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"Putting public health in the second place allows players to keep playing. You may be the most shameless clown I have ever seen!" Do you remember that in early March, Inter Milan Chairman Zhang Kangyang blasted Serie A Chairman Paul Dahl on personal social media? Pino? However, just like the "half a beat" of the entire Europe in the face of the new crown epidemic, Italian football was still blindly confident when the epidemic broke out in its own country, and even mistakenly believed that empty games and postponements could allow the league in the epidemic to continue. This made Zhang Kangyang's remarks at the time was criticized by fans, even at this time the epidemic in Italy has been out of control.


Until the evening of March 9, when the number of confirmed cases in Italy was about to exceed 10,000, the Italian government finally reacted to suspend all domestic sports events, which allowed the Serie A that tried to be "closed door" to be directly "Stopped. Only 2 days later, Juventus officially announced that central defender Rugani had tested positive for the new crown pneumonia-this was the first confirmed player in the five major leagues, and Juventus had just completed a league match with Inter Milan before the suspension of Serie A, which allowed The entire Italian football scene was suddenly worried, and many players even fled from Italy overnight.


Since then, Rugani’s Juventus teammates Matuidi, Dybala and others, as well as Fiorentina’s Vlahović, Koutrone and Pesella, Verona’s Zachani, and Atlanta’s Spo Tiello and AC Milan director Maldini have been diagnosed one after another. Sampdoria is even more of a "severe disaster area". As many as 7 players were diagnosed in mid-March, so that the team later announced that it would no longer announce the situation of the epidemic in the team.

从那以后,Rugani的尤文图斯队的队友Matuidi,Dybala以及其他人,以及佛罗伦萨的Vlahović,Koutrone和Pesella,维罗纳的Zachani以及亚特兰大的Spo Tiello和AC米兰队长马尔蒂尼都被诊断出来。桑普多利亚甚至更是一个“严重灾区”。 3月中旬诊断出多达7名球员,因此车队随后宣布将不再宣布车队的疫情。

Until this time, those fans who had to gather outside the field during the empty game finally realized that Zhang Kangyang turned out to be the "whistleblower" of Italy. As a result, these remarks and suggestions began to receive attention. Among them, the evaluation of the famous Italian agent Martorelli is undoubtedly the most representative. "Zhang Kangyang first foresaw the severity of the epidemic, and he immediately expressed his opinion. It may be because he does not understand Italian, so he expressed The method is not very good, but the meaning is completely correct."

直到此时,那些在空虚比赛中不得不聚集在场外的球迷最终才意识到,张康阳原来是意大利的“举报人”。结果,这些评论和建议开始受到关注。其中,对意大利著名经纪人马托雷利的评价无疑是最具代表性的。 “张康阳首先预见到了这种流行病的严重性,他立即表达了自己的看法。可能是因为他不懂意大利语,所以他表示这种方法不是很好,但是含义是完全正确的。”

As Vice Chairman Zanetti said, "Zhang Kangyang, as the chairman from China, told the public truthfully what happened in his home country." China's united efforts to fight the "epidemic" made Zhang Kangyang obviously have a deep understanding and thinking about the epidemic. "Everyone can see the measures China has made in response to the new crown epidemic. Facts have also proved that such measures are successful and correct. Public health and protection of public health are always the most important."

正如赞内蒂副主席所说:“中国主席张康阳真实地告诉了公众在他的祖国发生了什么。”中国抗击“流行病”的统一努力使张康阳显然对这一流行病有了深刻的理解和思考。 “每个人都可以看到中国为应对新的王冠流行而采取的措施。事实也证明,这些措施是成功和正确的。公共卫生和公共卫生始终是最重要的。”

It is not too late to mend the situation. Serie A rushed to shut down before many players were diagnosed, which can be regarded as curbing the virus infection within the teams, and also allowing teams and players to be isolated and protected in time. Among them, Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo respectively posted on social media to call on everyone not to go out and resolutely follow the instructions of the team and the authorities. At the same time, the crazy fans who were dissatisfied with the empty game before finally came to their senses, because there has never been such a serious thing in history. As a team fan, no one wants the players they support to fall off the court.


As the most severely affected country in Europe, it is not surprising that Serie A was the first to announce the suspension. However, in the Schengen area, since holders of valid ID cards or visas from any member country can move freely within the borders of all member countries, such a pattern of "overwhelming nests, no eggs" will inevitably lead to the decline of each country. Since then, La Liga announced the suspension on March 12, and the Premier League and Ligue 1 announced the suspension on March 13.


At this moment of crisis, the Champions League and the Europa League have completed the week's matches, even if most of the matches are played in an empty field. At the same time, the most confident and Buddhist Germany (the first death was not seen until March 9) also tried to continue the war that weekend, and claimed that "this season of Bundesliga will end as planned." However, a number of players were diagnosed with the new crown virus before the game and the team was quarantined, which caused the German Football Professional League to follow up a few hours before the start of the round of the match, which meant that all five major leagues were suspended. The European war is also impossible to continue.


Perhaps it is that estimates of the severity of the new crown epidemic are still insufficient. When the five major leagues announced the suspension, they left enough time for the rematch. For example, Serie A only announced the suspension until April 3, and the Bundesliga also announced the suspension until April 2. Since then, the European Football Club Association has also reached an agreement with UEFA to determine that the national leagues should end before July 15, and then the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League finals will be held immediately. It's just the crazy spread of the epidemic that makes these plans look more like a joke.


As we all know, although China has paid a huge price to fight for the best epidemic prevention period and provided rich experience, European countries that make mistakes still get themselves caught in a huge epidemic vortex, and then there is a continuous emergence of players from various countries to confirm the diagnosis Case. Among them, in Spain, 35% of Valencia's first-team staff and players were infected. Alaves officially announced that 15 first-team players and staff were diagnosed. The Spaniard also officially announced that 6 people were infected with the new crown virus. It was later confirmed that Wu Lei, the only Chinese player in the five major leagues, was one of them, which immediately caused domestic fans to worry about it.

众所周知,尽管中国为争取最好的防疫时期付出了巨大的代价,并提供了丰富的经验,但犯错的欧洲国家仍然陷于巨大的流行病漩涡中,因此,不断涌现的参与者不断涌现。各国确认诊断病例。其中,在西班牙,巴伦西亚一线队的工作人员和球员中有35%被感染。 Alaves正式宣布对15名一线球员和职员进行了诊断。西班牙人还正式宣布有6人感染了新的冠状病毒。后来证实,五个大联盟中唯一的中国球员吴磊就是其中之一,这立即引起了国内球迷的担忧。

After experiencing life and death in World War II and witnessing the cruelty of the war, Shankly once left a famous saying: football has nothing to do with life and death, football is higher than life and death. According to the legend of the Red Army, football has been sublimated into people's spiritual totem in the cruel years of war. In the environment where the epidemic is spreading, although Shankly’s words are occasionally misunderstood, what the fans of each team present is that football has become a belief, and it is a strong foundation that connects each other's hearts-a seemingly inexhaustible epidemic , To become a driving force for unity and mutual assistance in front of fans all over the world.


At this time, the past confrontation and hatred between the fans disappeared, replaced by common blessings and expectations: the confirmed players will recover in time, the new crown epidemic will end as soon as possible, and the suspended league will be restored. As a result, we saw that Inter Milan fans wish Juventus players to recover quickly. Tottenham fans prayed for the safety of the Arsenal team after Arteta was diagnosed. Not to mention the joy of countless Chinese fans after Wu Lei's illness... In addition, When Zhang Kangyang posted a cartoon about China and Italian doctors uniting to fight the epidemic on social media, countless fans praised it in the comment area, and the flags of China and Italy were also covered.


In fact, as early as the beginning of the suspension of national leagues, there were obvious concerns from the outside world. The most pessimistic voice was that the league could not be restored this season, and then faced the question of how to determine the subsequent results. Soon, the Belgian Serie A board of directors announced through the official website at the beginning of April to end the season ahead of schedule and awarded the current leader Bruges the title. This made UEFA immediately nervous, and urgently issued a document prohibiting other countries from emulating Belgium: "We are sure that football will restart in a few months. It is immature and unfair to decide to abolish the season now."


Although Belgium has successively postponed the vote to cancel the season for this reason, the Eredivisie and Ligue 1 have since declared the end of the season early. In sharp contrast, the Eredivisie did not have a championship and no relegation (only the current ranking is used to determine the place for the next season in Europe), but the Ligue 1 determined the championship and relegation team with the current ranking. It needs to be pointed out that the early termination of the above leagues is related to domestic policies. For example, the French government stipulated that all domestic sports events should be stopped before September, which naturally made it impossible to restart the Ligue 1 league this season.


It has to be said that from Belgium to the Eredivisie and Ligue 1, more and more professional leagues have ended early and the fans who love the sport have been hit hard. At the same time, the different choices of the season's results not only caused controversy and even litigation, but also attracted more attention from fans of giant clubs in other countries. Especially the Premier League leader Liverpool, although the points advantage is obvious, but it has not locked the championship in advance, so the Red Army fans are most worried than the Premier League ended early like the Eredivisie without a championship. This allows the Red Army to almost get the first Premier League championship. "flew away……

不得不说,从比利时到Eredivisie和Ligue 1,越来越多的职业联赛提前结束,热爱这项运动的球迷受到了沉重打击。同时,赛季结果的不同选择不仅引起争议,甚至引起诉讼,也引起了其他国家大型俱乐部球迷的更多关注。尤其是英超联赛冠军利物浦,虽然积分优势显而易见,但并没有提前锁定冠军,所以红军球迷最担心的莫过于英超联赛像埃雷迪维西那样没有冠军就早早结束。这使红军几乎可以获得首个英超联赛冠军。 “飞走了……

In this regard, Liverpool is most looking forward to the restart of the Premier League during the suspension. It is reported that at the Premier League video conference in late April, Liverpool CEO Peter Moore publicly expressed his hope that the rest of the season can be played. Unfortunately, when he expressed his opinion But it did not get any support from the other 19 team executives. At this time, how much Moore hopes his team is in Germany, because the whole German football is more eager to restart the league at this time, and this naturally has a direct relationship with Germany's own characteristics and the external environment.


As we all know, the Bundesliga "50+1" policy determines that most German clubs adopt a membership system that is self-financing. If all the remaining Bundesliga matches this season are cancelled, the clubs that have lost revenue from TV broadcasts, advertising sponsorships, and match tickets will be like drawing salaries from the bottom. At least a quarter of the 36 Bundesliga and Bundesliga clubs will go bankrupt because they cannot make ends meet. At the same time, Germany's domestic medical resources and response capabilities during the epidemic have also created external conditions for the restart of the league. After all, Germany is a rare example of success in Europe's fight against the epidemic.

众所周知,德甲“ 50 + 1”政策决定了大多数德国俱乐部采用的是自负盈亏的会员制。如果本赛季所有剩余的德甲比赛都被取消,那么那些因电视转播,广告赞助和比赛门票而损失收入的俱乐部将像是从底薪起。 36家德甲和德甲俱乐部中至少有四分之一将破产,因为它们无法维持生计。同时,德国在流行期间的国内医疗资源和应对能力也为联盟的复兴创造了外部条件。毕竟,德国是在欧洲抗击该流行病方面取得成功的罕见例子。

"Come on Bundesliga! Serie A, La Liga, and the Premier League are waiting to learn from your good role models!" As the famous commentator (and Liverpool fan) Zhan Jun said on social media, the united German football team has made unremitting efforts. Becoming the first role model for European football to recover has not only greatly inspired fans all over the world, but also brought hope to other leagues. Among them, UEFA President Chevrin described the Bundesliga rematch as "European Light", which is "a major and meaningful step that makes people feel optimistic about life again."


The Bundesliga rematch brought the train of European football into motion again, which signaled that all European football is waiting. With the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and other league teams starting a new stage of training, it has become the consensus and expectation of most countries to follow the Bundesliga to restart the league, which has allowed countless fans to see the light again after the darkness. The La Liga champions will be the winner, whether the Red Army can clink the glasses as they wish, whether the pattern of Serie A will change... The suspense brought by these football games may be about to return to reality.


However, when Germany has begun to show a series of mature and detailed rematch methods and rules, but other countries still cannot avoid the currently uncontrolled epidemic in the process of imitating, as well as the different external environments and the willingness of team players in various countries, otherwise they will blindly follow the basics. It is impossible to eliminate the crises that existed everywhere during the epidemic. For fans who are looking forward to it, they should pay more attention to what they do after the game resumes, just as the behavior of gathering outside the stadium during the game must never happen again.


After all, football is precious and life is more important!


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