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Xinhua News Agency, Suzhou, September 27 (Reporters Xiao Shiyao and Wang Hengzhi) On the morning of the 27th, the referee conference room on the second floor of Building 8, Blue Zone, Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League held a business summary meeting on refereeing for the 13th round of the league. Building 8 is also the residence of Beijing Guoan Club in the Suzhou Division.

新华社苏州9月27日电(记者肖世尧,王恒志)27日上午,中超联赛苏州分队蓝区8号楼二层裁判室举行业务总结会。在为联盟第13轮进行裁判时。 8号楼也是北京国安俱乐部苏州分部的住所。

At this time after the end of each round, the referees of the competition area will gather here to review the focus of the previous round.


This meeting lasted longer than usual, and the main theme was very clear: "How should the referee better analyze the game situation, improve the overall situation, and unify the scale of the penalty." During the conversation, the referee in the Suzhou Division spoke harshly.


It was this time on the 25th that the reporter passed an application and made an exception to observe the referees' pre-match preparation meeting for the 13th round. At that preparatory meeting, the person in charge repeatedly emphasized: "It is necessary to ensure that the penalty scale is the same in a game and in the entire league."


"This round is a critical battle, and the attention is very high. Be careful when you are on the hot search (weibo). I am not afraid of the hot search, but I hope everyone always reminds themselves to ensure fairness and justice, and don’t do it blindly if you are in doubt. The judgment must be accurate.” The reporter was impressed by the words of the person in charge at that time.


Two days later, when the hot search for referees after the match between Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG really appeared, the referees of the Chinese Super League were on the cusp again. This person in charge accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from Xinhua News Agency. The voice responded.


How to determine whether the penalty is wrong or missed? The person in charge said that after each round of competition, the referee team will submit the controversial penalty to the expert panel for consideration. The review team is composed of 7 retired referee experts, and the voting results of the review team after deliberation will determine whether the dispute is wrong or missed.


Regardless of whether the vote is 7:0 or 4:3, as long as the judgement team determines that it is a wrong or missed judgment, it will be punished accordingly by the Chinese Football Association. If it is a penalty that seriously affects the final ranking of the league, the referee will be disqualified for the entire season.


“According to FIFA’s practice, in order to ensure the smooth progress of referee enforcement, the punishment results will not be disclosed to the outside world. But what is clear is that the penalty for errors and omissions of referees within the Chinese Football Association is very strict.” The person in charge said .


The person in charge said that there are currently 8 disputed penalties submitted to the panel in the two divisions of the Super League this season. Relevance in the Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG competitions


"China's football refereeing circle has a history of shame in the past, so it is understandable for fans to question the work of referees nowadays," said the person in charge. "Current referees are always vigilant about this.

这位负责人说:“中国足球裁判界过去曾有过耻辱的历史,所以如今球迷质疑裁判的工作是可以理解的。” “目前的裁判始终对此保持警惕。

The person in charge introduced that in the Super League this season, the referees will only know the specific number of matches and division of labor they whistled on the day of the match. The selection of referees is also determined through careful research by the Chinese Football Association's Disarmament Committee and the Referee Department. All these measures are to prevent referees from being interfered by the outside as much as possible.


"The referee team has always received the focus of the disciplinary departments of the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese Football Association. After strict review by relevant higher-level departments,


It must be admitted that the overall enforcement level of the local referees of the Chinese Super League has a certain gap compared with the high-level international referees in terms of judgment accuracy, physical fitness, game rhythm control, and VAR use. "The person in charge said.

必须承认,中国中超联赛本地裁判的整体执法水平与国际高水平裁判相比,在判断准确性,身体素质,比赛节奏控制和VAR使用方面有一定差距。 “负责人说。

In the past few years, the Chinese Super League has hired foreign referees in many competitions. Affected by the epidemic, the Chinese Super League this season is currently enforced by local referees. According to statistics, the number of local referees in the entire Chinese Super League last season was 11, and this season, the number of referees in the Suzhou Division alone reached 13.


Under objective conditions, many young referees whistled for the first time in the Super League this year, and some referees whistled for the first time in key games.


Since the start of the Chinese Super League on July 25, the referees of the Chinese Super League have been isolated in the blue zone for more than 70 days. The person in charge admitted that this has brought more pressure to the referee than in the past. "The referees are closed for a long time, which will more or less increase tension."


In addition, the person in charge said that most of the referees in the Super League are not professional referees. They have their own jobs and many are teachers. After the school's new semester started, some referees who could not ask for leave have left the competition area. A total of 24 referees are needed in the Suzhou Division to maintain operation, but currently there are only 21 referees left.


"Out of helplessness, sometimes only one referee can be arranged to be the referee first, and then VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in the next game, and there have been cases where the line referee plays two consecutive games. This is a great impact on the physical strength and energy of the referee The losses are extremely great."


"It can be said that this season's Super League, in all aspects, is a huge test for local referees." The person in charge said, "The working group has been using various methods to protect the physical and mental health of referees. "


According to the reporter's observations in the competition area in recent days, at the rhythm of a round of competition every three days, the schedule of the referees in the competition area is very tight: the preparation meeting before the start of the game on the morning of the game, the whistleblowing of the game in the afternoon and evening; the next day after the game In the morning, it will be summarized in groups and physical training in the afternoon; on the third day, a summary meeting will be held in the morning and physical training in the afternoon; on the fourth day, VAR simulation exercises will be conducted in the morning, and the last physical training before the game will be conducted in the afternoon.


"The working group has arranged such a full schedule to take advantage of the rare opportunity of the competition system to exercise the team as much as possible and help the referees improve their level." The person in charge said. "In the past, referees in the league played the game and left. They would not get along with each other day and night to reflect, communicate and summarize. There are good ways to share. If there is a problem, it can be corrected in time. Reduce the possibility of making mistakes in the future."

“工作组安排了如此全面的时间表,以利用比赛系统的难得机会来尽可能地锻炼球队,并帮助裁判提高水平。”负责人说。 “过去,联盟中的裁判在比赛中走了。他们不会日夜相处以反映,交流和总结。有很好的分享方式。如果有问题,可以纠正。及时。减少将来犯错误的可能性。”

"We also hope to provide referees with a learning platform so that they can grow under pressure. The development of the Chinese Super League requires a high-level local referee team." The person in charge said.


"The first stage of the Chinese Super League is coming to an end. We will use the interval to summarize the problems and shortcomings and avoid repeated mistakes. In the second stage, we will further strengthen business learning and ideological guidance, and make every effort to ensure the law enforcement of the Chinese Super League. Ensure that the league is fair, just, exciting and orderly."


The person in charge also said that although the overall level of Chinese referees still needs to be improved, there are also individual referees who have performed well in AFC games before and entered the AFC's field of view.


The person in charge said.


"It has always been one of our goals to train high-level international referees who can punish the World Cup. To this end, we still have a long way to go."


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