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On September 25, Beijing time, the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League will compete in the 13th round. Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG will stage a conflict. It is also the battle for the first place in this group. Guoan, with the strongest firepower, will be shameless. Insulted by SIPG's 6 consecutive killings? As long as SIPG is undefeated, it can hit the top line! Chongqing vs. Yongchang, China vs. Zall, Chongqing and China as long as the 2 teams win, the B group battle 4 suspense will be revealed, but for neutral fans, such suspense will be more exciting to the last round.


In the first 12 rounds, Guoan scored 32 goals and beat Huang Hai 5-1 in the last round, making Genesio's team the most powerful team at present, none of them. Evergrande has already played 13 rounds and only scored 30 goals, and the number of goals in Group A reached 20 or more, except for Suning Tesco with 22 goals and Shenzhen Kaisa with 20 goals. Other teams. Even if it is a team in Group B, no team can match Guoan. The leader SIPG has only 25 goals in the account, and China, which is still struggling for the 4th, only scored 20 goals.

在前12轮中,国安队打入32球,并在最后一轮中以5-1击败黄海,使Genesio的球队成为目前最强大的球队,但没有一支。恒大已经打了13轮比赛,仅打进30球,A组的进球数达到20或更多,除了苏宁易购(Soing Tesco)射入22球和深圳凯萨(Shenzhen Kaisa)射入20球。其他团队。即使是B组的一支球队,也没有任何一支球队可以与Guoan匹敌。领先的SIPG仅拥有25个进球,而仍在第四名中挣扎的中国仅获得了20个进球。

However, although Guoan has the strongest firepower, this round's opponent SIPG has the strongest defense. Only 10 goals were lost in 12 rounds. Yongchang and Zall in the same group lost 13 and 14 goals each. After being defeated by Suning Tesco 2-1 in Group A, Evergrande conceded 12 goals, while Li Xiaopeng’s Luneng lost 11 goals. I don’t know, I’m shocked. SIPG’s opponent Guoan in this round has already lost 18 goals. The Yulin Army has only achieved zero seals in two games this season, that is, defeating Zall 1-0 in the second round. 2-0 victory over TEDA.

但是,尽管国安队拥有最强的火力,但本轮对手SIPG的防守能力最强。在12回合中仅失10球。同一组中的永昌和扎尔各输了13和14个进球。在A组2-1被苏宁易购(Soing Tesco)击败后,恒大集团(Evergrande)攻入12球,而李小鹏的鲁能(Luneng)输了11球。我不知道,我很震惊。 SIPG的对手国安队已经失去了18个进球。榆林军本赛季仅在两场比赛中取得了零封,即在第二轮中以​​1-0击败扎尔。 2-0击败泰达。

The contest between Guoan and SIPG was a real conflict. In the last round of defeating the Yellow Sea 5-1, although the Yulin Army lost Augusto, Fernando ushered in his first goal after joining, and Bacambu continued. With the feeling of scoring before, this makes Guoan extremely confident to avenge the reversal of SIPG in the first round.


Of course, the more critical thing in this game is the battle for the first name. Only when Guoan wins can it retain the hope of qualifying for the first place. In the past 6 times against SIPG, Guoan lost all in regular time and the Yulin Army also needs to seize the opportunity. Out of this bad breath.


Since the 1-2 loss to SIPG in the second round of the 2018 FA Cup in regular time, the Yulin Army and SIPG have never taken advantage of the contest. In the league that year, Guoan returned to home and lost 0-1. This loss made Guoan directly withdraw from the championship group, and finally watched SIPG become the new king of the Super League. Entering 2019, Guoan was defeated 2-0 by SIPG in the Super Cup. Pereira's defensive counterattack tactics caused the Yulin Army to be hit. And Guoan has been in the Super League championship for two consecutive years, and was strangled by SIPG's double kill. In the entire 2019 three matches, SIPG made Guo'an want to cry without tears.

自从在常规时间2018年足总杯第二轮1-2输给SIPG以来,榆林军和SIPG从未利用过比赛。在那年的联赛中,国安队回到主场,输了0-1。这次失利使国安队直接退出了冠军联赛,最终使SIPG成为中超联赛的新国王。进入2019年,国安队在超级杯中被SIPG 2-0击败。佩雷拉(Pereira)的防御性反击战术使榆林军受到打击。国安队已经连续两年获得中超联赛冠军,并且被SIPG的双杀扼杀。在整整2019年的三场比赛中,SIPG令国安想要哭泣不哭。

Before the 6th round of the first round of this season, Guoan won 4 wins and 1 tie without losing. However, with a 1-0 lead, Guoan suffered a reversal in SIPG. The two teams faced off with 6 straight kills. For Guoan, even if this game cannot win revenge, but get a tie to end the losing streak against SIPG, this is the bottom line, once again defeated by SIPG, how can Guoan raise its head and behave?


However, just a tie may not quench the thirst. Before the game, Guoan Zhongwei Jin Minzai said that in the last two rounds, Guoan would strive for a zero-closing victory, so as to counterattack SIPG to win the group. However, if Guoan wants to retain the hope of winning the group's top position, the premise is that the Beijing-Shanghai war with SIPG must win, win the SIPG, and then look forward to the last round of the Shanghai port and drop the chain, Guoan will have the opportunity to return to the top of the group. In the first round of the championship group, avoid Suning or Luneng, go to Shenhua (or Shenzu) to break the wrist, increase the probability of going further.


Guoan must win, and for SIPG, a draw can lock the top spot. Moreover, as the team’s physical fitness is close to exhaustion, SIPG also hopes to secure the top spot one round in advance, so that the substitute players can get a chance to appear in the final round. The team’s top scorer Anautović said before the game. The SIPG has to complete its work in one battle, and let the suspense not drag on to the final round.

国安必须获胜,而对于SIPG来说,平局可以锁定头把交椅。此外,由于车队的身体状况即将耗尽,SIPG还希望提前一轮获得冠军,以便替补球员有机会出现在最后一轮。球队的最佳射手安纳托维奇在比赛前说。 SIPG必须在一场战斗中完成其工作,并且不要将悬念拖到最后一轮。

SIPG and Guoan’s first name battle and conflicts are naturally the focus of this round in Group B, and the most exciting one in this group is the 4th. The 4 teams of Chongqing, China, Zall and Yongchang, the remaining 2 championship places in this group have been beaten to a bloody battle, and this round of competition is fighting against each other. The suspense is expected to be announced together this round, but the greater probability is Drag the suspense to the last round.


In the contest between Chongqing and Yongchang, as long as Chongqing wins, regardless of the outcome of the match between China and Zall, Chongqing will lock in the top 4 of the group in advance. Zhang Wailong's team has won 4 consecutive victories, and another win will tie the record of 5 consecutive victories created by Evergrande this season. This is a height that even Guoan and SIPG cannot match. The advantage that Zhang Wailong's team sits on is that the morale is strong, and in the Super League match, Chongqing has faced Yongchang undefeated for the last 4 times and achieved 3 wins and 1 tie.


In contrast, in addition to the impact of injuries, Yongchang failed to win TEDA in the 11th round, so Yongchang has lost the first-hand advantage in the fourth round, and if he fails to get points in Chongqing, Yongchang is very likely to withdraw from the competition early. 4 groups, at least their own destiny is in the hands of others. And the fate of Yongchang is the brother of the same province, Huaxia, as long as Huaxia defeats Zall, it can be invincible.

相比之下,除了伤病的影响外,永昌在第11轮中没有赢得泰达,因此永昌在第4轮中失去了第一手的优势,如果他未能在重庆获得积分,永昌很有可能提前退出比赛。 4个群体,至少自己的命运掌握在他人手中。永昌的命运是同一个省的兄弟华夏,只要华夏打败扎尔,那将是不可战胜的。

Zall is not only facing 4 rounds of invincibility, but recently suffered a 3-game losing streak. What's more terrifying is that with 2 rounds left in the first stage, Zall won Jose and allowed the local coaching staff to lead the team. Top 4. From steadily ranking No. 3 to now falling to No. 6, Zall’s situation is worse than Yongchang, and the opponent Hua Xia chased 2 goals in stoppage time to draw against Guoan. The last round was a lore TEDA, Xie Feng’s team has arrived. To the point of killing red eye.


Chongqing's victory reduced the number of places in the championship group by one, and once China followed up with 3 points, the places in the championship group and the relegation group in Group B would lose their suspense, leaving only the last place. . For neutral fans, I hope that this kind of suspense can be dragged to the last round, which is the most exciting.

重庆的胜利使冠军组的名额减少了一个,一旦中国获得3分,冠军组和降级组的名次将失去悬念,仅排在最后。 。对于中立的球迷,我希望这种悬念可以拖到最后一轮,这是最令人兴奋的。



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