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Tiger Punch, September 26 News Former Liverpool striker Neil Mailer recently accepted a media interview. Mailer said in an interview that after Klopp took over the team, the attractiveness of Liverpool players has become stronger, and Liverpool There was no way to introduce players like Thiago before. Mailer also talked about Jota, he said Jota is very suitable for high-position pressing tactics, and finally, Mailer said that he believes Liverpool can successfully defend the Premier League championship this season, and can go further in other competitions.

9月26日,老虎·庞克新闻前利物浦前锋尼尔·梅勒(Neil Mailer)最近接受了媒体采访。梅勒在接受采访时说,在克洛普接手球队之后,利物浦球员的吸引力变得更强了,而利物浦以前没有办法引进像蒂亚戈这样的球员。 Mailer还谈到了Jota,他说Jota非常适合高位置的紧逼战术,最后,Mailer说他相信利物浦可以成功卫冕本赛季的英超冠军,并且可以在其他比赛中走得更远。

"For Liverpool, Thiago is a great signing. When playing against Chelsea, Thiago was replaced in the midfield. He had a great influence on the game and he was very positive."


"Tiago set a new record for the number of Premier League half-time passes in the game against Chelsea. Thiago can play multiple positions. He can move on the left and the right. He can also be in the middle. activity."

“ Tiago在与切尔西的比赛中,英超联赛中场休息次数创下了新纪录。Thiago可以扮演多个位置。他可以左右移动。他也可以处于中路。”

"I think Thiago's addition has injected something new into Liverpool's midfield. Whenever he touches the ball, he always does a great job, especially considering that he didn't play much after the Champions League final. ."


"The addition of Thiago can take Liverpool one step further, but I am not sure what else Liverpool can achieve afterwards."


"Tiago is a world-class player, and his teammates are also world-class players, so Liverpool's midfield competition will be more intense than before, and this kind of competition can allow Liverpool to perform better."


"Liverpool is now one of the best clubs in Europe, but for a long time before Klopp took over the team, Liverpool had no way to introduce top players like Thiago."


"I think this is thanks to Klopp, Liverpool has won a lot of honors before, and now, top players like Thiago are willing to come to Liverpool to play."


"Liverpool will compete with Manchester City for the Premier League title this season, but it is still early. I know that many people were worried that Liverpool's defense was not stable enough, but after playing Chelsea, Liverpool proved their champion strength."


"Victory against Chelsea will allow Liverpool to be more confident in the subsequent games. I think Liverpool will continue this state. They will defend the Premier League title this season. At the same time, I think they will also go better on other fronts. far."


"After Arteta took over the team, Arsenal made great progress. They also played against Liverpool in the Community Shield before. Arsenal performed very well at the time."


"In my opinion, Liverpool has made better progress than before, and Arsenal has also made great progress, so the next game will be very exciting."


"After Arteta went, Arsenal did behave more disciplined. We have not seen such an Arsenal in a long time."


"If Arsenal want to beat Liverpool, they need to take advantage of Aubameyang's performance on the left, and Liverpool must also pay attention to Aubameyang's threat on the left."


"Liverpool defeated Leeds United and Chelsea successively. They definitely want to win the game against Arsenal and complete their three consecutive Premier League victories."


"Salah stood up in the first game against Leeds United, Mane stood up in the second game against Chelsea, and in the third game against Arsenal, can Firmino stand up for Liverpool? What?"


"This is also a problem that Arsenal needs to face. It is difficult for them to limit Liverpool's front court trident, and if Liverpool want to win, they need to perform better than the first two games."


"Jota is a very good young player. He performed very well when he played for Wolves, and he is also very in line with Liverpool's tactical philosophy."


"Jota can adapt to the high position tactics. He has plenty of physical strength. I believe he can integrate well into Liverpool. I think Jota can get some playing opportunities this season, but it is difficult for him to shake the starting position of Liverpool's trident in the front court. ."


"Jota needs to adapt to a new environment, so he may not be able to show his abilities right away, but I admire Jota and I think he is a great addition to Liverpool."


"When the transfer market opens, there will always be a lot of player names associated with Liverpool, but we don't know how it is now."


"Liverpool may suffer from injuries during the long season, and I think they still need to strengthen the lineup."


"The outside world has been talking about Liverpool's defense before. I think Fabinho has done a good job as a central defender before, but Gomez is likely to play against Arsenal after the game."


"I think Gomez's return will have a positive effect on Liverpool, and the transfer window is about to close."


"In January we will usher in the winter window, but it is a short transfer period, and I don't know if Liverpool can complete the signings by then."


"For Manchester United, their goal this season is to fight for the top four in the Premier League, not to fight for the championship. Manchester United's performance in the first game of the league was disappointing, and I think Manchester United is not as well prepared as other clubs."


"To be honest, many players in Manchester United were not prepared before. Maguire had some personal problems before. Bruno Fernandez only trained for a week before the start of the new season."


"Pogba has also encountered some problems before, and these uncertainties are the reason for Manchester United's lack of stability."


"I think Manchester United will be able to improve the situation afterwards. That's for sure. Manchester United started the season relatively slowly. I believe they can respond to Brighton this weekend."


"Bell is a great signing. Tottenham has done a great job. What Bell has to do now is to restore his health and get back his previous speed. If he can do it, it will be a good thing for Tottenham. ."


"I think Tottenham’s striker is already very good. Sun Xingmin and Kane have performed very well in the past few seasons. After Bell joins, their striker firepower will become stronger."


"I think Spurs is very likely to enter the top four of the Premier League this season. They have strengthened their defense before. In my opinion, the signing of Bell before Spurs is announcing that they will attack the top four in the league."


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