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Original title: Reasons why the Lakers lost the Nuggets in the Western Conference finals revealed! Fans reveal the inside story of Zhaxin: Malone has long seen through


The reason why the Lakers lost the Nuggets in the Western Conference finals revealed! Fans reveal the inside story of Zhaxin: Malone has long seen through. Netizens pointedly pointed out that the Lakers are a bit difficult now. The Nuggets have found a way to deal with the Lakers in the county led by Zhuge Malong. With thick eyebrows in the low post, the Nuggets flank up to double-team. The Nuggets defended against Lao Zhan. Whether Lao Zhan advances or not. It depends on how he feels. In the past few games, Lao Zhan can't reach the penalty area and score. The Nuggets' tactics are still It worked. Although the whistle in these two games is indeed off, it can be seen that the Lakers' infinite defense against the teacher is still very uncomfortable. The Nuggets can see that a good opportunity has been presented through the outside defense by changing the defense, and they can make a shot. There is a whistle to break inside, and the Lakers will be hard to hit. I hope that the Lakers will adjust their status in the next game. Playing the Nuggets will stop making small lineups. It's really a bonus. Also, you have to think about how to release the thick eyebrows. It's too uncomfortable to play this way.

湖人之所以在西部决赛中输掉掘金,是有原因的!粉丝们揭示了扎新的内心故事:马龙早就看穿了。网友指出,湖人现在有点困难。掘金队已经找到了与诸葛·马龙(Zhuge Malong)率领的湖人队打交道的方法。低位眉毛浓密,掘金侧翼成双队。掘金为老詹辩护。老詹是否进步。这取决于他的感觉。在过去的几场比赛中,老詹无法到达点球区域并得分。掘金的战术仍然奏效。尽管这两场比赛的口哨声确实没有了,但可以看出湖人对老师的无限防守还是很不舒服的。掘金可以看到,通过改变防守,外部防守已经带来了很好的机会,他们可以投篮了。里面有一个哨子,湖人队将很难受到打击。我希望湖人能在下一场比赛中调整自己的状态。打掘金将停止制作小阵容。这真的是一个奖金。另外,您必须考虑如何释放浓密的眉毛。这样玩太不舒服了。

As a Lakers fan, I really want to fail to understand the first three quarters of Vogel and the Lakers. I think when I'm behind by nearly 20 points, many people, like me, feel weird about the situation on the court. Sitting on the four remaining teams, the most luxurious inside lineup, the Lakers' offensive rebounds and backcourt rebounds are completely suppressed by the Nuggets, Davis + Howard + McGee three rebounds unexpectedly lower than 5. One. Can not help but remind people of the first game of the Western Conference semifinals against the red team, Tucker in the interior to tie three scenes. I don't know if the Nuggets are too good inside, or the Vogel lineup arrangement. They seem to be playing the Nuggets the same way as the red team, not the big one, but the fifth junior. On the defensive end, they seemed to be sleepwalking, and were a little disappointed by the Lakers wasting their advantage. I remembered that after the last game, there was a lot of applause in the answering area. From the lead close to 20 points, to the last moment he was almost killed. The tenacity of the Nuggets and the relaxation of the Lakers' state were concealed by Davis's magical three-pointer.


In fact, the Lakers' last offensive tactics in the last game have already failed. If the Nuggets did not block shots, an epic reversal of the Western Conference finals has occurred. I said at the time that I am afraid that neither the coach nor the players will be very happy in this game. Obviously, the competitive state of the Lakers in two consecutive venues did not pay enough attention to this excellent Nuggets. The total rebounds of 25 to 44 are ironclad evidence. The Nuggets standing in front of them can make a super turnaround and eliminate the Los Angeles Galaxy Clippers with Leonard and Paul George. They can also perform miracles unexpectedly and eliminate the Los Angeles Lakers. If you have never been favored all the way, but you have the opportunity to stand on the highest stage through hard work, then, I think you should be able to appreciate the mood of the Nuggets. Competitive sports, don't say anything until the last one. And the most important point is that if you lose, you lose. Respect for what others do well is as important as admitting that you don’t do well.




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