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Lost to Real Betis away, the Spaniard's road to relegation is getting narrower. Just like the previous loss to Levante, the Spaniard fell behind on both ends of the offense and defense, making many mistakes in passing and receiving the ball. The starting offensive player could hardly put pressure on the opponent and the defense was overwhelmed. After Abelado completed the substitution adjustment, the Spaniard's offense has improved somewhat. It is a pity that Wu Lei missed the opportunity, but considering that the two heavy-duty substitute forwards only got one shot each, the Spaniard's offensive failure is by no means a fault.


Due to four games to be played in the past 9 days, Abelardo chose to perform a large rotation in this campaign. Wu Lei, who has started seven consecutive games in the league, took the bench. Caleri's striker partner was changed to Campsano. Behind them are Daddell and Embalba.


Since the rematch, the Spaniard's overall state has been in a sluggish state. Wu Lei is one of the best players in the team. His performance has won the recognition of Abelardo. Around a bunch of technical players, Wu Lei's running and execution ability is a good supplement. He is not only the team's forward sharp knife, but also can act as a system binder in some games. Considering that Betis will work hard to win the ball at home, Abelardo is ready to fight for a long time. He hopes that the starting lineup can withstand the pressure and drag the opponent, and the forwards who come off the bench will harvest the victory.


Betis, who has the advantage of the home court, takes the initiative. Under the leadership of the core players, they rely on the active side attack to pressure their opponents. The technical advantages of Fekir and Canales are very obvious, and the impact of Emerson and Iglesias also put pressure on the Spanish defense.

拥有主场优势的贝蒂斯(Betis)采取了主动。在核心球员的领导下,他们依靠主动的边路进攻向对手施加压力。 Fekir和Canales的技术优势非常明显,Emerson和Iglesias的影响也给西班牙的国防施加了压力。

After a break for nearly five days, the Spaniard’s state has not improved much. Abelardo’s rotation has changed the position of many players on the field. Ituraspe and Pedrosa, who have been in the battle for a long time, have not improved much. The state is average, which makes the offensive connection that lacks tacit understanding become more inefficient. In the first half, the Spaniard's pass success rate was only 44%, and Embalba and Dadell spent a lot of time on the defensive end. After completing the steal in his own half, the Spaniard's long pass was a one-off deal. Both Campsano and Calelli had slammed their heads into a heavy encirclement.


The Spaniard's offensive performance is lacklustre, and Betis's offensive efficiency in mobile warfare is not high. With players like Fekir and Canales, Betis has no patience to try delicate wing coordination. After the failed attempt to play depth on the wing, Betis began to make full use of the width of the field to create murder. This is the advantage of the three-back/five-back formation with wingbacks over the 442 system.


In previous games, the Spaniard's set-kick offense was very good, Embalba scored a direct free kick, David Lopez and Nardo have scored in corner kicks. Shortly after the start of the second half, the Spaniard suffered heavy losses in his best area. Canales took a right corner kick and Baltra headed for ituraspe.

在之前的比赛中,西班牙人的任意球进攻非常出色,Embalba获得了直接任意球,David Lopez和Nardo获得了角球。下半场开始后不久,西班牙人在他的最佳区域遭受了沉重的损失。卡纳勒斯开出右脚任意球,巴尔特拉前往伊图拉斯佩。

Subsequently, Abelardo changed three people in a row, Wu Lei and De Thomas partnered with the striker, and Melendo provided support behind them. After the striker changed his face, the Spaniard launched a high press, trying to move the attacking location forward. Daddell moves between the two lines and is the key piece to push the oppression. Wu Lei and De Thomas are not suitable for long-distance counterattacks, but are good at playing the role of terminator. Only by advancing the line to the frontcourt, their characteristics can be better displayed.

随后,阿贝拉多连续更换了三人,吴雷和德托马斯与前锋搭档,梅伦多在他们身后提供了支持。前锋换了脸后,西班牙人发动了压制,试图将进攻位置向前移动。 Daddell在两条直线之间移动,是推动压迫的关键。吴磊和德托马斯不适合长距离反击,但善于扮演终结者的角色。只有将这条线前进到前场,才能更好地展现其特征。

In the 60th minute, Wu Lei got rid of the frontcourt brilliantly and then sent a straight pass. De Thomas shoveled and flew in the penalty area. Before the offseason, Wu Lei had partnered with De Thomas. Abelado posed a 4231/451 formation against Osasuna and Atletico Madrid. De Thomas took the lead and Wu Lei partnered as a right forward. This move was to balance offense and defense and avoid both of them appearing at the same time. Rejection at the front line. The connection between De Thomas and Wu Lei is one-way. The former requires a lot of ball power and a high degree of freedom. After entering the range, it will hardly choose to pass the ball. It is difficult for Wu Lei to get support from his partner.

在第60分钟,吴磊出色地摆脱了前场,然后直传。德·托马斯铲车并飞入禁区。在休赛期之前,吴磊曾与De Thomas合作。阿贝拉多对奥萨苏纳和马德里竞技提出了4231/451阵型。德·托马斯(De Thomas)率领,吴磊成为了前进的伙伴。此举是为了平衡攻守,避免两者同时出现。在第一线拒绝。德·托马斯和吴雷之间的联系是单向的。前者需要很大的控球能力和高度的自由度。进入范围后,几乎不会选择传球。吴磊很难得到他的伴侣的支持。

Betis did not choose to be conservative after taking the lead, which gave the Spaniard a lot of offensive space. At the last moment, Abelardo replaced Victor Gomez and Melamed in an attempt to speed up from the wing to provide support for the two forwards. In the 88th minute, after the Spaniard completed a successful hit, Melamed knocked on the left bottom line, and Wu Lei's push shot was blocked by Robles.

贝蒂斯在带头之后没有选择保守,这给了西班牙人很大的进攻空间。在最后一刻,阿贝拉多(Abelardo)取代了维克托·戈麦斯(Victor Gomez)和梅拉梅德(Melamed),试图从机翼上加速为两名前锋提供支持。在第88分钟,西班牙人成功完成命中后,梅拉梅德(Melamed)敲门左底线,吴磊的推射被罗伯斯(Robles)挡出。

Wu Lei's lack of entry has cast a shadow over the Spaniard's prospects for relegation. He needs to be prepared to accept criticism and accusations. Of course, Wu Lei does not need to blame himself too much. It is not so easy to outflank the goal in a high-speed, facing the goalkeeper. Many top forwards have the experience of not making empty goals. In the face of Betis, who is in general, the Spaniard has only received this opportunity, and the offensive harvest is by no means a fault.


After the rematch, Wu Lei's performance in seizing opportunities in front of goal has improved a lot compared to before, which was reflected in the goal against Alaves. Successfully surpassed the "second-year wall", Wu Lei was able to maintain good patience and a clear head in the turbulent environment, which accelerated his breakthrough in technology. Serving as a "forward" is convenient for Wu Lei to steal the spotlight, but when facing real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and other strong teams, Wu Lei may return to the position of "wing forward" and use his diligence to help the team Maintain a balance between offense and defense.


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