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Without fighting an unprepared battle, it is difficult for non-participating countries to rely on domestic websites to provide help. Don't trust the fragmented information collaged by the official account. Overcome English and laziness. Everything is official. Organize a "timeline" based on the existing information and set up a "reminder".


Take the World Cup in Russia as an example. The ticket sales time was close to one year. In fact, if you open the FIFA official website now, it is not difficult to find that the webpage for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already been generated, and you can view it without going over the wall.


2017/12/01 World Cup group draw, before the draw is the first round of ticket sales, after the draw is the second and third round of ticket sales


【The first round of blind draw: 2017/9/14-10/12】

【第一轮盲抽:2017/9 / 14-10 / 12】

Equal opportunity to apply for winning at any time (results will be issued before 11/16)


[First round of ticket grabbing: 2017/11/16-11/28]

[第一轮购票:2017/11 / 16-11 / 28]

Ticket types: Individual Match Tickets, Venue Specific Ticket Series (VST) (excluding the opener, semi-finals, and finals), Team Specific Ticket Series (TST) ) (3-7 games can be selected, the refund of not entering the World Cup minus USD10 handling fee; the remaining tickets are still valid after the World Cup is eliminated at any stage)


[The second round of lottery: 2017/12/05-2018/01/31]

[第二轮彩票:2017/12 / 05-2018 / 01/31]

[Second round of ticket grab: 2018/03/13-04/03]

[第二轮取票:2018/03 / 13-04 / 03]

Ticket types: single game tickets, venue packages (excluding the opener, semi-finals, and finals) (*not guaranteed for second round sales), team packages (Supporter Tickets (ST) and Conditional Supporter Tickets (CST)) (3-7 games can be selected. After the team is eliminated, the remaining tickets will be invalid, and the corresponding ticket fee will be refunded minus USD10 handling fee) (*National Football Associations may have special requirements, such as local address, nationality, fan club membership, etc.)


[The third round of tickets: 2018/04/18-before the final]

[第三轮门票:2018/04 / 18-决赛前]

Ticket type: single game ticket


*The first two rounds of express delivery are free


*FAN ID can be applied if the ticket is successfully drawn, it has nothing to do with FIFA


Next, we need to practice one by one by ourselves. I remember that in order to ensure the internet speed, the two of us brought 2 laptops, found an Internet cafe and opened 2 computers, plus 2 mobile phones. A total of six machines were robbed together. Tickets, the test result is: completely look at the rp, some seconds advance, and some did not enter until the end, open as many points as possible, or you can call friends to help.


Tickets are all delivered home, and tickets bought after 2018/04/3 can only be picked up in Russia.


You may think that the battle for a year is too long. Even if there are many experts who have summarized the ticket sales methods of each stage in the first time, I don't bother to look at it. I just buy second-hand ones, and the price is naturally hehe...


After getting the tickets for the game I want to watch, the next step is to select the line. There are two types of problems encountered in the selection of the sea appearance competition. One is that the interval between the two matches is very short and I don't know how to connect, and the other is that the interval between matches is long and I don't know how to arrange it if I want to play by the way. The second category is relatively easy to solve. Although there is currently no comprehensive strategy for watching games in the open sea, there are still a lot of travel content (for example, you can follow me!). No matter what type, the most troublesome and costly part is transportation.


At the end of the draw, we collapsed directly. Spain I support and France supported by my boyfriend are in Group B and C respectively. This means that there is no gap between the matches. Spain will play the next day after Spain. What's the problem? ? The big problem is, how big is Russia and how backward the intercity traffic is. The high-speed rail will only be completed in 2020. I hope that a new rule will be issued in the future. Cities without high-speed rail are prohibited from hosting the World Cup.

在抽奖结束时,我们直接倒塌了。我支持的西班牙和男友支持的法国分别在B组和C组。这意味着比赛之间没有差距。西班牙将在西班牙之后的第二天比赛。有什么问题? ?最大的问题是,俄罗斯有多大,城际交通量有多落后。高铁将在2020年完工。我希望将来会颁布新的规定。禁止没有高铁的城市举办世界杯。

Take a look at any example:


The first group match, Portugal VS Spain in Sochi, the time is 6.15 pm 21: 00

首局比赛,葡萄牙对西班牙在索契举行,时间为6.15 pm 21:00

And the next day, France VS Australia in Kazan, the time is 6.16 13:00 pm

第二天,法国VS澳大利亚在喀山,时间是6.16 13:00 pm

There is a 16-hour interval, excluding 2 hours of game time, I have 14 hours to move


Let's take a look at the route given by Google:


37 hours! What can I say, people haven't arrived yet after the match. Where's the plane? In the absence of additional flights at the time, who dared to choose and had to give up. Although the following races can catch up, they are extreme operations every day. Can you imagine that after a race is over, go to the train station in the middle of the night. When I woke up, I rushed to the stadium, and repeated the operation of the previous day at night, feeling like I was watching the game with my life.


However, this magical night train journey also allowed me to see the other side of the World Cup, with unforgettable and unforgettable memories. And one advantage of this kind of itinerary is that the hotel does not exist for both of us. You have to know that the hotel was in a hurry on the night of the draw. It does not mean that there are so many people who go to watch the game. Some cities have no hotels at all. In a small city of 300,000 people, there are two hotels in total. Do you dare to decide on a homestay? In case the landlord cancels it before the game, the price for sitting on the ground will be ignored. Even the hotel that was finally booked was several times higher than usual.


Our final itinerary is 7 games in 8 days. Why didn't we achieve 1 game per day? Because one day took 27 hours of train ride, but that was also my happiest day. The specific itinerary is as follows:


Based on the actual combat experience of the 2012 and 2016 European Cups, the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 Europa League finals, I can tell you that most major events will introduce relevant transportation policies. The high probability is: public transportation will be free for everyone who comes to the game. . This is very important. I don’t know if it’s because of the domestic information break or people who don’t have such awareness. At that time, the students who consulted me often asked: How to take a taxi in a certain country and how to choose an airplane? Chinese people are rarely seen on the free train, and there are quite a lot of Chinese people in Mingming Stadium.

根据2012年和2016年欧洲杯,2018年世界杯和2019年欧洲联赛决赛的实际战斗经验,我可以告诉您,大多数重大赛事都会引入相关的交通政策。极有可能是:参加比赛的每个人都可以免费乘坐公共交通工具。 。这个非常重要。我不知道这是因为国内信息中断还是没有这种意识的人。当时,咨询我的学生经常问:如何在某个国家乘坐出租车,如何选择飞机?中国人很少乘坐免费火车,明明体育馆里有很多中国人。

First look at the ticket:


After watching the plane, let’s take a look at the train: There are free trains to apply for during the race day.


I have experienced both soft sleeper and hard sleeper. I put a Russian cartoon to give everyone a taste of the hard sleeper environment. In reality, they woke up full of men from all over the world wearing jerseys. They had to walk through the "hairy-legged forest" and brush their teeth. It takes ten minutes to walk. At other times, the hard-sleeping environment in Russia is quite scary as a girl, but during the game it is very special. There are no fans on the train.


This is a mobile and happy home, where fans from all over the world "live" together, chanting slogans and singing "if they don't agree". It feels very strange. Unlike traveling on a business trip by train, you can’t sing and dance with people in a car and chat everywhere, but this is how it is, like an exclusive party, everyone seems very relaxed and natural, like family and friends Similarly, we will say hello when we meet, which is probably the surprise that football brings to our lives.


There are several free-of-charge fan trains that are standard for soft sleepers. Each room for four has sliding doors and air conditioning, and there is also a bathroom on the train for unlimited duration. I hadn't taken a bath for three days, and I could almost see the oasis in the desert. I was so happy that the hot water drenched on my body, and my blood rushed into cheers.


The food in the dining car is also delicious, and snacks and beer are often out of stock late at night. We bought a bowl of instant noodles for 4 yuan before we got on the bus. It looked terrible, but it tasted great!


In the car, I met a young couple from Sichuan, a handsome French guy, a Peruvian lover in a passionate period, and a leisurely Russian big brother. They were busy visiting, chatting, interviewing, eating and drinking. Time flies so fast, I really can’t bear it car. The most emotional part of the whole trip is here. I have to feel that if you haven't taken a fan train, this World Cup will be in vain.


Race days are also free, and trams and subways can be used with FAN ID. These information are all officially given. To give another small example, there was a message at that time: The Moscow Airport Express line uses UnionPay Cloud QuickPass for only 1 yuan. What do we need to do? Bring UnionPay cards starting with 62, nothing more! Before departure, I specifically called and consulted with the bank. All UnionPay cards have their own QuickPass function without manual activation. The method of use is the same as that of a bus card.

比赛日也是免费的,电车和地铁可与FAN ID一起使用。这些信息都是正式提供的。再举一个小例子,当时有一条消息:莫斯科机场快线使用银联云QuickPass仅需1元。我们需要做什么?带上以62开头的银联卡,仅此而已!出发前,我专门打电话给银行并进行了咨询。所有银联卡都具有自己的QuickPass功能,无需手动激活。使用方法与公交卡相同。

I can’t elaborate on this part. Some people like luxury restaurants, and some just want to fill their stomachs. We are relatively average. We eat most of the time like the locals. We settle for lunch in a kind of "Russian cafeteria". In the evening, I will have a local dinner with the "ball friends" I met online, and occasionally eat a luxurious meal, so the price is more compromised.


*National canteen: It can be seen everywhere, just like the canteen, one person takes a tray and queues up to choose food, and finally settles the bill. Such a meal is about 20 or 30 yuan per person, including grilled chicken legs, fried fish steaks and borscht.


For fast food, the most distinctive feature is the Russian omelet, which is very soft and the same as Shanghai omelet. It can be filled with cheese and other fillings at a low price. There is also a traditional fast food baked papa.


Finally, there are international cuisines, which are more expensive than canteen fast food, but a bit cheaper than Shanghai.


Air ticket: domestic-Moscow round trip + Moscow to Saransk + Moscow to Kaliningrad round trip, 5 sections of 6,500 yuan / person


Hotel: 500 yuan/night (2 people), only stayed one night, in Kaliningrad, other times on the train.


Train: 3 trips at own expense, 650 yuan/person


2 rides for fans, free


We brushed the tickets ourselves, the official price:


So can you say that watching the World Cup is really expensive and very out of reach? Still the opening sentence, do it yourself, use information. Defeat your procrastination and laziness, don’t avoid English, you will find a lot of fun~ I hope to give you a little inspiration, and make good preparations for the next two sports years during the domestic war "epidemic". See you on the stadium~


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