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Tsofar is one of the most outstanding players in Slavia Prague in recent seasons. He is the right back of the club and is currently the first pick of the Czech national team in this position. Tsofar is very active on the court. He will fight against opponents without any secret. Acceleration and one-on-one ability are his strengths. Like Tomas Soucek, I believe he will prove that he is worth the money and has the ability to perform well in the Premier League.

Tsofar是最近几个赛季在布拉格斯拉维亚最杰出的球员之一。他是俱乐部的右后卫,目前是担任该职位的捷克国家队的第一顺位。 Tsofar在球场上非常活跃。他将毫无秘密地与对手作战。加速和一对一的能力是他的强项。像托马斯·索切克(Tomas Soucek)一样,我相信他会证明自己物有所值,并且拥有在英超联赛中表现出色的能力。

According to what I know, Tsofar basically played the position of right back in his entire career, only once. He served as right wing back in a game that had nothing to do with league rankings last season. However, on the field, Tsofar likes to stand in a high position and form the team's offensive triangle, quickly inserting to the bottom line, liberating wingers or midfielders, is his usual offensive method. In an ideal situation, it is best to have a teammate who can prepare to respond in the rib area in front of him, because Tsofar can accurately push the ball from the outside or the center to the feet of his teammate.


Tsofar is a very good passer. In the past season, his average pass success rate of 20-40 meters is as high as 88%! So fans can expect him to effectively connect with Bowen, Yarmolenko or other right wing players.


Another aspect worth mentioning is that in Slavia Prague’s team building system, the full-back is the key to the team’s offensive organization, or has a high degree of offensive freedom, and can even shoot in the opponent's penalty area. Tsofar tends to organize the offense, while the left back Borrill is better at shooting. Although the methods are different, they both participated a lot in the team's offensive phase.

另一个值得一提的方面是,在布拉格斯拉维亚队的团队建设体系中,后卫是球队进攻组织的关键,或者具有很高的进攻自由度,甚至可以在对手的禁区射门。 Tsofar倾向于组织进攻,而左后卫Borrill的射门能力更好。尽管方法不同,但他们都参与了球队的进攻阶段。

Since the 2019/20 season, Tsofar has sent 35.7 passes every 90 minutes, which is higher than all current right backs of West Ham United. Of course, this is also related to the team's style.


In summary, if you haven't expected the team to make a big fuss on the wing when Cao Far is on the court, then you are quite wrong.


West Ham United already has the running distance champion of the UEFA Champions League group stage in the 2019/20 season-Soucek, who has more statistics than any other player. And Cao Far is ranked 4th in this item, so it is also worth looking forward to. They can all be regarded as real "iron lungs" and can truly cover the entire stadium. Caofar's single-course running distance has never been less than 11 kilometers!

西汉姆联已经在2019/20赛季索切克获得了欧洲冠军联赛小组赛的跑步距离冠军,他的统计数据比其他任何球员都要多。而曹远在该项目中排名第四,因此也值得期待。它们都可以视为真正的“铁肺”,并且可以真正覆盖整个体育场。 Caofar的单道跑步距离从未少于11公里!

And Tsofar also has a very strong sprint speed. In the offensive and defensive phase of Slavia, he is the main defense player in the back line, and can often rely on speed to easily solve crises. His defense not only exists in the team's backcourt, but frontcourt pressure is also his specialty. Last season, he ranked fifth in the league in steals in the three offensive zones, and 4 of these steals were directly converted into team goals.


Cao Far has a variety of footwork. In terms of passing the ball, he mainly uses two footwork. The first is a whipping-type fast flat pass. The target is usually near the goal post or near the small penalty area. The other is higher and farther deciduous crosses, usually to create opportunities for teammates who outflank the backpost.


Of course, Tsofar does not only end the attack by passing the ball, he will also pass and run from time to time, directly or indirectly creating opportunities for his teammates to shoot.


In the 2018/19 season, Slavia Prague reached the quarter-finals in the Europa League, but in the end he lost to the later champion Chelsea with a total score of 3-5 in the two rounds of the semi-finals. In that cup, Tsofar's decisive interception made a great contribution to the defensive end, and his ability was also exercised in such a game. Even in the Champions League death group last season, against Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and Dortmund in the same group, Tsofar also got an average success rate of 60% against each other, and only received a yellow card in the final round of the game.


Compared to left-back Borrill's 56 fouls in 28 games, Tsofar only fouled 15 fouls in 32 games and did not take a card for 18 consecutive games.


In the most recent UEFA Europa League match against Slovakia, the Czech team won 3-1, and Tsofar made great contributions with one pass and one shot. In the Czech Republic's 2-1 home win against England last year, he also played very well. He often served as the team's third central defender in the penalty area on the field, and did not give the England strikers a moment of peace.


I think that Tsofar should be able to play at the level he deserves in the Premier League and will soon prove that he is just as good value for money as his compatriot Soucek. He has outstanding physical conditions, full combat effectiveness, and a good sense of position. He can help the team on both offense and defense.


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