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Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi have partnered for twelve years, but after "Shaolin Football", the father and son on the screen have not cooperated for 20 years.


In fact, when filming "Mermaid" a few years ago, Stephen Chow invited Wu Mengda, but at that time Wu Mengda had just finished the operation and his body had not recovered well and he could not enter the water.


The longer they were separated, the less they knew how to speak.


In the talk show, Xu Zhiyuan asked Wu Mengda if he had the opportunity to sit down and want to talk to Zhou Xingchi again, Wu Mengda said: "All the past."


Wu Mengda is the eldest son of the family. He liked movies very much when he was a child. He often bought a ticket and brought his two younger brothers into the venue to watch the movie. He went home and played it by himself.


In 1970, Wu Mengda bought a TV set at home. He watched "Happy Tonight" with his father every day, which was very interesting. He envied the glamour of the actors and secretly wrote down the registration method on TV.


In 1973, Wu Mengda was admitted to the third Hong Kong Radio Television (TVB) Artist Training Course and became classmates with Zhou Yunfa and Du Qifeng.


Wu Mengda and Chow Yun-fat have a very good relationship and they are together almost every day. Chow Yun-fat lived on Hong Kong Island. There was no undersea tunnel at that time. It was troublesome to go home after 12 o'clock in the evening. He often slept at Wu Mengda's house.


There were 40 students in that period. Wu Mengda was the deputy monitor, and his grades were always in the top 5. Zhou Runfa was at the bottom of the class. Wu Mengda commented on him that his mouth cannot keep up with his brain, his body cannot keep up with his mouth, his body is not coordinated, and his acting is very awkward.


Du Qifeng is an office assistant. He heard the teacher chat and say: "Chow Yun-fat may not stay." Another said: "There are three months left, let's talk about it then."


In the end, 22 of the 40 students graduated, and only 7 got the long-term appointment. Wu Mengda was one of them. Chow Yun-fat is too tall to find an actress to play with, so he took a temporary contract and can only be an extra.


In 1979, Wu Mengda became popular with the male second "Hu Tiehua" in The Legend of Chu Liuxiang.


This drama set off "Chu Liuxiang fever" in Taiwan. At 8:30 in the evening, people all over Taiwan stopped everything they were doing and watched "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang" on the TV.


Soon, Taiwan invited Wu Mengda, Zhao Yazhi and other leading actors to do publicity. Wu Mengda asked Taili for a three-month leave and left Hong Kong.


Wu Mengda has almost become the most popular actor in Taiwan. He will be found in various performances, construction shows, and ribbon cutting. A lot of money went into the pocket. He drinks and gambles every day. As soon as he opens the door of the hotel, a girl is waiting. All the bosses coaxed him, but it was Big Brother Wu. As soon as he had a meal, the table full of people lined up with cups to respect him.


Taiwan's money is easy to earn, and life is easy. After the holiday is over, Wu Mengda finds all kinds of excuses to delay returning to Hong Kong. Later, TVB approached him and pretended not to see him.


Wu Mengda toured Taiwan for a whole year, earning more than 100,000 US dollars.


But he shot too lavishly, and often went into the casino drunk, earning no money left, and the credit card money was wiped out.


Wu Mengda returned to Hong Kong.

w UME ng大returned to Hong Kong.

When he returned to the stage, no one was angry with him, just greeted him politely, but he never received any important roles again. Taili said that without his play, there was no arrangement for "Happy Tonight".


Wu Mengda felt that it didn't matter, and continued to flourish with his salary. He entered the casino again, and within a month he lost all his belongings. The bank warned him that he would be declared bankrupt if he did not repay the credit card within the specified time.


Du Qifeng said: "Wu Mengda can't support the wall with mud."


At that time, Chow Yun-fat, who had been running for three years, was already famous and made a lot of money. Thinking of the friendship between the two, Wu Mengda had no other plans, and only borrowed money from Fazai.


Zhou Runfa thought for a day, but didn't lend it to him. Because he was embarrassed to persuade Wu Mengda, Zhou Yunfa took him to meet a boss. The boss said: "Ada, I have money, but borrowing you will hurt you, and borrowing you will also hurt you. Wherever you fell, you must get up."


Wu Mengda said: "No, brother, they are going to sue me, save me first, and then I will climb."


The money is still not borrowed. Wu Mengda had an opinion about Chow Yun-fat-he had never let him pay for it when he was rich before, and now he does not help if he is in trouble.


Wu Mengda went home, thinking about suicide or running away. After one night, he decided to declare bankruptcy.


He made an appointment with a few loan sharks and gangsters to sit down and negotiate, saying that there is no way to survive now. He borrowed some money and he would definitely return it later.


Fortunately, TVB did not terminate the contract with him. For the next four years, Wu Mengda lived on Taili's basic salary and occasional tricks. However, two-thirds of the debt must be paid before the salary is paid.


When life is difficult, a junior in the art training class often invites him to dinner, brings him some cigarettes from time to time, and says: "Dad brother, you can do it, you get up again, I have always admired your performance."

生活困难时,美术培训班的一名大三生经常邀请他吃饭,不时给他抽烟,并说:“爸爸,你能做到,你又会起床,我一直很欣赏你的表现。 。”

The frustrated Wu Mengda hid at home and found out the textbook "The Self-cultivation of Actors" that was used by the acting class.


At that time, there was another person studying this book-Zhou Xingchi.


Stephen Chow was 11 years younger than Wu Mengda. When Wu Mengda encountered the snow, Stephen Chow had just entered the art training class.


In 1982, Stephen Chow led Tony Leung to sign up for the TVB performing arts training class. Fearing that his height of 1.73 meters would not be the standard, Stephen Chow also bought a pair of height-increasing shoes.

1982年,周星驰(Stephen Chow)带领梁朝伟(Tony Leung)报名参加无线电视演艺训练班。由于担心自己的身高不能达到1.73米的标准,周星驰还购买了一双增高的鞋子。

The exam question that day was a miserable drama. Stephen Chow acted as a comedy and was eliminated by the examiner. Instead, Tony Leung, who was accompanying him, entered the art training class. Zhou Xingchi went home and threw himself on the bed, covering his head under the quilt. Mother Ling Baoer was surprised and didn't know what happened.


In fact, the teacher in the training class noticed Zhou Xingchi, but felt that this person was a bit strange and could not make up his mind. Later, on the recommendation of his neighbor Qi Meizhen, Zhou Xingchi entered the night training class, and still became classmates with Tony Leung.


Zhou Xingchi and Tony Leung met when they were in middle school. Before entering the wireless artist training class, the two privately shot an 8-minute short film. The story is simple. The good guys and the bad guys fight on the mountain, and the good guys win in the end. As the director, Stephen Chow asked Tony Leung to play the villain, but he was beaten to death by random punches.

周星驰和梁朝伟在中学时相识。在进入无线艺术家培训课程之前,两人私下拍摄了8分钟的短片。故事很简单。好人和​​坏人在山上搏斗,好人最终获胜。作为导演,周星驰(Stephen Chow)要求梁朝伟(Tony Leung)扮演小人,但他被随机拳打殴打致死。

It is a pity that the short film is a fantasy. In reality, everything is reversed.


Less than a year after entering the art training class, Tony Leung got a supporting role in "Xiangcheng Prodigal Son" and had many roles. Chow Xingchi is playing tricks in the play, with only a few shots.


In terms of acting, Tony Leung realized quite early and had not yet graduated. He has been called TVB "Five Tigers" with Huang Rihua, Miao Qiaowei, Tang Zhenye, and Andy Lau.


In 1983, Tony Leung and Stephen Chow took the graduation examination of the art training class. The question is that a couple has been separated for many years. The man wants to marry a woman after studying abroad. The woman says that he is married.


Almost all the male actors who took the exam were in a daze, then shook the actress's shoulders for a while, asked loudly, and then cried.


Tony Leung did not cry, but when the actress said that he was married, his hand struck a match suddenly shook, and then smiled bitterly.


This performance impressed the examiner Wang Tianlin (the father of director Wang Jing), and many years later he commented: "Leung Chaowei's section is the most outstanding."


As for Zhou Xingchi, the teacher did not remember what he played.


After graduation, Tony Leung went to be the host of the children's show "Forty Three Zero Shuttle", but during the period there were constant film appointments, and after a few months of work, he was transferred to film.


At this time, Zhou Xingchi, who had no job, was taken by the choreographer and filled the vacancy of Tony Leung. This job only works 3 days a week, and the remaining 4 days Stephen Chow is busy with the movie.

这时,没有工作的周星驰被编舞带走,填补了梁朝伟的空缺。这项工作每周仅工作3天,其余4天则是周星驰(Stephen Chow)忙着看电影。

In 1983, Tony Leung played the male number one in "Goodbye Nineteen Years Old", Stephen Chow ran out of style and played the kidnapper who kidnapped Tony Leung. In the same year, Tony Leung and Chow Yun played the two heroes in "The Big Dipper", and Stephen Chow played the boy who jumped off the building who was discouraged by Tony Leung.

1983年,梁朝伟在《再见十九岁》中饰演男一号,周星驰(Stephen Chow)脱节,扮演了绑架梁朝伟的绑架者。同年,梁朝伟和周润恩在《北斗七星》中饰演了两位英雄,周星驰扮演了一个被梁朝伟阻止的跳楼男孩。

Stephen Chow was too late to get out of his head, always thinking of adding drama to himself. In "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Zhou Xingchi plays a small soldier whose main role is to be killed by Mei Chaofeng. Stephen Chow asked executive director Du Qifeng: "Can you stop it and die again."

周星驰(Stephen Chow)为时已晚,无法摆脱困境,一直在想自己增加戏剧性。在《射雕英雄传》中,周星驰扮演一个小士兵,其主要角色是被梅朝风杀死。周星驰(Stephen Chow)问执行董事杜其峰:“你能阻止它,然后再次死亡。”

Du Qifeng felt that he was too busy and ignored him. In the end, Stephen Chow still added a line to himself-he shouted "Ah!" when he was shot dead.


Wu Mengda is also playing tricks in this drama, playing a beggar gang traitor. Two frustrated people are in the same group for the first time.


Like Wu Mengda, Stephen Chow studied acting all day, watched Hollywood movies, studied "The Self-cultivation of Actors", talked to friends about acting methods, and studied Al Pacino (the actor in the "Godfather" series) and Robert De Niro. (The actor in "Taxi Driver"). But unable to receive a decent film appointment, Zhou Xingchi could only use the knowledge he learned to host children's programs.

像吴孟达一样,周星驰全天候学习表演,观看好莱坞电影,研究“演员的自我修养”,与朋友谈论表演方法,并研究Al Pacino(“教父”系列的演员)和罗伯特·德尼罗。 (“出租车司机”中的演员)。但由于无法获得像样的电影约会,周星驰只能用他学到的知识主持儿童节目。

Stephen Chow's unique hosting style has indeed attracted some attention. There is an article in the newspaper saying that he is very suitable for being a children's show host, but not suitable for developing in the entertainment industry. Stephen Chow cut out the report and posted it on the bed.

周星驰(Stephen Chow)独特的主持风格确实引起了一些关注。报纸上有一篇文章说,他非常适合当儿童节目的主持人,但不适合娱乐业的发展。周星驰(Stephen Chow)剪下报告并将其张贴在床上。

When working as an extra in a TV station, once after filming a dialogue, Zhou Xingchi always felt that he hadn't spoken well enough, and he was still worried when he returned home. He took a ride back to the TV station, knelt down to the director, and begged him to "tell me again." The director was moved by him and asked him to make up the footage.


Mother Ling Baoer didn't agree with Zhou Xingchi's choice, but she still went around to help him find a suitable role, and kept telling people: "This kid really wants to act and understands Kungfu."


Zhou Xingchi said: "My good friends say that I work very hard and know a lot about the drama. Unfortunately, what I did was "Forty Three Zero Shuttle". I tried my best and no one came to watch."


At this time, his classmate Tony Leung has become a popular actor on TVB by virtue of the role of Wei Xiaobao in "The Legend of the Deer". Jin Yong said: “Among all the actors who interpret the characters in my original work, Tony Leung’s Wei Xiaobao is the most vivid.”


In 1985, Tony Leung took over as "Senior Brother Xinzha", and his opponent was Wu Mengda.


Wu Mengda plays the instructor of the police school, and there is a scene to scold Tony Leung. There were only two pages of dialogue, Wu Mengda quickly remembered, but he read it more than two hundred times.


Wu Mengda set himself a requirement: he is cursing, but his eyes should hurt him, and the audience should feel it.


After this play, Wu Meng reached the recognized best supporting actor, and the film appointment came back.


The collapsed Wu Mengda made a comeback. Tony Leung won the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor. At this time, Stephen Chow was still hosting "Forty Three Zero Shuttle" and only received about HK$2,000 a month. If it were not an accident, Zhou Xingchi might have been forgotten in the children's program forever.


At that time, a large-scale party was held, Zhou Xingchi came on stage to perform acrobatics, and as a result, his chin was knocked on the stage and many "exciting" photos were taken.


Speaking of sadness, the photo of Zhou Xingchi's injury looked funny, but was noticed by people in the circle and pulled back to the set.


In 1988, in the TV series "The Hero", Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda officially cooperated for the first time.


Because of his outstanding performance, Zhou Xingchi joined the TVB Taiwan celebration drama "He comes from the rivers and lakes" in the second year, and played a pair of father and son with Wu Mengda.


At that time, Zhou Xingchi lived at the opposite door of Wu Mengda, only one street in between.


When Zhou Xingchi was three or four years old, he went to the theater to watch "Cleopatra" with his mother. He suddenly pointed to the front seat and shouted: "Mom, Dad is there!" Ling Baoer looked forward and found that her husband was with another woman.


After the two divorced, Zhou Xingchi and his sister lived with their mother.


Wu Mengda is the eldest son of the family and takes care of two younger brothers. Complementary personalities coupled with a common experience of dragon set make the two people get acquainted quickly. To Stephen Chow, Wu Mengda is half a dad and half an eldest brother. When Stephen Chow said to his mother that he had a bad tone, Wu Mengda would also teach him.


The two often went to the beach to eavesdrop on the conversations of lovers, and went to the restaurant to observe the diners. Wu Mengda was responsible for persuading the producer to add all the materials he created into the play.


The director saw that the two had a tacit understanding and customized a movie for them-"The Holy Gambling".


In the movie, Wu Mengda plays the third uncle, and he keeps smoking his name when he is called. This design was edited by Wu Mengda, and it was also called "Congenital Loss of Control". After editing, he asked Zhou Xingchi if he had heard of this disease, and Zhou Xingchi said of course he knew. Wu Mengda returned him: "You know X, I just figured it out."


There were no big stars or directors in this movie, and it was only shot for one month and seven days. Some people say that it is shoddy, but Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda's performances are groundbreaking, and the movie hits unexpectedly.


"The Gambler" defeated Jackie Chan and Xu Guanwen's film in the same file and won the highest box office. Many years later, someone called Wu Mengda "Sanshu" and asked him why he didn't twitch.


Jackie Chan is very envious of Stephen Chow and Wu Mengda: "Wow, what are you photographing, so enjoyable? I jumped from dozens of floors and no one applauded. You blink, or lie on the ground and pose a bit strange, it is so funny?"


Before and after "Sacred Gambling", Wang Jing's father Wang Tianlin was about to retire, and everyone decided to make a film to earn some money and let the old man enjoy his old age.


In the production of Johnnie To, he found Andy Lau to play the leading role, and Wu Mengda to play the supporting role Taibao, a loyal and useless person.


Wu Mengda won the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor for this role. On the podium, he thanked the crew and the director.


The director came out to clarify: "You should be most grateful to Chow Yun-fat, who highly recommends you."


In 1992, Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi's "Judgment of the Dead" once again topped the Hong Kong box office list. Later that year, it was called "The Year of Zhou Xingchi" by the media. In the top ten box office that year, Stephen Chow participated in seven.


During the release of "The Dead Officer", Zhou Xingchi and Wang Jing collaborated to film "The Deer Tripod". When Jin Yong learned that Zhou Xingchi was acting as Wei Xiaobao, he sent a fax to the film company with six words written on it: "No second thought."


At this time, Stephen Chow was no longer defeated by Tony Leung. Wu Mengda said that among the actors he has seen, Stephen Chow is the one who has made the most progress.


After several successful films, Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi became the golden partners in the circle. Stephen Chow has strict requirements. On the set, both Frog (Tian Qiwen) and Ruhua (Li Jianren) could not stand his temper. Only Wu Mengda could intervene.


Zhou Xingchi, who made money, bought a mansion and took his mother in. He started his own business and invested in the filming of "Journey to the West". This film is cooperating with the Xi'an Film Studio in mainland China. The filmmakers in mainland China are totally indifferent to Zhou Xingchi's set. After the film is produced, they don't even want to sign the name.


"A Westward Journey" became a classic many years later. At that time, few people appreciated it, and the box office failed miserably.


Liu Zhenwei said: "At that time, when I saw Stephen Chow, he didn't dare to look my eyes squarely. I knew that this child had no self-confidence. The transformation failed, and Chow Xingchi's Playmate Film Company also declared bankruptcy.

刘振伟说:“当时,我看到周星驰,他不敢直视我的眼睛。我知道这个孩子没有自信心。转型失败了,周星驰的同伴电影公司也宣告破产。 。

Stephen Chow filmed "Returning the Soul Night" with Liu Zhenwei, and the box office lost again. Stephen Chow once again cooperated with Wang Jing to return to shit and piss, and filmed "Various Stars", and the box office went viral. After that, Zhou Xingchi made several movies that he didn't like but had high box office.


In 1996, Stephen Chow only acted in two movies, "The God of Cookery" and "The Secret Detective of the Great Insider", which won the second and third place at the box office that year.


After earning money, Zhou Xingchi wanted to make a movie he liked again, so he came up with "The King of Comedy".


This film became the Hong Kong box office champion that year, but it was not received at the Academy Awards, and it was not even nominated.


In 2002, "Shaolin Football" directed and performed by Stephen Chow was successful and won the Best Director Award, Best Actor Award and Outstanding Young Director Award in the 21st Hong Kong Film Awards.


Investor Lin Xiaoming’s wife burst into tears when she came to the stage to accept the award. She said: “Everyone thought we were stupid, but the facts proved that we did it right.”


Zhou Xingchi was late that day and hurriedly took a taxi to receive the award. It has been fourteen years since he won the prize last time.


Forty-year-old Stephen Chow wants to make a Kung Fu movie about Bruce Lee. He said: "I hope every scene in this movie is something that no one else has seen."


Zhou Xingchi asked Wu Mengda to join and booked him the role of charterer. But catching up with SARS that year, the filming was postponed. By the time "Kung Fu" was launched in July and August, Wu Mengda had already gone to the Beijing crew.


Since then, Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi have never cooperated.


The filming of "Kung Fu" was twists and turns. Without Wu Mengda's coordination, Stephen Chow and martial arts instructor Sammo Hung fell out. At the time of shooting, the North American producer was not satisfied with the overall effect and had a dispute with Stephen Chow. Because there was no adjustment, the contradiction worsened during post-production.


Fortunately, the film did not live up to Stephen Chow, and the word-of-mouth box office had a good harvest.

幸运的是,这部电影没有辜负周星驰(Stephen Chow)的口碑,票房收入很高。

In 2005, at the Hong Kong Awards Ceremony, Tony Leung awarded the Best Picture Award to Stephen Chow's "Kung Fu".


The film also won the Best Supporting Actor Award, but it was not Wu Mengda who took the stage to receive the award.


When Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi first met, neither of them had high incomes. When there was a breakthrough in acting, the two went to buy canned abalone to reward themselves, and Wu Mengda always gave the big one to Zhou Xingchi.


The movie "Sacred Gambler" is probably a battle between two people.


When the movie was released, Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi ran to the cinema to see the audience's reaction. Everyone clapped and stomped their feet, making tears amused by their performance.


The two hid in the back row, covering their mouths and laughing.


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