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Sports Weekly Reporter Wang Qinbo

sports weekly reporter Wang Q i宁波

Liverpool and Manchester United want the Premier League to change from 20 teams to 18 teams. This seems to be a radical proposal, but it actually involves a consensus in European football that the 18-team league is more competitive than the 20-team.


Many people tend to think that the "competitiveness" of the 18-team league refers to their competitiveness in the European war, because there are fewer teams, 4 rounds less than the 20-team league, and more time to prepare for Europe. war.


But the fact is not the case. Only the Bundesliga has 18 teams in the five major leagues. The Bundesliga is more of a standout in the Champions League. The performance of the German team in the Europa League is far worse than that of the Spanish team.


The "competitiveness" here refers to the competitiveness of the event itself. The 18-team league is more suspenseful than the 20-team league, because there are two fewer teams. At the bottom of the list, there are two less teams that raise the white flag halfway through the schedule. At the top of the list, the most powerful giants are missing the original. Twelve points for secure booking.

这里的“竞争力”是指事件本身的竞争力。 18支球队比20支球队更具悬念,因为少了两支球队。在列表的底部,少两个团队在日程表的中间升起白旗。在列表的顶部,最强大的巨人缺少原始的。十二点可确保预订。

In Serie A, the time when Chinese fans began to pay attention to this league coincided with the heyday of Serie A. At that time, Serie A was 18 teams, Sampdoria won the championship, and Lazio and Rome won the championship two years after the new century. In addition, Parma and Florence have participated in the championship, and there was the myth of Verona winning in the 1980s.


But in a total of 21 seasons of 20 teams in Serie A, the Serie A championship was completely monopolized by two wealthy cities in the north, among which Juventus won 11 championships (1950, 1952, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) , 2019, 2020). There are no calculations here for the winning trophy of Juventus in 2005, the 4 times of Inter Milan (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), plus the trophy won in 2006 due to the phone door scandal trial, and then "Greater Turin" in the late 1940s (1947, 1949), AC Milan twice (1951 and 2011).

但是在意甲20支球队的21个赛季中,意甲冠军完全被北部的两个富裕城市所垄断,尤文图斯赢得了11项冠军(1950、1952、2012、2013、2014、2015、2016, 2017、2018),2019、2020)。这里没有计算尤文图斯在2005年,四次国际米兰(2007、2008、2009、2010)的冠军奖杯,以及2006年因电话门丑闻而获得的冠军奖杯以及“大都灵”奖杯的计算结果。在1940年代后期(1947、1949),AC米兰两次(1951和2011)。

There are many reasons for the decline of Serie A. In terms of time, Serie A changed from 18 to 20 in the 2004-05 season, which coincides with the decline of Serie A.


There is no doubt that in the past, Serie A’s 18 teams and 4 teams were relegated to 20 teams and 3 teams. Suspense immediately reduced too much.


In the end, why the addition of two fish belly teams has such a big impact on the competitiveness of the entire league? Financial resources are the most important. Even in the countries where the five major leagues are located, it is difficult to guarantee that there are 20 teams with a large number of fans and good football traditions. After the expansion of Serie A with 20 teams, the "new forces" such as Treviso, Carpi and Novara are not even the Serie B team.


Some clues can be seen by observing the transfer market every summer. Many newly upgraded Serie B teams retain the Serie B framework, and then collect a large number of old and weak remnants from Serie A, and they are often the players who divided up the relegated Serie A team last season.


This kind of team is uncompetitive from the perspective of team formation, and it is easy to fall into the bottom of the list from the beginning of the season. The relegation has been confirmed just halfway through the schedule, and the rest of the schedule is mixed. If there are 2 teams in a 20-team league, the pressure on the team at the bottom will be quite small.


In recent years, you can see that teams like Genoa, Udinese, Sampdoria and other teams have played really badly. In the era of 18 teams dropping 4 teams, such performances may definitely be relegated, and traditional teams are relegated to tragedies. The overall image of the league is actually positive, indicating a strong competitiveness, but these teams have been particularly stable in recent years. For example, in Genoa last season, most of the season was completely fussing, but in the end it was still relegated.


It is not surprising that Liverpool and Manchester United proposed disarmament in the Premier League. Just as the giant clubs have not given up on the idea of ​​the European Super League, the strong teams understand the damage to them due to lack of competitiveness in the game.


This kind of damage is multifaceted, we can easily think of factors such as the schedule, the actual core issue is not the schedule. If the capitalists can make more money, it does not matter to let the team play more games. Today's intensive schedule is also designed by the capitalists. The more critical reason is the economic aspect. The image value increasingly determines the income of a league and team. Strong teams will care more about the overall image packaging of the league than weak teams, because they are the biggest beneficiaries of the overall value of the league.


The possible resistance to Liverpool and Manchester United's plan is also obvious, and such things have happened long ago in Serie A.


No one of the top Serie A teams is happy with the current 20-team league, and they all know that if the 18 teams are restored, it will be very helpful for Serie A. As early as when the former chairman of the Football Association Tavico took office, disarmament was one of his commitments. He gave this important task to the Lazio chairman Lotito who supported him.


This is equivalent to letting the weasel look at the chicken coop. In order to maintain his sphere of influence in Serie A, Lotito’s focus has always been to win over small and medium-sized clubs and take them to deal with the giants headed by Juventus, demanding more cakes from income such as television rights. How could Lotito have the desire to persuade them to vote to disarm Serie A? Of course, this matter was not put on the agenda at all and became a completely false promise.


The Premier League has been the most daring to reform and innovate in the five major leagues for many years. It has done a lot to improve its self-image, and has since been imitated by other leagues. If Liverpool and Manchester United's proposal can make an unexpected breakthrough in the Premier League, it may be able to bring some beneficial impact to Serie A, which needs reform but has been stagnant for a long time.


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