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My friends, I have not seen you in a long time.


Friends who are concerned about the Kongming Sky City column have discovered that I haven’t updated much for two months. Some friends even sent private messages asking me where I am going. I have not retired from the world or contracted new crown pneumonia. As a grassroots journalist, I insist on The "quasi-front line" of epidemic prevention and control, now that the overall situation of domestic prevention and control is improving, I will naturally return.


I take this opportunity to tell you stories about the epidemic prevention and control of ordinary people. These stories are not as thrilling as angels in white clothes and soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army who charged and saved lives on the front line of the epidemic, but these ordinary people around them are also “super” in my eyes. hero".


During the epidemic, my task is very simple. Just do the news work in my area. This is similar to the covering midfielder I am good at. I only need to maintain the defensive rate to basically reach the target. I also put the mentality of playing football to work, do my own thing as best as I can, and stick to the position of epidemic prevention and control.


Since New Year’s Eve, I have been at my job every day, plus some related interview tasks before the Spring Festival. My attendance rate is comparable to Kanter when I was not injured. More than 50 news reports on epidemic prevention and control in our district have been reported. The epidemic prevention and control creates an atmosphere. When everyone complains that the Spring Festival Gala is not as good as Tong Liya, I silently write news codes. Everyone knows how "hard-core" our prevention and control measures in Henan are. My task is to record these people and events. Wherever the epidemic prevention and control work is carried out, I will go anywhere, from the factory to the community, and even near the fever clinic. I have been there. A friend advised me that you have to hide from the epidemic! I want to work just like kicking a midfielder. How can I not run too much? Thinking about it now, I am really grateful to the epidemic prevention and control workers in our district for keeping a record of “zero” virus. There are neither infected patients nor suspected cases. My risk factor has dropped a lot.


In my work, the most distressing thing is that all kinds of rumors at the beginning of the epidemic are flying in the sky, like every time the transfer window, some toilet reading-level tabloids are fabricating star transfers, and I have to find ways to use a scientific attitude outside of work. Refute the rumors. Just like when I usually write football reviews, I like to turn my "tall" skills and tactics into a down-to-earth language for everyone. During the Chinese New Year, I basically promoted epidemic prevention and control. I also have to thank you for your long-term attention to my column, which allows me to continuously improve my ability to relay professional knowledge, and it really plays a role at a critical time.


In my opinion, this special period is a game between us and the virus. I played an overtime game with everyone. Doctors, nurses, and scientific research workers are the forwards. They are responsible for breaking through the goal of the virus; the staff who guard against the deadlock at all the stuck points and the workers who insist on the production of epidemic prevention materials are the guards. They are responsible for defending our line of defense; everyone guarantees the delivery of supplies across the country Smooth transportation practitioners and reporters who report real news on the front line are the midfielders and are responsible for smooth communication between the front and back courts. I reluctantly, as a "midfielder", this is what I should do to run two more steps.


Sister Juan is the editor of my unit, and she is also responsible for some trivial tasks in the office. During the epidemic, she always reminded me to pay attention to protection in front-line reports. She is a mother of two children. Don’t say that the new crown pneumonia, the flu can make her worry about her child for a long time. Before the epidemic prevention and control began, she appeared very anxious, and she called friends who might get masks to ask. Is there any inventory, "We have an accident, it doesn't matter if we are infected, but the children are still young." She always said that every time she talked about the epidemic.


However, the weak women who usually seem to be extremely attentive and seem to always focus on families and children have shown amazing fighting power during the epidemic. Due to poor traffic and uneven staffing, she had to coordinate all the manuscripts. When she came to the unit early in the morning, she browsed the higher-level media websites and reposted the latest prevention and control measures and common sense of the central, provincial, and municipal mainstream media that could be reproduced in time. After the records are recorded, we will then count the epidemic reports we have sent, always thinking about how to let the general public understand the epidemic prevention and control work in the whole district in the first time. Her glass of water is always hot and cold, and she can't drink it.


"Mom, although you and Dad are not counted, but I am not angry. I know that you are busy with business. When the spring blossoms, we will go to the park. I have finished today's homework, you Do not worry!"


"Mom, when will you come back? Is this infectious disease severe? Is it over? Mom, I want to hear you tell me a story to sleep!"


After finishing the day's work, Sister Juan, who dragged her tired body out of the unit, walked while listening to the voice messages of the two children. At this time, her heart was full of touch. When other people were at home to accompany and tutor the children to take cultural webcast lessons at home, she left her fifth-grade daughter at home to let her overcome difficulties and try to take the webcast lessons. When she returned home in the middle of the night, she saw the children fall asleep. The homework was neatly placed on the desk. Every time she helped her daughter to take pictures and clock in to hand in the homework, it exceeded the time set by the teacher.


Her husband is a public security officer who also sticks to the front line of epidemic prevention every day. In desperation, she threw her 3-year-old son to the elderly at home. The young children would look for their mother at night. When the child made a hoarse voice, her eyes were red and her heart was full of guilt. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Sister Juan had very little time to take care of her two children, but she did not regret it. She races against time and fights against her goals. She uses the lanterns to fight at night and instant noodles to satisfy her hunger, just to report the current affairs of epidemic prevention to the masses in time, and to complete the lively "epidemic" report.


Her circle of friends posted this passage: “Since work, I have never felt the burden on my shoulders so heavy. I always thought that in the face of danger and danger, only the medical staff, police, and reporters who rushed to the front line I am a real fighter; and although I am behind the scenes, I do my best to be a qualified'warrior'."


Da Kui is my friend from childhood to adulthood, and he is an honest man who can do nothing. As a teenager, due to his stature, dark skin, big eyes and high nose, he often wore a KELME version of Real Madrid jersey with dog paws on his sleeves. He was also known for his fierce kicking. With the strength to wear down the jersey number, he looks a lot like the former Real Madrid and Spanish national team captain-Hierro.

达奎(Da Kui)是我从小到大的朋友,他是一个诚实的人,无能为力。十几岁的时候,由于身材高大,皮肤黝黑,大眼睛和高鼻子,他经常穿KELME版皇家马德里球衣,袖子上戴着狗爪子。他还以猛烈的踢球而闻名。凭借降低球衣号码的实力,他看上去很像前皇马和西班牙国家队队长希罗。

Interviewing Dakui is a very difficult task, because he has been in a very busy state of going to work and taking care of the elderly, I really can't bear to disturb him. And he didn’t think he had any “special contribution” during the epidemic prevention and control period. He said: “Just signed up for volunteers in the community, but I didn’t get it because of busy work. Don’t interview me.” But in my opinion Now, there is something unusual about Da Kui's story.


Because of Da Kui's style of playing, he can't appear on the field after 30 years old (not hurting others but also hurting himself). He puts the fierceness and steadiness of playing before to work. Dakui is an employee of a state-owned enterprise. Before the epidemic, I did not expect that their chemical plant with low efficiency could explode such amazing combat effectiveness. Due to technological reasons, they could produce a large amount of sodium hypochlorite, which is the main material of 84 disinfectant. After approval, they immediately went all out to produce, and even donated a lot of disinfectant to the city. For this reason, Dakui’s Spring Festival holiday is gone. He originally wanted to accompany his old father, who has limited mobility, and help his mother who is usually hardworking with more housework... Because of the current prevention and control, he has to ride his own electric scooter again. In the early morning, when the cold wind went to work, Da Kui would not be lazy, but he rarely complained on social media. From him, I saw the workers who were on the front line during the epidemic. They may rarely take the initiative in each. These media have spoken out, but they have made extraordinary contributions, and have created a steady stream of "weapons and equipment" for our nation to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

由于达奎(Da Kui)的打法,他30岁以后就不能出现在球场上(既不伤害别人,也伤害自己)。他在上班之前就把比赛的激烈和稳定感。 Dakui是一家国有企业的雇员。在流行之前,我没想到他们效率低下的化工厂会爆炸如此惊人的战斗力。由于技术原因,它们会产生大量的次氯酸钠,这是84种消毒剂的主要原料。批准后,他们立即全力以赴生产,甚至向城市捐赠了很多消毒剂。因此,Dakui的春节假期已经一去不亚博棋牌娱乐复返了。他原本想陪伴行动不便的老父亲,并帮助他的母亲平时辛苦地做更多的家务活...由于目前的预防和控制,他不得不再次骑自己的电动踏板车。清晨上班时,大Da不会偷懒,但他很少在社交媒体上抱怨。从他那里,我看到了在流行期间处于第一线的工人。他们可能很少主动采取行动。这些媒体大声疾呼,但做出了非凡的贡献,并为我们的国家赢得了抗击流行病的斗争不断地制造“武器和装备”。

"Come to our card point to get the disinfectant. Our factory gave me a bottle and divided it into half. You always run around and pay attention to protection." This is the content of the WeChat he sent me. The words are not emotional, but let My heart is warm. Just like when I was a teenager, I was always calm after losing the ball. I knew there was a reliable big man behind me.


"The older generation protected us during SARS 17 years ago. Now we have grown up after the '95s, we should protect them." said Xiao Ke, a college student volunteer in the community to prevent and control the epidemic.


Perhaps the post-95 generation accounted for the overwhelming majority of the users who understand Qiu Di. You grew up in an era of rapid economic development in China and enjoyed unparalleled material conditions. The road to growth is smooth and your natural personality will be more obvious. However, in this special spring, many of you put away your personalities, responded to the call, and contributed to this "epidemic" that must be won.


"I am determined to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work and contribute to my hometown." Xiao Ke, a student of the Foreign Languages ​​Institute of a key university, originally planned to accompany the elderly at home during this winter vacation to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. She took the initiative to ask the community to join the epidemic prevention and control team.


Her job is to be on duty at prevention and control checkpoints. She is responsible for registering personnel information, checking vehicles, measuring body temperature, and promoting prevention and control knowledge. Faced with monotonous and repetitive tasks, she treats meticulously, even running more than 50 meters. Chasing a van that forgot to register, this young lady is indeed worthy of praise. The real difficulty is that after the resumption of work and production, there are many people coming and going, and the workload of temperature measurement and registration has increased sharply. In order to improve work efficiency and avoid crowds, she and her colleagues extended the card point function forward, disinfecting, measuring body temperature, and registering the assembly line to speed up the traffic efficiency.


"When I was doing my homework last night, I read an English article. China's prevention and control capabilities are excellent; the situation in Europe is very bad, and it is estimated that football will not be played soon." For Xiao Ke, the school started to take online classes. It is a major challenge. The amount of English learning and reading is the key. Sometimes it takes dozens of pages of English literature to complete an assignment, and each assignment consumes a lot of energy. The school arranges for classes to end at 11:50 every day. In order to arrive on duty at 12 o'clock, she often ran out after class after a few bites of food. In order not to affect her work and class, it is common for her to stay up late to do homework. But when she returned to the prevention and control card, she was full of positive energy, using the information she saw in the media to answer questions from another level for the masses, and do a good job of propaganda.


"Although the start of school this year has been delayed, we can learn in society, actively participate in epidemic prevention and control, and can write the'winter vacation assignments' that practice values ​​in the process of fighting the epidemic." During the epidemic prevention and control period, Xiao Ke 'S story is not an exception,


During the epidemic prevention and control period, adults may still have the opportunity to go out due to work and life reasons, while children should stay at home honestly. The 6-year-old Arden is no exception.

在防疫期间,由于工作和生活原因,成年人可能仍然有外出的机会,而儿童则应诚实地待在家里。 6岁的Arden也不例外。

Arden is a child of my cousin's family, who grew up in Shenzhen, and left him in his hometown this Chinese New Year. "Fortunately, I am at home. If this is in Shenzhen, Arden doesn't even have a place to play football!" Because I was so active and had to play, my cousin took my football to play for Arden. In a small courtyard, Arden became a young football player at home. "Eden, do you know that your English name is the same as a football star? Why do you like football?" The kid on WeChat obviously doesn't know that the person with the same name is Hazard, but he gave me the answer that I love to play football. :

雅顿(Arden)是我表弟一家的孩子,他在深圳长大,今年春节把他留在了家乡。 “幸运的是,我在家里。如果是在深圳,雅顿甚至根本没有踢足球的地方!”因为我非常活跃并且必须参加比赛,所以我堂兄带了我的足球去为Arden效力。在一个小院子里,雅顿在家中成为一名年轻的足球运动员。 “伊甸园,你知道你的英文名字和足球明星一样吗?你为什么喜欢足球?”微信上的那个孩子显然不知道那个名字叫Hazard的人,但是他给了我我喜欢踢足球的答案。 :

Arden's love for sports is still very delicate. When he was really bored at home, he chose to paint quietly. He also "created" a work that cheered Wuhan. His cousin asked him why he wanted to paint this content. He said that a good friend in the kindergarten was nicknamed "Ao The girl of "Terman" is from Wuhan. I hope she can return to Shenzhen to go to school soon. When I knew I was going to work outside, I had to give me a mask. When I learned that I could not get out of the street, I gave the mask to the staff at the card point...

雅顿(Arden)对体育的热爱仍然非常微妙。当他真的无聊在家时,他选择安静地绘画。他还“创作”了令武汉欢呼的作品。他的堂兄问他为什么要画这个内容。他说,幼儿园的一个好朋友叫“敖”。“ Terman”的女孩是武汉人,希望她能尽快回到深圳上学,当我知道自己要在外面工作时,我不得不给我戴着口罩,当我得知自己不能走出街道时,我把口罩交给了卡点的工作人员。

The children may not know what the epidemic means to China, nor do they know that their parents may face serious problems of company closure. But we see hope in the children. They can urge the elderly in the family to strictly observe hygiene habits. They can see that the adults who are working hard in the prevention and control of the epidemic can plant a seed of positive energy in their hearts under subtle influence. , This will be a valuable asset in their growth.

孩子们可能不知道这种流行病对中国意味着什么,也不知道他们的父母可能会面临公司关闭的严重问题。但是我们在孩子们身上看到了希望。他们可以敦促家庭中的老年人严格遵守卫生习惯。他们可以看到,为预防和控制流行病而努力工作的成年人可以在微妙的影响下在他们的心脏中种下正能量的种子。 ,这将是他们成长的宝贵资产。

In fact, these are the ordinary people and things around me that are beyond ordinary. Such stories are everywhere in China, but it is these ordinary people who have gathered together to form a powerful force that laid the foundation for us to overcome the epidemic. The Chinese nation is a nation that will build the Great Wall in the face of difficulties. We believe that through our joint efforts, we can build towers of sand and pits of water. Now that we can win the battle against the epidemic, I believe that with time, our football career should also Do it well.


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