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亚博棋牌娱乐|特战一队王悠宇:三年从零到业5 除了天赋外还要什么

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   Article source: Love Chess Road


   "Double cultivation of chess and learning" is the expectation of almost every chess boy's parents for their children, but it is not easy to achieve this.


In order to help more children to achieve this goal, Aiqidao launched a special report on the "Special Battle Team Players", recording the stories behind the outstanding young chess players of the Aiqidao Special Battle team, sharing their experience in learning chess and learning methods. , To help more children become outstanding chess players who "learn to play chess without making mistakes"!

为了帮助更多的孩子实现这一目标,爱奇岛发布了关于“特种战队队员”的专题报告,记录了爱奇岛特种战队杰出的年轻国际象棋棋手的故事,分享了他们学习象棋和学习方法的经验。 。 ,帮助更多的孩子成为杰出的国际象棋棋手,他们“学习不会犯错误的下棋”!





  1.2020 National Children's Online Competition, the fifth place in the male group A;


   2. The sixth place in the 2020 2nd Online Children's Go Open;


  3.2020 Love Chess Special Battle First Team Round Robin is sixth;

3.2020 Love Chess Special Battle一线队Round Robin排名第六;

   4. 2019 Tianyuan Go National Children's Go Open 8th place;

4. 2019天源围棋全国少儿公开赛第八名;

   5.2019 Bailing Cup National Children's Competition Group B group third;


   6.2019 Zhejiang Huaxing Cup Children's Go Game 4th place;




   Youyu is 11 years old this year. He started to learn Go at the age of 5. In the first two years, he was promoted one tier a year; in 2017, he was promoted three tiers in a row!

佑宇今年11岁。他从5岁开始学习围棋。在头两年,他每年被晋升一级。 2017年,他连续三层晋升!

   Not only that, but Youyu's academic performance is also very good. He has always been in the forefront of the school. His English proficiency has exceeded CET-4 and CET-6, which is better than many adults!


   It is no exaggeration to say that Youyu is what many parents call "the child of someone else's family."


   Seeing this, you might say that he can do this step because of his high talent and ability.






   After Yu Yu decided to learn Go, his parents gave him great support. Youyu's parents are very clear that any study is boring, so in order to let young children persist in learning chess, it is a very important thing to keep his love of Go at all times.


   Youyu's parents found "Go Boy" to show him before he officially learned chess, and they also deliberately collected some historical and cultural stories related to Go and told him.


"After you watched "Go Boy", he thought that playing chess was a very interesting thing and could help others. This made him have a great affection for Go." Youyu's father carefully analyzed and said. "We will also accompany him to watch knowledge-based Go cartoons, so that he has a basic understanding of Go in advance, so he has very good basic skills and is quick to learn."

“看完“ Go Boy”之后,他认为下棋是一件非常有趣的事情,可以帮助其他人。这使他对Go产生了深厚的感情。”游玉的父亲仔细分析说。 “我们还将陪同他观看以知识为基础的围棋卡通,以便他事先对围棋有基本的了解,因此他具有非常好的基本技能并且很快就会学习。”







   Although Yoyu is young, he already has a plan for his future. He likes Go, but he doesn't want to be confined to Go. He also wants to learn more, so he has always asked himself to learn chess and learn both.


   Youyu’s parents will guide him on the road when he picks up his child from school every day. For example, today's Go task is to complete the replay of the love game, or how many life-and-death problems must be done; what are the school homework, and then ask Youyu to arrange the plan by himself.


   Youyu told him that, usually, he would first spend half an hour to an hour to finish his homework; then he would learn chess, read books, and then he would do other things.


   "The longest time I do homework will not exceed one and a half hours, and the time spent on Go is guaranteed to be about two hours a day.


   If there are too many homework at school on a certain day, then Youyu will put the unfinished Go tasks on the day to make up on the weekend, which also ensures daily sleep time.


   In short, Youyu will never delay Go because of learning, and will not neglect learning because of Go. If you want to do well, you must use every minute and every second!




   As long as they are studying, there will be mistakes and failures. In this case, the appropriate "small punishment" will not only prevent the child from losing interest in learning chess, but will encourage him to do better.


If Youyu doesn’t get all the questions right, he will take the initiative to reduce the time of reading books and watching cartoons; if he does well, not only can he spend more time for entertainment, his parents will also take him to eat delicious food, or Go where he wants to go.


   Yuu's father thought,


   Youyu’s parents also said that in addition to brain power, physical and mental state should be emphasized in chess and homework. Therefore, they are very supportive of You Yu doing more exercises to keep fit.


  Usually, between studies, Youyu can play somatosensory games; in school, he also joins the school swimming team; on weekends, he will go golf with his parents.






   asked Youyu: "Do you have any unique tips that you can share with other children?"


   Youyu laughed and said, "Yes! Do low-level questions!"


   Youyu said that from the early days to the present, he insisted on doing questions every day. As his rank increased, the difficulty of the questions became more and more difficult, and the time it took for Youyu to be longer and longer.


   So sometimes to relax myself,


   "I also recommend "Encyclopedia of Go Skills" to everyone. This is a book I particularly like." You Yu shared it without hesitation.


   He has read this book five or six times, as long as he is free, he will pick it up and read it.


  "This book has helped me a lot, and I will be inspired by it every time I read it.




   Now Youyu is preparing for Karma 6. As we all know, paragraphs 5 to 6 are a hurdle. Youyu has worked hard in this hurdle for two years.

现在,Youyu正在为Karma 6做准备。众所周知,第5至6段是一个障碍。游宇在这个障碍中努力了两年。

"We all think that it is not an easy task to upgrade to the 6th level. Youyu also don't worry about it. This will be a period of transformation into a butterfly. As long as you work hard, you will be successful!" Youyu's father smiled Say.

“我们都认为升级到第六级并不是一件容易的事。游宇也不必担心。这将是一段转变为蝶形的时期。只要努力工作,就能成功! ”有玉的父亲笑了。

   "We are ready for a long-term battle, and we are lucky to be exposed to Aiqi Dao at this time. The teaching concept here is very advanced, the curriculum is very systematic, and the teacher is also very responsible." Youyu's father said, "


   Youyu also told: "


   Youyu is never afraid of powerful opponents. On the contrary, he likes to play chess against powerful little players very much. Several classmates of the Aiqidao Special Wars team were his goals. At the beginning, it was difficult for Youyu to play chess with them, but after constant efforts, the gap between each other is getting smaller and smaller, which makes him very uncomfortable. Inspire.


   It is precisely because of constantly playing chess against opponents who are better than himself, Youyu's chess ability and psychological quality are steadily increasing, and every time he improves, he will be more confident in playing chess.


   Disraeli said: "




   Youyu's road to Go is not smooth. When he took the 2nd dan, he passed the exam 3 times for various objective reasons. That experience hit Youyu so hard that he wanted to give up Go.


   But with the love and encouragement of Mom and Dad, Youyu cheered up again. He steadily improved himself. Not only was his chess power like an ice-breaking bird, he rushed forward, and he even got the opportunity to play with the world champion of Go alone to instruct chess.



   Yuu’s father said: "The one we have always liked is ‘


   Everything is interlinked, and children can appreciate many philosophy of life through Go.


   For example, by learning Go, he will understand that many things are rules to follow. Once he masters this rule, he will get twice the result with half the effort.


   For another example, learning Go is like any subject, the later it becomes more difficult. But we can still dig out the sense of pleasure and accomplishment while working hard to overcome difficulties.


  Life is like playing chess. You must win and lose. When you encounter a problem, as long as you have the ability to solve the problem and master the method to solve the problem, the problem will be solved, and the road will be smoother.


   I hope Youyu can become an outstanding adult in the future, and I also hope that more children can come into contact with Go and fall in love with Go.


   There is joy in the process of learning chess, and it will inevitably experience setbacks and tribulations. I believe that as long as I have a dream in my heart, I will continue to move forward!


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