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This should be the simplest number. Number 1 is for the goalkeeper. When the concept of jersey numbers was first introduced in the 1920s, the numbers of all players on the field were arranged in order from 2 to 11. Goalkeepers didn’t even need numbers. They just had to wear a shirt of a different color. .

这应该是最简单的数字。第一位是守门员。当球衣号码的概念在1920年代首次引入时,场上所有球员的号码从2到11排列。门将甚至不需要号码。他们只需要穿另一种颜色的衬衫即可。 。

Later the goalkeeper also had his own number-number 1. In the long years that followed, the number of goalkeeper positions hardly changed.


However, just almost.


Even in South American football, where the goalkeeper is the most restless, "Butterfly" Campos is an alternative-he is a goalkeeper and forward. He plays as a goalkeeper, but whenever the team is in adversity and needs to score a goal, "Butterfly" "It will be transformed into a forward attacking the city. "Ideally, I want to be a goalkeeper in the first half and a forward in the second half," Campos said in an interview with "442" in 2018.

即使在守门员最烦躁的南美足球比赛中,“蝴蝶亚博棋牌娱乐”坎波斯还是一个替代选择-他还是一名守门员和前锋。他是守门员,但是只要球队处于逆境中并且需要进球,“蝴蝶”“它将转变为进攻城市的前锋。”理想情况下,我想在上半场成为一名守门员。坎波斯在2018年接受“ 442”采访时说。

Before becoming the main goalkeeper of the Mexican Cougars, Campos had already made a name for himself as a forward. In the 1989-90 season, Campos won the team's top scorer with 14 goals, and then he retreated to his favorite goalkeeper position. Although he is only 167cm tall, Campos has proven that he is fully qualified for this position, and his national team has played 130 games.


However, the dual identities brought some trouble for him to choose the number.


At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Campos, the goalkeeper, played the entire game wearing No. 9, and he did the same thing at the club.


Sometimes Campos wears the No. 1 goalkeeper in the first half and continues to wear the No. 1 forward in the second half, just like in the 1995 Mexico-Chile friendly. In that game, Campos had a chance to help the team break the deadlock in the second half, but the angle of his left foot was too straight to pose a threat.


Campos is known for designing his own colorful jerseys, but sometimes he also wears the traditional green jerseys of Mexican outfielders to guard the goal. (Annotation: During the 1998 World Cup, a team protested to FIFA that Campos’ jerseys were too fancy, and then Campos had to temporarily abandon the jerseys he designed and wear the ordinary green jerseys of outfield players.)

坎波斯以设计自己的彩色球衣而闻名,但有时他也穿着墨西哥外野手的传统绿色球衣来保卫目标。 (注解:在1998年世界杯期间,一支球队向FIFA抗议坎波斯的球衣太花哨,然后坎波斯不得不暂时放弃他设计的球衣,并穿外场球员的普通绿色球衣。)

Campos scored a total of 46 goals in his career. Only two goalkeepers in the history of world football can score more goals than "Butterfly". Of course, they are all from South America.


The legendary Paraguayan goalkeeper Chilavert, nicknamed the "madman", has scored 67 goals in his career. The Brazilian Cheney scored almost twice as many goals-reaching 131, including 69 penalty kicks and 61. Free kick and a sports goal.


Unlike Campos, who often plays as a striker, Cheney is just a goalkeeper. He went to the front court just to take set kicks. He has never worn the No. 9 jersey. However, Cheney has also worn a wonderful number. At the end of his career, he played for Sao Paulo. Cheney was number 01.


The thing is, in 2007, there was no No. 10 in the Sao Paulo team, so Cheney decided to become a "reverse No. 10" to make up for it. When Cheney retired in 2015, Sao Paulo retired his No. 01 jersey. Of course, other goalkeepers could wear No. 1, but No. 01 was sealed forever. Cheney’s No. 01 has no shortage of imitators-Santos goalkeeper Everson wore the No. 01 jersey when he played for Ceara and scored a wonderful free kick in tribute to Cheney in 2018 against Corinthians .


In the history of the Premier League, the No. 1 jersey has been worn on an outfield player only once. In the last round of the 2004-05 season, in order to qualify for the UEFA Cup next season, the then Manchester City coach Pierce vowed to score three points in the game against Middlesbrough. He replaced the substitute goalkeeper Nicky Weaver. The next midfielder Claudio Renner, this means that James, who is 193cm tall, will remain on the court. He wore an outfield jersey with his name and number 1 printed on it and rushed to the front to act as High center forward. Although at the time the team was still sitting on the bench with the £5 million striker Jon McCann, obviously he did not have the trust of Pierce. It’s also a coincidence that although Manchester City played at home in the match, they did not wear the traditional sky blue jersey. Instead, they wore the away jersey prepared for next season for the first time. So when James wore this blue-black jersey The time does not appear to be contrary to peace.

在英超联赛的历史中,一号球衣仅在外场球员身上穿过一次。在2004-05赛季的最后一轮中,为了获得下赛季的欧洲联盟杯冠军,当时的曼城教练皮尔斯发誓要在与米德尔斯堡的比赛中得到3分。他替换了替补门将尼基·韦弗。下一位中场球员克劳迪奥·雷纳(Claudio Renner),这意味着身高193厘米的詹姆斯将留在球场上。他穿着外地球衣,上面印有他的名字和1号,他冲到了前面,担任高中锋。尽管当时球队仍和价值500万英镑的前锋麦肯坐在板凳上,但显然他并不信任皮尔斯。碰巧的是,尽管曼城在比赛中主场比赛,但他们没有穿传统的天蓝色球衣。相反,他们第一次穿了为下个赛季准备的客场球衣。因此,当詹姆斯穿着这件蓝黑色球衣时,这似乎与和平背道而驰。

"I told the equipment manager before to print an outfield jersey with James No. 1," Pierce said in an interview last year. "I said,'For God's sake, don't tell him.' James didn't know about it. My assistant coach didn't approve of this. When the game reached the 75th minute he said:'No goal is scored. , It's all on your own. "I thought James would be the finisher, but he played like a number 10."

皮尔斯在去年的一次采亚博棋牌娱乐访中说:“我之前告诉过设备经理要印刷詹姆斯一号的外场球衣。” “我说,'看在上帝的份上,不要告诉他。'詹姆斯对此一无所知。我的助理教练不赞成这一点。比赛进行到第75分钟时,他说:“没有进球。这全靠你自己了。”“我以为詹姆斯会成为终结者,但是他打得像个十号。”

Despite this, James, who appeared in the opponent's penalty area, created trouble for Middlesbrough. In the confusion, the visiting team player Quedlu handballed, and Middlesbrough was sentenced to a penalty kick. Unfortunately, Robbie Fowler's penalty was saved by Schwarzer, and this missed penalty also made Manchester City's UEFA Cup wish frustrated.

尽管如此,出现在对手禁区的詹姆斯为米德尔斯堡制造了麻烦。在混乱中,客队球员Quedlu手球踢,而米德尔斯堡被判罚点球。不幸的是,罗比·福勒(Robbie Fowler)的点球机会被施瓦泽(Schwarzer亚博棋牌娱乐)挽救了,而这次错失的点球也使曼城的欧洲联盟杯愿望受挫。

Many outfield players also like to wear No. 1. The most famous one is Edgar Davis, the "Wild Boar". The Dutchman was No. 1 when he served as a player and head coach for the Barnett team. Davis bought No. 1 from Graham Stark and claimed that he would create a new trend for midfielders to wear No. 1. In an interview with a reporter from Sky Sports, Davis recalled why he chose No. 1.

许多外场球员也喜欢穿1号。最著名的是埃德加·戴维斯(Edgar Davis),“野猪”。在担任Barnett队的球员和主教练时,荷兰人排名第一。戴维斯从格雷厄姆·史塔克(Graham Stark)购买了1号,并声称他将为中场穿1号创造新的趋势。在接受《天空体育》记者采访时,戴维斯回忆起他为什么选择1号。

"I thought,'I am Edgar Davis'" he explained.


Some goalkeepers do not like number 1 in the first place, they will choose some outfield numbers as their fixed numbers. Italian goalkeepers like to do this-Luca Buzzi crosses numbers 5 and 7, Cristiano Lupatelli crosses numbers 3 and 10, and Viviano wore numbers in Sampdoria number 2.

有些守门员首先不喜欢数字1,他们会选择一些外场数字作为固定数字。意大利守门员喜欢这样做-卢卡·巴齐(Luca Buzzi)横穿5号和7号,克里斯蒂亚诺·卢帕特利(Cristiano Lupatelli)穿3号和10号,维维安诺(Viviano)穿2号桑普多利亚(Sampdoria)。

Brazilian goalkeeper Jimal wore a No. 3 with Brazil to win the 1958 World Cup. In the 1970s, there was a trend of arranging numbers in first alphabetical order in world football, which led to the 1978 World Cup, the Argentine midfielder, River Plate No. 10 player Norberto Alonso (Norberto Alonso). In the national team No. 1, Zhengyin goalkeeper Ubaldo Fillol (Ubaldo Fillol) was assigned to No. 5.

巴西守门员吉马尔(Jimal)与巴西队以3号获得1958年世界杯冠军。在1970年代,世界足球有按字母顺序排列数字的趋势,这导致了1978年世界杯足球赛,阿根廷中场,第10位河床球员诺伯托·阿隆索(Norberto Alonso)。在国家队1号中,郑寅守门员乌巴尔多·菲尔(Ubaldo Fillol)被分配到5号。

The Netherlands used this number assignment method in the 1974 World Cup. Forward Ruud Geels got No. 1. It seems that the letter "G" is unlikely to be number one among the players. Indeed, the number 1 should have been Johan Cruyff, but Cruyff was allowed to wear his favorite number 14. Goalkeeper Jans Jongbloed got the 8th in order. By the 1978 World Cup, although the Netherlands had abandoned the practice of deciding the numbers in alphabetical order, the angry Jung Brod still insisted on using the absurd number 8. Recently, Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa followed his predecessor Campos and wore an outfield number-Ochoa prefers the number 8, because the number "8" in Spanish sounds similar to the part of his last name "ocho".

荷兰在1974年世界杯足球赛中采用了这种号码分配方法。前锋Ruud Geels排名第一。似乎字母“ G”不太可能成为玩家中的第一名。确实,第一名本应该是约翰·克鲁伊夫(Johan Cruyff),但克鲁伊夫(Cruyff)被允许穿上他最喜欢的数字14。守门员扬斯·琼布洛德(Jans Jongbloed)排名第八。到了1978年世界杯,尽管荷兰已经放弃了按字母顺序决定数字的做法,但愤怒的荣格·布罗德(Jung Brod)仍然坚持使用荒谬的数字8。最近,墨西哥门将奥乔亚(Ochoa)跟着他的前任坎波斯(Campos)穿着外场数字-奥乔亚(Ochoa)首选数字8,因为西班牙语中的数字“ 8”听起来与他的姓氏“ ocho”相似。

Rudy and Patricio of the Wolves team gave up No. 1, which was a symbol of the main goalkeeper, in tribute to the former Wolves goalkeeper Karl Ikham suffering from leukemia. They chose No. 21 and No. 11 respectively, meaning that No. 1 remained. To Ikum. This move not only complies with the tradition of goalkeeper numbers to a certain extent, but also subtly expresses Ikum's respect and blessing.

狼队的鲁迪(Rudy)和帕特里西奥(Patricio)放弃了1号,这是主要守门员的象征,以表彰前狼队守门员卡尔·伊卡姆(Karl Ikham)患上白血病。他们分别选择了21号和11号,这意味着仍保留了1号。对Ikum。这一举动不仅在一定程度上符合守门员的传统,而且巧妙地表达了伊库姆的敬意和祝福。

Ikham retired due to illness in the summer of 2018. The good news is that he has recovered. He expressed his gratitude to Patricio and Rudy for their kind deeds, and sent his blessings to the main goalkeeper Patricio, wishing the Portuguese Put on size 1 again.


"Their approach is so considerate and shows a noble personality," Ikum said in an interview with "The Athletic" last year. "I am extremely grateful."

去年,伊库姆在接受《体育》采访时说:“他们的方法是如此体贴,并显示出高尚的个性。” “我非常感谢。”

"He (Patricio) is a great signing for the Wolves, and it's time for him to wear the No. 1 jersey," Ikum said.


Compared with the outfield players, there is another important difference in the goalkeeper number, that is, the substitute players also have a fixed number. After studying the numbers of the teams participating in the 2018 World Cup, we can draw the above conclusions.


Out of a total of 32 teams, 20 teams handed over No. 12 to the first substitute goalkeeper. This is easy to understand. For the bench lineup, No. 12 is "No. 1." In addition, a total of 15 teams from all participating teams handed No. 23 to the third goalkeeper. This is directly related to FIFA's policy-in 2002, FIFA stipulated that the number of participating teams increased from 22 to 23, and the extra person was prepared for the third goalkeeper. In order to avoid the team taking advantage of the loopholes, they also specifically stipulated that the third goalkeeper can only play as a goalkeeper.


The reason why FIFA clearly stipulates this is only to target one person-Mexico No. 23 Campos.


In British football, No. 13 is the traditional number of substitute goalkeepers. Modern football originated in England in the mid-19th century, but it was not until 1965 that the rules of substitution were first introduced. When a team is allowed to have two substitutes, they usually choose No. 12 and No. 14, skipping No. 13, which they consider unlucky. Later, the rules allowed three substitutes, and the third substitute is often the goalkeeper, and they usually take over No. 13.


Nowadays, more and more outfield players are beginning to wear No. 13, but there are still five goalkeepers wearing No. 13 in the Premier League this season. Perhaps the most iconic is Roberto Jimenez of West Ham. First of all, Roberto Jimenez, who wore No. 13, was really unlucky. After the main goalkeeper Fabianski was injured, Roberto Jimenez, who replaced the Poles, performed horribly. A series of mistakes caused the Hammers to play. Only one point was scored in the six league rounds; secondly, in his native Spain, goalkeepers in the 25-man roster can only wear No. 1 and No. 13, young players outside the roster have more choices.

如今,越来越多的外场球员开始穿着13号,但本赛季英超联赛中仍有五名守门员穿着13号。也许最具标志性的是西汉姆联队的罗伯托·希门尼斯。首先,穿13号衣服的罗伯托·希门尼斯(Roberto Jimenez)真倒霉。在主力门将Fabianski受伤后,取代波兰人的Roberto Jimenez表现糟糕。一系列错误导致Hammer上场。在六轮联赛中只得到1分;其次,在他的祖国西班牙,拥有25名球员的门将只能穿着1号和13号球衣,而阵容之外的年轻球员则有更多选择。

France is different again. The number of the substitute goalkeeper became number 16, because number 16 is the last of the five benches. This tradition is still maintained at the national team level. The famous French goalkeeper Butters wears No. 16 in the national team, and this practice has spread from France to Africa. Of the 24 teams that participated in the African Cup last year, 19 goalkeepers wore number 16. The Ligue 1 league is perhaps the most conservative league in this regard-the three goalkeepers of each team must be number 1, 16 and 30.


Although the practice of fixing goalkeeper numbers in Ligue 1 and La Liga shows strong regularity, it does not seem necessary to do so. As we mentioned above, Italian goalkeepers like to wear numbers other than No. 1. Among all 20 starting goalkeepers in Serie A this season, only 9 have No. 1. Other numbers include No. 21, No. 25, No. 28, and No. 39. , No. 47, No. 69, No. 90, No. 95 and two No. 99-the high degree of freedom of the Italian goalkeepers, one can not help but have deep sympathy for the goalkeepers of Ligue 1 and La Liga.


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