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【亚博棋牌娱乐】贝尼特斯:贾尼松出场持乐观态度 要提高比赛专注度

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Netease Sports reported in Dalian on October 16:


At 14:00 on October 16,


Benitez said when introducing Yongchang’s pre-match preparations, “Obviously we have reached a new stage to face new challenges. We are also actively preparing for this game, of course, these two games. We are required to do our best Go and make the first game well, so that the second game will not be so difficult. We also know that the opponent is a very good team, very well organized, and played very well in the first stage, it is destined to be A tough game."


The Dalian native just announced the joining of Brazilian foreign aid Janisson. Benitez pointed out, “The situation is quite special. The players have just ended their isolation and are now training with us. Of course Janison’s current training is good, and We are also in a better mood and get along with our teammates more pleasantly. We also have to see how much help and contribution he can make to us, we still hold a positive and optimistic attitude."


"Each game we will have a certain chance, there will be mistakes, conceded goals, this is a more difficult problem to solve, for us to do this aspect of training every day and every week, we need to focus on the field The degree should be higher. I hope to control the game and do both offense and defense. For a well-organized team like the opponent, we hope to be patient on the court, reduce mistakes, and not give the opponent a chance to counterattack. We also know that the opponent has fast and capable players in the frontcourt. For us, we must improve our focus in the game, reduce mistakes, and don't give the opponent a chance to counterattack. I demand this in every game of the Super League. We You need to be more focused, play out what you want, and do both offense and defense."


Long Dong said, “We are very focused on our preparations for this game. As the head coach said just now, the opponent is a well-organized team and will do our best for us. Of course, the pressure will be greater, and we will also Be prepared and do everything possible to play the game well."


"As a forward, the first task is to score goals, but as a member of the team, I still hope to give the team more help and support and try our best to win the game. There must be pressure. We need to overcome the pressure and be more focused. In the game, do what you did well in the game and stay calm and calm on the court."


"Our goal is to win the game. As the head coach said, concentration on the court is very important, whether it is offense or defense, we have to do well. We know that tomorrow’s game is very important. , We need to win this game for ourselves, the fans and the city."


Guterbi said when introducing the preparations for the Yongchang match, "First of all, I would like to thank all the staff in the Dalian competition area and the hotel staff for their warm hospitality. We have taken care of all the work in the Dalian competition area, including venues, hotel facilities, and food. Very satisfied. For us, we are very happy to start the second stage of the game in Dalian. Just like the new season, we are very looking forward to this game. I believe Saturday's game and the 22nd game will be very exciting."


"The ability of the Dalian people is much better than their results. I have great respect for Benitez's coaching career and success. I also predict that this series will be very exciting and also very difficult. I also know my ball The team will be the weaker side. We also realize that we are the away team and we are facing the host team. As long as we can show the fighting spirit of Yongchang and unite, we can also cause trouble for the Dalian people. I also listen Said that this game will have fans from both sides, and I am also very excited to see the fans come to the scene.


Gutby emphasized, “Benitez is a very famous coach, and we must face more problems than they face.


Muric said, "We have gone through almost two weeks to actively prepare for this game. We ended the first stage of the game and now enter the more critical second stage. It is a pity that we did not have the first stage of the game. With the desired result, we did not enter the championship group, although we were very well prepared. Now we have the same chance to win the game, even against a very strong opponent like the Dalian native. I feel that the team will definitely play these two games well to win the game. Through active preparations and preparations for these two weeks, I believe that the next two games will be played well and very good results will be achieved, and we will continue to stay in the Super League. Stay on this platform."


"From the budget of the club, I think the team has exceeded everyone's expectations and expectations. Even if the opponent is a very strong opponent, the opponent has a very famous coach. For us, we We will show our strength like fighters on the field, and we will be able to play well even against strong teams. With our current strength and playing style, it is very difficult for any team in the Super League to play us. We absolutely Will create threats and troubles to any opponent."


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