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At the end of the 2015 regular season, people looked back at James, who returned to the Cavaliers at the age of 30. He played 9 games in a row due to knee and back injuries during the season, the lowest since his rookie season, and his average playing time was a career low. The field goal percentage is the lowest in 7 years, the average 6 rebounds per game is the lowest since the rookie season, the turnover per game is the highest since the rookie season, and 25.3 points per game is the lowest since the rookie season.


Everything seems to be in line with the decline of a player who has returned home: the playing time of the veteran superstar has begun to slip, the injury has begun to increase, the data has begun to decline, and the efficiency is difficult to maintain. The prediction of "he is playing so soon" is on the way. The real avenue, even in terms of influence, this year James’ brilliance was completely concealed by the middle-aged elementary school student in the west. Curry got 100 MVP first votes and was elected as MVP, and James got the remaining 30. Zhang: Including 25 of James Harden and 5 of LeBron James.

一切似乎都与一个回到家的球员的下降是一致的:这位老将的巨星的比赛时间已经开始下滑,伤势开始增加,数据已经开始下降,效率难以维持。 “他这么快就打”的预言正在酝酿之中。即便是在影响力方面,今年的真正途径也是詹姆斯的才华被西方的中年小学生完全掩盖了。库里获得了100个MVP的第一票,当选为MVP,詹姆斯获得了剩下的30个。张:包括詹姆斯·哈登的25个和勒布朗·詹姆斯的5个。

  The vote of sports experts characterizes the changes in the league. The 03 generation is gradually withdrawing from the stage. How long can the strongest of them get stuck in the gear of history?

体育专家的投票反映了联盟的变化。 03代正在逐步退出舞台。他们中最强大的人会被困在历史的齿轮上多久?

   Of course, we still have to watch the playoffs. When the 2015 playoffs really begin, people have reason to expect that the Cavaliers with the "Big Three" will play better on the superstar stage than the regular season. In fact, the Cavaliers finally reached the finals and opened a big score record. In the first round and the Eastern Conference finals, they swept the young Green Kai and Budenholzer's system eagles respectively. The only game that looked a little more difficult was probably half. In the final, they won the Bulls 4-2.

当然,我们仍然必须观看季后赛。当2015年季后赛真正开始时,人们有理由期待拥有“三巨头”的骑士在超级巨星舞台上的表现要比常规赛更好。实际上,骑士队终于闯入了决赛并创造了大分纪录。在第一轮和东部决赛中,他们分别击败了年轻的Green Kai和Budenholzer的系统鹰。看起来难度更高的唯一游戏可能只有一半。在决赛中,他们赢得了公牛4-2。

   Jimmy Butler's bull.

吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)的公牛。

   This season, Jiba is 25 years old and was selected for the All-Star for the first time. He averaged 38.7 minutes per game. Even if Rose finally returns from injury, he has grown into the real talker of the team. The Bulls defeated the young Bucks in six games in the first round, especially in the final battle, which suppressed the Bucks to 66 points and finally beat 54 points. In addition to bringing the team’s confidence to the apex, it also revealed another profoundly. The long-awaited stats of the league are so rare and unattainable.


   Although the Cavaliers’ first round seemed easy, they received bad news in the first quarter of the last game. Olynik pulled Love’s left shoulder to a dislocation in a rebounding fight.


So the Big Three was immediately downgraded to a two-man turn. The bigger problem is that no matter what your evaluation of the white insider who output 16.4 points, 9.7 rebounds and 1.9 three-pointers in the regular season, the situation is for the Cavaliers who are about to enter the second round. Quite unfavorable. After all, the Bulls have the twin towers of Noah and Gasol. After Ross came back and Gibba grew up, the team’s only weakness was the small forward position. The 34-year-old Dunleavy was the only reliable player at the time. Choice, it seems that the Cavaliers' greatest advantage lies here.

因此,三巨头立即被降级为两人制。更大的问题是,无论您对白人内线在常规赛中得到16.4分,9.7个篮板和1.9个三分球的评价如何,情况都将针对即将进入第二轮的骑士。非常不利。毕竟,公牛拥有诺亚和加索尔的双子塔。罗斯回来之后,吉布(Gibba)长大了,这支球队唯一的弱点就是前锋位置小。 34岁的邓利维(Dunleavy)是当时唯一的可靠球员。选择,似乎骑士的最大优势就在这里。

In the first away game, the Bulls showed their advantages. Rose scored 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Gasol scored 21 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 blocks. Butler added 20 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists. It is enough to help the team win. The Bulls' defense also wiped out the Cavaliers' greatest book advantage. James scored 19 points on 9 of 22 shots, only 5 points more than the opponent Dunleavy, who made 3 of 4 shots from beyond the three-point line.


   Without Love, Blatter pushed James to the power forward position to match with center Mozgov, and the remaining three were Irving, Shumpert and Miller. Although James grabbed a game-high 15 rebounds in the first game, it was considered a successful completion of the inside task, but the team was reimbursed during the Love season and JR Smith was suspended for two games. Obviously, it is more necessary to score instead of one. The inside coolie with Noah rebounding on the court.


   Supported by Irving with 30 points and Shumpert with 22 points, the Cavaliers, who were almost behind the audience, lost only 7 points in the first home game to save face. James, who sent 9 assists but made 6 turnovers at the same time, did not be too nervous after the game. "We just need to play better. I didn't perform well tonight."

在欧文的30分和香珀特的22分的支持下,几乎落后于观众的骑士队在首场主场比赛中仅丢了7分来挽回面子。詹姆斯送出9次助攻,但同时完成6次失误,赛后并不太紧张。 “我们只需要打得更好。今晚我表现不佳。”

What he said was pretty good. The Cavaliers were only 4 points behind in the last minute. It was not without a chance, but James had two turnovers and a key layup miss in the last minute. All of this happened in front of Jiba, and the latter. In the last 30 seconds of the game, he hit a turnaround jumper in the penalty area to seal the victory.


Thibodeau served as an assistant coach for Rivers in the era of the Green Kai Big Three, and now serves as the Bulls head coach for the fifth year. He has played with James too many times in the playoffs. After the game, he reminded his players: Immersed in this victory, we have to play better in the next game."

蒂博杜(Thibodeau)在格林凯三巨头(Green Kai Big Three)时代曾担任里弗斯(Rivers)的助理教练,现在担任公牛队第五年的总教练。他在季后赛中与詹姆斯的比赛次数过多。比赛结束后,他提醒球员:沉浸在这场胜利中,我们必须在下一场比赛中打得更好。”

   Thibodeau’s reminder makes sense, because the next game is better for James and the Cavaliers. Blatter woke up in the second game. He no longer tried to use a small lineup to attack the Bulls' large lineup. He finally understood that this kind of attempt would only consume more James. He let Tristan enter the starting line and Perkin Si entered the rotation and allowed James to return to his familiar small forward position. Blatter could have had more and better internal rotations, but Varejao had already been reimbursed for the season due to a ruptured Achilles tendon at the end of 2014. Up.

Thibodeau的提醒很有意义,因为下一场比赛对James和Cavaliers更好。布拉特在第二局醒了。他不再试图使用小型阵容进攻公牛的大型阵容。他终于明白,这种尝试只会消耗更多的詹姆斯。他让Tristan进入起跑线,Perkin Si进入轮换,并让James返回到他熟悉的小前锋位置。布拉特本来可以进行更多更好的内部轮换,但由于2014年底的跟腱断裂,瓦雷乔已经获得了本赛季的报销。

   Before the start of the second game, James came to the arena 3 hours early, and he saw the headband in the locker room. Since he was in high school in Akron, James has been wearing a headband, except for a few games, almost people are in the headband. But starting from the second quarter of the game against the Suns on March 7, 2015, James suddenly decided to take off his headband. He did not give any reason at the time.


   But at this moment, James suddenly felt that he had to wear the headband back, "It's time to come back."


The effect is remarkable. The comeback version of James directly sent a data sheet of 33 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 1 blocks and 2 turnovers. Along with this data sheet, there was also a big win from start to finish, the Cavaliers with the most. Time to win 25 points.


After    each easily won a game, the trial phase of the Cavaliers and Bulls ended, and the series began to enter a more tragic strangulation round.


In the first game in Chicago, the two sides worked together to contribute a bite-to-finish iron fight. The Cavaliers missed 50 goals and the Bulls missed 56. Both sides shot less than 40% in 48 minutes. Draw 17 times and lead 19 times.


   James didn't play well. Although he scored 27 points, 14 assists and 8 rebounds, he had 7 turnovers, 25 shots and 17 strikes. He only made 1 of 7 shots from beyond the three-point line. What's more painful is that the right foot injury from the second game of the first round finally knocked out Irving in this field. He didn't feel well. He only scored 11 points on 3 of 13 shots. Fortunately, he was suspended for two games. JR. Smith made his comeback in time for the game. He and Shumpert, Delavidova and James Jones made 10 of 23 shots from beyond the three-point line. Such three-point firepower and more use of the flexible Tristan made a single inside line. Thibodeau had to choose to reduce the playing time of the Twin Towers to deal with it.

詹姆斯打得不好。尽管他得到27分,14次助攻和8个篮板,但他有7次失误,25次投篮和17次进攻。他只在三分线外投篮7投1中。更痛苦的是,第一轮第二场比赛右脚受伤最终在该领域击败了欧文。他感觉不舒服。他在13投3中仅得11分。幸运的是,他被停赛了两场比赛。 JR史密斯及时赶上了比赛。他和尚珀特,德拉维多娃和詹姆斯·琼斯在三分线外投篮23投10中。这样的三点火力和灵活的Tristan的更多使用使它成为一条内线。 Thibodeau必须选择减少双子塔的播放时间来应对。

But in this wasteland game, a bright rose was finally opened. In the last 3 seconds of the game, James assisted JR Smith with a three-pointer to tie the score to 96. He had already scored 27 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Rose refused to overtime and used a front three-point line to make a three-pointer to declare the game over.


After making the lore, Rose, who had truce for more than 180 games in the previous 4 years, was expressionless, his body was stiff, and he was held up by his teammates like a statue. After the game, he continued to improve his force: "I didn't even think about it. Rebound."


   This is the first time the Bulls have won more than one game in a series against James. As the Bulls power forward Ty Gibson said: "James is the Jordan of our generation."

这是公牛队在对阵詹姆斯的系列赛中首次赢得不止一场比赛。正如公牛队大前锋Ty Gibson所说:“詹姆斯是我们这一代的乔丹。”

   Of course, a generation of Jordan would not just watch others kill on his head without being indifferent.


   James’ response was quickly fulfilled in the next game, and in almost the same way.


In the fourth game, the fight between the two sides was worse than the previous one. The shooting percentage of both sides fell again on the already low basis. The Cavaliers only shot 38.7%. The Bulls played more than the previous one. After 1 iron, the shooting percentage dropped to 36%, and the two teams combined had only 28 assists.


   The last injured Gasol missed the game, which made the balance of the two sides slightly tilted to the Cavaliers, but it is still possible for Rose to end the Cavaliers' season early. He scored 31 points again in this game. In the last 14.3 seconds of the game, the Cavaliers led 84 to 82 by 2 points. They used up their three timeouts to pass the ball to James. The latter held the ball high and was ready to wait for the opponent to foul. Dunleavy sacrificed his head under James' iron elbow when James was doing the ball protection. Dunleavy fell to the ground in exchange for a whistle-offensive foul, ball transfer.


Rose did not waste this opportunity. He began to accelerate from outside the three-point line, and when he reached the three-point line, he changed his direction again without changing speed. He rushed past Shumpert and went straight to the hoop. James alone, both sides took off fully. As James, who is best at chasing small guards in the past ten years, this attempt failed. Rose made a layup and the Bulls equalized.


   The ball had just fallen into the pocket, and Delavidova had already rushed to the baseline to serve. James suddenly found that Blatt was walking towards the court and gave the referee a time-out gesture. But the Cavaliers have not timed out at this time. If the referee finds Blatter's move, they will give the Cavaliers a technical foul, and then the Bulls will get a free throw opportunity and the ball. The Cavaliers will have a high probability of losing a battle and in the series. 1 to 3 behind.


   From the point of view of the rules, this is an irrefutable error, not only by the coach, but by the referee in essence. But in terms of the specific penalty, Ronnie, a veteran referee with 19 years of refereeing career, believes that this happens occasionally. The referee will generally confirm to the coach whether he really wants to time out. If he gets an affirmative answer, he will make a technical decision. Penalties for fouls.


   However, the referee did not ask Blatter, maybe because he didn't see it, maybe because he saw the next scene:


The Cavaliers assistant Tyronn Lue on the bench bounced from his seat almost as soon as Blatt made a time-out gesture, rushed to the coach and pulled him back. At the same time, James was also in the direction of Blatt. I shook my hand to indicate that there is no need for a pause at this time-or it cannot be called a pause.


So this episode did not affect the progress of the game. After the game, James said that everyone would make mistakes, "The important thing is to make up for each other. Tyron Lula gave Blatter a hand, and I just want to pull the whole team. "

因此,这一集并没有影响游戏的进度。比赛结束后,詹姆斯说每个人都会犯错,“重要的是要互相弥补。泰隆·卢拉(Tyron Lula)帮了布拉特(Battert)忙,我只想拉扯整个团队。”

   There are many ways to pull the whole team. With 8.5 seconds left in the game, James didn't want to disappoint Gibson. He wanted to do what Jordan would do most of the time in this situation.


   But James’ first attempt to hit the rim with Noah was unsuccessful. The ball was shot out of the baseline by Mirotic, no foul, and 0.8 seconds left.


   Just when the referee finally confirmed the ownership of the ball, the players of both sides returned to their respective half to listen to the coach's face-to-face instruction. Blatter began to draw tactics, and he arranged for James to give the baseline ball-James immediately told Blatter:


   "Unless I can rebound directly from the baseline, I will never serve the baseline."


   "Let someone serve the baseline ball and pass it to me. Either we go in overtime or I take you to win."


James, who took off his headband, was not in good shape this game. Although he scored 25 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists in a quasi triple-double, he suffered the 1024th time in the second quarter of his career. His career is going to be scrapped... wait a minute... he stomped his feet and can he fucking hit?!" The anti-human ankle sprained, the audience took 30 shots and hit 20 times, and there were 8 full turnovers.


   But no one dared to refuse the request of the star at the last moment, including Blatter, who nearly killed the game. He obeyed James' wishes and Delavidova went to the baseline to serve.


   The referee set the time back to 1.5 seconds. Butler blocked between James and the basket. James made a fake move in the direction of the penalty area and then ran to the bottom corner. Butler ate this tiny fake move and also sank his weight toward the penalty area.


After all, it’s not Ray Allen. James stepped on the edge of the three-point line a little bit, and then received the ball. Butler’s block was high enough, but a little later, the ball ran across his fingertips, before the ball went down. At the time of the track, the red light on the backboard has been lit, and there is nothing in the world that can stop the ball from entering the ring.


   The perfect lore.


   In order to prevent James from making any strange pretending moves, the Cavaliers teammates quickly joined forces and pressed him onto the technical stage.


   Cleveland and Chicago fans know what the combination of the four words Bull, Cavaliers, No. 23, and lore means when combined, and now this combination has a whole new meaning.


   Back to the Battle of Tianwang Mountain in the Quicken Loans Center, the Bulls were still struggling with shooting. Rose, who suffered a shoulder injury in the first game, finally turned off. He scored 12 points in the first quarter, but only got 4 points from 2 of 15 shots in the last three quarters. Butler's 29 points kept the Bulls alive, but the Cavaliers also ushered in a recovering Irving. He made 25 points on 3 of 6 shots from beyond the arc.


The most decisive thing is the perfect James who scored 38 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 3 blocks, and made 0 turnovers. Since the 1977-78 season, he has scored 35 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 0 turnovers in the playoffs. There are only two players: O'Neal and Bird. In addition to no turnovers for the first time in the series, James made 14 of 24 shots and was a huge improvement. It should be noted that his first four games were only 38%.


   The beautiful data does not mean that the Cavaliers won easily. Although they led the whole game, but before entering the final minute, Butler's three-pointer still allowed the Bulls to catch up with only 2 points.


Different from the previous two scripts, this time there was no buzzer lore. James missed two shots, but the Bulls did not grasp the opportunity. Rose’s fast break was slapped out by James, and Butler then hurriedly shot. They missed a three-pointer, and what was even worse was that they subsequently lost a most critical backboard rebound. The Bulls became a team lacking insiders at this time. After all, Gasol was still unable to make a truce and Gibson was in the game Delavidova was sent off, the Cavaliers pocketed the match point.


   Owen praised James after the game: "He carried us on his back."


   Thibodeau said concisely: "James is fast, we are too slow."


James did not get faster. In the sixth game, James played the worst performance in the series, 7 of 23 shots and 15 points. Irving was even more bleak. He played 12 minutes in the first half. After 6 points, he stepped on Tristan's foot and then left the field with an injury to his left knee.

詹姆斯并没有变得更快。在第六场比赛中,詹姆斯打出了系列赛中最差的表现,其中23投7中和15分。欧文更加惨淡。上半场他打了12分钟。 6分之后,他踩了Tristan的脚,然后左膝受伤离开了球场。

Irving’s left knee has not been very good. In January 2014, he injured his left knee. When he exited the game, Irving described that he heard a bounce, which was later proved to be a knee contusion. After that, Irving has been suffering from left knee tendinitis. But he has been fighting with injuries. After leaving the field, Irving has been receiving treatment in the locker room. After the team doctor confirmed, Irving can return at any time if the team needs it.

欧文的左膝不是很好。 2014年1月,他受伤了左膝盖。当他退出游戏时,欧文描述他听到反弹的声音,后来被证明是膝盖挫伤。此后,欧文一直患有左膝肌腱炎。但是他一直在与受伤作斗争。离开田野后,欧文已在更衣室接受治疗。在团队医生确认后,如果团队需要,欧文可以随时返回。

   But the team doesn’t need it.


   After Irving was injured in the first 2 minutes of the second quarter, Delavidova came up with it. In fact, the entire Cavaliers' role players came up. When Irving left the field, the Cavaliers would draw 35 with the Bulls. After Irving left the field, the Cavaliers used 9 minutes to increase the point difference to 14 points and have not fallen behind since then. Delavidova made 7 of 11 shots and 3 of 6 shots from beyond the arc, contributing 19 points, J.R. Smith had 12 points, Shumpert had 13 points, Tristan also had 13 points and a series-high 17 rebounds.


   In fact, even if Gasol returned to the line in this game, the Bulls were still rebounded by the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers grabbed 7 more offensive rebounds and won 19 total rebounds.


   This is a huge gap. Without the guarantee of rebounds, the Bulls can no longer bite the Cavaliers with their shooting percentage of less than 40%. In the end, they fell sharply at home and lost 21 points and were eliminated. This is one of the worst losses in their team history when facing elimination in the playoffs. The last time they lost so badly, it also dates back to the 23-point loss to the Lakers in 1968. The best point guard of the 03 generation, Hinrich, the old captain of the Bulls, finished his last playoff game as a Bulls player in this game. His stats are 20 minutes, 0-for-1 shooting and 0 points. This game will also be the last time Thibodeau faces James in the playoffs. After the end of the season, he will resign from the Bulls faculty position. The Thibodeau era in Chicago is over. The next one to leave is Rose.


James was full of praise for his teammates' performance after the game: "We have 4 players who have never played in the playoffs but played such an important role in such a critical performance." The 4 people he said were Love, Irving, Tristan and Delavidova. Love and Irving are the key teammates he must mention. Tristan’s rebounding explosion is indeed the key, and it is Delavidova from Australia who decides the game on both ends of the offense and defense.


According to ESPN statistics, in the last two games of the series, facing Delavidova’s defense, Rose scored only 4 points in total, and the shot distance was 3 feet longer than the average shot distance. A week later, he needed It was the most powerful point guard in the league, because the man who was supposed to be in front of him would return to the player channel due to injury in the first game of the finals, angrily fall off his jersey, and never appear again.


In this series in 2015, you will see Pau Gasol, Noah, Mozgov and Tristan standing on the field at the same time. This is the last time you have seen so many inside stations in the series. On the court, a week later, when Cole removed Bogut and replaced Iguodala, another era was about to begin. In this round of the series, Blatter used a small lineup to tear down the Bulls' twin towers. Five years later, Jiba stood in front of James again, but his team became the side that tried to tear down the towers. As for Jiba After losing the two most important teammates around me, I also tried to play James in the 2015 finals. At least in the third game on the edge of the cliff, he once turned back time.

在2015年的这个系列赛中,您将看到加索尔(Pau Gasol),诺亚(Noah),莫兹戈夫(Mozgov)和特里斯坦(Tristan)同时站在球场上。这是您最后一次在系列中看到如此多的内部电台。一周后,在球场上,当科尔撤下博古特并取代伊戈达拉时,另一个时代即将开始。在本轮系列赛中,布拉特使用小型阵容推倒了公牛队的双子塔。五年后,吉巴再次站在詹姆斯的面前,但他的团队成为试图拆除塔楼的一方。至于吉巴在失去了我周围最重要的两个队友之后,我也尝试在2015年的总决赛中扮演詹姆斯。至少在悬崖边缘的第三场比赛中,他曾经回过头来。

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