the front line’s weak ability to seize opportunities, but Exxon’s few games played did not show any effect. Fighting a tough battle like Syria still requires Wu Lei’s back row. Ability and speed advantages create opportunities.


Today's Exxon has not changed the performance of the national football striker, so does Luo Guofu, who has been more blessed, and Alan, who is marginalized in Guoan, have this ability? This might be a big question mark. At present, the only thing worth looking forward to is Fernando, who has a good performance in Evergrande. His personal system of playing should be an element that the national football team urgently needs.


But the player who is truly expected to determine the upper limit of the national football team is the frontcourt generalist Golat. He can shoot and organize. Regardless of his slightly wider body, he is recognized as the team’s physical king in the China Fortune. . In the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Goolat's total playing time (regular game time + first and second half stoppage time) reached 1367 minutes. The deep-foot goalkeeper Guowei, who is second only to 1369 minutes in the Super League, is the king of the Chinese Super League except for the goalkeeper. , Followed by Rondon, Hamsik and Paulinho. This kind of performance doesn't have to worry about the knee overhaul before Golat.

但是真正可以确定国家橄榄球队上限的球员是前场通才Golat。他可以射击和组织。无论身材稍宽,他都被公认为《财富》杂志车队的实物国王。 。在中国超级联赛的第一阶段,古拉特的总上场时间(常规比赛时间+上半场和下半场补时)达到1367分钟。深足门将郭伟在中超联赛中仅次于1369分钟,是中国中超联亚博棋牌娱乐赛中的王者,但守门员除外。 ,其次是Rondon,Hamsik和Paulinho。这种性能不必担心Golat之前的膝盖大修。

It is a pity that when the naturalization work started, Goulart had already returned to Brazil, interrupting his "naturalization prison" in China for five consecutive years. It is said that there is little hope to represent the national football team before 2022.


In the unfamiliar project of non-blood naturalization, our blindness was exposed after the first batch of naturalizations were produced due to rush. While considering whether foreign aid can meet the needs of naturalization, it did not measure the value it can bring to the national team. At the same time, the rules of naturalization were not accurate, and the lottery ticket tactics of "do it before you talk" were blindly adopted, which resulted in time-consuming, laborious, and expensive naturalization of, for example, Golat and Delgado.

在不熟悉的非血液归化项目中,由于急于进行了第一批归化,我们的盲目性暴露了出来。在考虑外援是否可以满足入籍需求时,它没有衡量它可以为国家队带来的价值。同时,归化规则不准确,盲目采用了“说话前做”的彩票策略,导致例如Golat和Delgado的费时,费力和昂贵的归化工作。 。

The future of naturalization: bid farewell to blindness and cast a small net to catch a big fish


In the future, with regard to the naturalization of non-blood players, I believe that after the losses, there will be experience in relevant aspects. It is not a problem to get the rules; the key now lies in the measurement of the player's competitive state and strength, and whether it is a type of player that the national football lacks. Make a fuss on the assessment.


The first is to put an end to "one word", a foreign aid is not enough to meet the level of naturalization, it cannot be decided by one person. At that time, Lippi's second entry into the Palace National Football Team was to naturalize players. The first batch of non-blood naturalized players was basically decided by Lippi. And why should he naturalize so many center candidates at the same time as Goulart, Exon, Alan, and Luo Guofu?

首先是杜绝“一个字”,外援还不足以满足入籍水平,这不能由一个人来决定。那时,利皮第二次进入皇宫国家足球队就是为了入籍。第一批非血入籍球员基本上是由Lippi决定的。为何他要同时与Goulart,Exon,Alan和Luo Guofu同时入籍这么多中锋候选人?

As we all know, what the national team lacks is the brain players on the central axis. Because the core position of the Chinese Super midfielder is occupied by foreign aid, there are fewer and fewer outstanding local midfielders. The national team also needs to rely on Hao Junmin and Wu Xi to stand up after two years. The veteran is supporting, and now there is indeed no Mesozoic player who has a better level than them. Against this background, Jianye’s foreign aid Ivo, who is well-known for his spiritual strength and has great strength, expressed a strong desire for naturalization. Why has no one pushed forward this matter?


This reflects a contradiction in the current naturalization, that is, the money is paid by the club, but the ultimate goal is to serve the national team. For example, Iwo, suppose that the national team needs him, but Jianye has no need to spend the "settling-in allowance" to naturalize him at all. Evergrande, which has spent a lot of money, will never take this kind of completely useless. Work, so this matter was soon stranded.


To bid farewell to the above-mentioned blindness and contradictions, we must adopt the principle of "casting small nets and fishing big fish" in a more sophisticated way.


In addition, naturalized players are the introduction of high-level talents from the country, and the Chinese Football Association should strictly monitor the audit and participate in the club's naturalization work. It is not necessary to meet FIFA's membership conversion standards to open up a green channel, nor to let go of naturalization with the words of the club. The "skills threshold" for naturalized players should be set to reflect the standards of high-level talents.


At least, every non-blood naturalized player must have the personal ability to enhance the strength of a certain aspect of the club or national team. For example, Jiang Guangtai, who became the rear defensive iron gate of Evergrande, Fernando, who can immediately change the decline of Evergrande's offensive end, and Gao Lat, the core of the team in China Fortune.


Naturalization is not about adding options, but precise services and leading upgrades.


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