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If the most popular group of fans is selected, I think it would be Arsenal fans, maybe even Tottenham fans would vote for them.


Over the years of hard work and fun, gun fans have formed a "happy football" culture that the masses love to hear, and successfully involved the England team in this cultural trend. And the biggest contributor to helping gun fans make their life into a joke is the Arsenal fan channel-AFTV, the most successful fan channel in the world, none of them.


The main founder of AFTV is the naive host Robbie Lyle. In 2012, Robbie Lyle and a friend who knows about photography and post-editing founded the Arsenal Fan Channel. According to him, the original intention of creating the channel was to give himself and other fans a platform for expressing opinions.

AFTV的主要创始人是天真的主持人Robbie Lyle。 2012年,罗比·莱尔(Robbie Lyle)和一位了解摄影和后期编辑的朋友创立了阿森纳球迷频道。据他介绍,创建频道的初衷是给自己和其他粉丝一个表达意见的平台。

After the show went live, it immediately caused a sensation among the gun fans in England, which also laid a solid foundation for AFTV to become bigger and stronger.


In addition to catching up with the self-media outlet, the channel was successful at the beginning of its establishment, and there are two important reasons.


One is that the image of Robbie, a hard-hearted black brother, is completely different from those black brothers who advocate passion, sports, and freestyle. This gives Robbie a high degree of image recognition.


The author, like the author, was a face blind patient who could not even distinguish between Putin and Bush Jr., when he first saw Robbie, he was very impressed.


The second reason is Robbie's rich professional experience. When he founded the channel, Robbie had worked for the BBC for many years. As a professional media practitioner, he naturally knew how to operate the self-media.


For example, he will incorporate various opinions in the program so that all fans can find resonance in the program. At the same time, Robbie can also use his simple appearance to drive the rhythm calmly and enhance the effect of the program.


With the increasing influence of the program, several guests have also grown into Internet celebrities. For example, Ty is optimistic, Judge Li is enthusiastic, Claude is a firm "inverted Wen", Troopz is full of London dialect, Moh is emphasizing net investment, and DT, the founder of the "Winger Out" banner.

随着节目影响力的增加,几位来宾也逐渐成为互联网名人。例如,Ty乐观,李法官热情,Claude是坚定的“倒文”,Troopz充满伦敦方言,Moh强调净投资,而“ Winger Out”旗帜的创始人DT。

Among them, DT, who is slightly fat and speaks an authentic London accent, is the most famous. In the process of AFTV's globalization, DT has also made a great contribution.


In the 2017-18 season, Arsenal lost 0-4 to Liverpool. After the game, the angry DT was completely mad, screaming at Wenger and Kroenke, and every word could not be separated from the foul language.


This rant has made AFTV fans countless, and the increase in fans has greatly increased. Up to now, the number of fans on the channel has reached 1.17 million, and the number of video views has reached 840 million.


And shortly after Robbie created the channel, DT also created his own MR.DT channel, but it was not until 2016 that he uploaded his first video. That rant also benefited him a lot. Now DT’s The number of fans has reached more than 230,000, and the number of videos played has reached 48 million.


The growing number of fans has made AFTV the number one fan channel in the world. Although fans of other teams have followed suit, it is difficult to catch up with Robbie's AFTV in influence.


At the same time, Robbie's personal influence is increasing day by day, his figure often appears in some international fan activities, of course, this also allows him to make a lot of money.


According to the official statistics of the video website, AFTV's current program broadcast revenue is about 94,000 pounds per month. According to this data, their annual revenue can reach millions.


And AFTV’s revenue does not stop there. They have an online store where fans can buy Arsenal’s peripheral products, and due to the increasing influence, Robbie has also received some advertising contracts, which has won a Sponsorship income.


On the eve of the 2018 World Cup, domestic media conducted an exclusive interview with Robbie. The interview was conducted at AFTV's London office.


Although they rented this office, its location is located between the National Gallery of England and the Royal Academy of Sciences. It is a land with a lot of money. The interior decoration of the office is very luxurious. It cannot be rented without any financial strength. This is only AFTV. One of the office locations.


DT started later than Robbie, and although it did not earn as much as AFTV, its development momentum is also quite good.


At present, Mr.DT uploads 16 videos every month on average, and has 236,000 subscriptions. The platform expects its annual revenue to be 66,000 pounds. He can also get a sum of money from AFTV.


Moreover, DT is said to have a good family background. At the Emirates Stadium, he has always been sitting in the best location, and there is a pass for the underground parking lot of the Emirates Stadium. When Arsenal goes overseas, DT often goes with the team.


In 2019, AFTV initiated the formation of an amateur football match with its video website. AFTV established a team by itself. Later, DT pulled out to go it alone and formed DTFC by itself, and competed against AFTV on the court.

在2019年,AFTV通过其视频网站发起了一场业余足球比赛。 AFTV本身建立了一个团队。后来,DT退出了比赛,独自成立了DTFC,并在球场上与AFTV竞争。

Although with the efforts of the FA, the cost of playing in the regular English courts is quite low, but for the average person, it also takes a lot of money to form an amateur team.


It can be seen that Robbie and DT have not made less money in the past two years, and as the business operations continue to mature, the income of AFTV and its members will continue to rise. Perhaps in the near future, AFTV and DT can even become a rising star in the business world.


Robbie and his partners have also attracted a lot of controversy over the so-called popularity of people.


Some Arsenal fans have also expressed some concerns about the show: AFTV is not a brainless show, but it is not a brainless show. The trouble is here. In the comments after the game, they often criticize certain players at the same time. Praise individual players, which is likely to have a bad effect on the unity of the team.


Moreover, as an Internet celebrity, AFTV and players often interact with each other. If you don't think about it well, it is likely to cause trouble.


For example, Aubameyang, who is very fond of DT, often interacts with AFTV members. He has a very good relationship with Troopz, and it is common to like him on social platforms.


But when I clicked and clicked, there was a problem. For example, under the video calling Emery a puppet and calling for the sale of Xhaka, Aubameyang liked it, which made the fans and the media fantasize and let the team Fall into passiveness. Later, Zhaka was deprived of the captain's armband. Many media believe that Aubameyang, who was fighting for the captain's position, was assisted by AFTV.


For many diehard Arsenal loyalists, these things are intolerable, so there were a lot of graffiti protesting AFTV near the Emirates Stadium. The word "out" also appeared on AFTV.

对于许多顽固的阿森纳忠实拥护者来说,这些事情是无法容忍的,因此在酋长球场附近有很多涂鸦抗议AFTV。 AFTV也出现了“ out”一词。

It can be said that this protest is the epitome of the AFTV controversy. The success of AFTV is closely related to the content of the program in addition to the efforts of Robbie and DT.

可以说,这次抗议活动是AFTV争议的缩影。 AFTV的成功与节目的内容密切相关,除了Robbie和DT的努力。

To attract so much attention, AFTV relies on the various complaints about the team's loss and the irony of the management. In this process, DT and others have created one after another, and the audience of the program is also because of this. Expanded beyond the Arsenal fan base.


And this is also the dissatisfaction of some Arsenal fans: the reason why AFTV can create a variety of popular jokes is based on Arsenal's unsatisfactory record, and if Wenger can have a coaching result that is not inferior to Ferguson, DT It is difficult to get the soil to become an internet celebrity. After all, when Arsenal wins, DT and others have never been stingy with compliments, but the effect of these contents is not as sensational as those harsh comments.


Therefore, AFTV should have been very grateful to the team for making such a "hard fortune for the team", but not only did they fail to constrain, but their arrogance became more and more arrogant.


When Bellerin attended an event at the Oxford University Student Club, he lashed out at AFTV: “Professing to be a fan, but relying on the team’s failure to achieve their own success, this approach is too ridiculous, how can such a person call himself Fans? They just want to make money in their own way."


Although Bellerin's words are a bit extreme, his views have also been supported by some Arsenal fans.


They believe that Robbie and DT have now made the program into business, and the color of commercialization is getting stronger and stronger. These people of AFTV are no longer pure fans, and it is more appropriate to call them businessmen.

他们认为Robbie和DT现在已经将该程序投入商业运作,并且商业化的色彩越来越强。 AFTV的这些人不再是纯粹的粉丝,更适合称他们为商人。

Today, the commercialization of Robbie and DT has become more and more obvious, but it is inevitable to deny the status of their fans.


Although DT and others have become more and more famous, their program content has never gone beyond the scope of football, and the operation of the channel has never been separated from the traditional self-media operation.


For example, AFTV’s more than 1 million fans and Mr.DT’s more than 200,000 fans are all attracted through program content, and they have never used black technology such as "cloud phones" to scan data; the number of fans continues to grow Under the circumstances, they did not consider using fan resources to bring goods, or play capital games under the name of bringing goods; even though the channel now accepts advertisements, the way of presentation is very traditional, and the quality of the program will never be affected by advertising fees.


As for the statement that "teams are difficult to make money", it is even more untenable. As Robbie said, the original intention of setting up the channel was to create a platform for fans to express their views. If the team loses, the fans will naturally not be in a good mood. If the team’s performance has been bad, they will face it after the game. Players, coaches, and high-level shots are even more routine.


DT and others are not actors, nor are they judges of variety shows, they are just expressing the views of a fan, nothing more.


Regardless of the team's performance, the show is a big show, but its fan status will have to be a question mark.


Moreover, from another point of view, the popularity of AFTV also brought Arsenal a lot of help.


In recent years, Arsenal's four games have become a problem, which has had a big blow to their influence. And AFTV helped the team recover a lot of losses on another front. Under their influence, many non-Arsenal fans went to take a look at the Arsenal game and went after the game without conflict. Listen to the witty comments from the guests.

近年来,阿森纳的四场比赛成为一个问题,对其影响力造成了很大的打击。 AFTV帮助团队在另一方面弥补了很多损失。在他们的影响下,许多非阿森纳球迷都去看了阿森纳的比赛,并在比赛后没有冲突。听取客人的机智评论。

DT once complained that the team has changed to a small team's operating mode, but the ticket price has not dropped, and it can get the highest ticket revenue in the Premier League.


It can be seen from this that although Arsenal has been hovering downhill, the fan base is still there. Although it is difficult for us to quantify how much AFTV contributes to this, it is certain that their role is hard to replace.


Although we have made a lot of money, we cannot deny that Robbie, DT and all members of AFTV still stick to the most authentic side of football.


Even without considering the status of fans, AFTV is also a self-media that makes content with heart. Under the tide of the Internet, it is worthy of respect for people to maintain such an original intention.


It may be the most appropriate to apply the former concept of "professional fans" to them, and AFTV's operating philosophy and business methods are likely to lead a new wave of "fan economy" and open up new areas for the development of football. .

将以前的“专业球迷”概念应用于他们可能是最合适的选择,而AFTV的经营理念和商业方法可能会引发“球迷经济”的新潮流,并为足球的发展开拓新领域。 。

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