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Tiger Fight, October 1st, before Tottenham’s Europa League qualifying match against Maccabi Haifa, Mourinho and Dougherty attended a press conference.

10月1日,“虎扑”(Tiger Fight),在热刺对马卡比·海法,穆里尼奥和多尔蒂的欧联杯资格赛之前,他参加了新闻发布会。

Mourinho: Sun Xingyun will definitely not be able to play tomorrow. It is very difficult to say whether he can play on Sunday. Of course, I don't want to say that he must not be able to play because of the possibility of him, and my situation was not good at that time.


Bell can't play in these two games, I can be sure. He worked hard and professionally in training, but he couldn't play in these two games. I think the two-week international match day is very important for his recovery in the final stage. I hope he can play the weekend after the national team match day. Let's take a look at that time. Yesterday was just a little tired.


Mourinho: Gareth did not formally give me any information in this regard, but Giggs should take care of him. Giggs also understands how important it is to Gareth at this stage. It seems that his The decision is not to recruit Bell.


Bell is indeed not ready to play. He can't play for Wales. If he goes to the national team, then he will lose the time to do some work with us, which is very important to him. Bale belongs to Tottenham and also to the Welsh team. It looks like he will have the opportunity to do special work and return in good condition.


I'm not sure that Dele will be there tomorrow, but I'm not sure he won't. We still have training sessions today. The decision remains to be made by us. The only thing I can say is that he has been very very professional. I have only respect for him.


He has always been very professional, especially when the team was preparing for the game yesterday, he knew he was not on the roster. If he lacked some motivation in this training session, or even not so professional, it would be acceptable, but the fact is the opposite. He trained very hard. My team and I respect him very much, so the possibility of him playing tomorrow is there.


Mourinho: His debut was super super. The good thing for me is that this game showed his characteristics and qualities. After making mistakes and losing the ball, he did not fail, but he performed better and better. You must know that many players, there are no lack of experienced people, when they make a mistake or when the game is in a downturn, his confidence will also decrease. This young man is just not like that. He should do better for the handling before that goal. However, it was from that moment that Sergio really ushered in an explosion, showing a very, very incredible performance.


Three guards are what we can do, and the players are learning. This tactical culture is of course larger. At present, when we face a team with many different systems, our players know how to respond no matter what card the opponent plays. They understand the difference and how to adapt. Therefore, the team is entering the state. Yesterday’s game did not have much strategic significance. It was more about trying to build a team with existing players, such as participating in the game, and making as few mistakes as possible. The only mistake I made was to kick Dell. Making fewer mistakes is more about getting a balanced offensive and defensive team, a team that can control the game and opponents, and can accept the changes in the late game-just like we did. We managed to do this, and in the end, it was great for this group of children.


Mourinho: Healthy Kane should also start every game for Tottenham, but he didn't have it yesterday. I think this is the point. If you have such a player, you send him on the field hoping to win every game, but you cannot do that. I think Southgate and Holland will take care of the players. I don’t think they want to associate the results of something this week with three international matches. This is obviously too much, especially for me. For the players.


So I won’t talk to Southgate, nor Holland, even though he and I are good friends. Just let them do their work the way they want, they have this freedom. I will not talk to Giggs, I will only respect their work. After all, although these players are ours, they are also theirs. Hope Southgate and Holland understand what happened to Tottenham this week and respect these players. This is just my hope, but I will not call, or ask or pray for anything. I don't want to put pressure on it. They have their own freedom, which I absolutely respect.


Mourinho: He was very tired after the game, even when everyone rushed towards Lori after the penalty shootout, he did not do so. His performance was amazing, he played great. You can feel this sense of happiness, a happy player's performance is moving in the right direction. Physically speaking, he can be better, he must be better, and he will definitely be better, but now if you compare him with him from last season and his pre-season preparations-due to injuries and pre-season preparations He didn't do much for other reasons-no doubt different.


I gave him a big hug yesterday, just before the penalty shootout, before we won, just for the feeling he gave in 90 minutes. I am very happy for him, but he can also be better because he has the potential to become a truly phenomenal player.


Mourinho: We are not playing in the Champions League. There is a huge difference between the Champions League and the Europa League, but entering the Europa League is also an important gain for us.


At the competitive level, this is a different game from the Champions League, and it is also a difficult one. There are many matches, many opponents, and many away trips-this is because the opponents of the Champions League are relatively more concentrated. Playing on Thursday is very, very difficult, but this is a game we are motivated to play and will try to win. After the Champions League group stage, more excellent teams and better teams will participate. The knockout round is full of danger, because there is only one round, so it is very dangerous.


We were scared in Bulgaria before and we must ensure victory tomorrow. A game determines the outcome. In our home court, away goals are irrelevant. Overtime and then a penalty shootout. We must make all preparations to win the game. Because that is very important for us both from the economic level and the competitive level.


I will no longer condemn the scores I lost before, and I will not blame anyone other than ourselves, including VAR, referees, etc. Indeed, this crazy week is directly related to our game against Newcastle, but our first game against Everton did not perform well. We should get better results than failure, but not very good in terms of team performance. As for the game against Newcastle, there were some incredible decisions. Before this week came to Sunday, we had already experienced a series of difficult situations, but let us go step by step, play after play, and then set foot on Old Trafford with our ambitions.


I am optimistic about this, but I like the feeling of doing my best more than the result. The club and the management are working hard. I think it’s good if we succeed. If we don’t succeed, this is football.


Doherty: We just said a few words. He gave me a video of the dressing room and a photo of the jersey, saying, "This dressing room is waiting for you. Everyone in the club is the highest priority."


Doherty: As an outsider, you can only see those interviews, and you can't understand his sense of humor and the harmonious relationship between him and his team members. Before signing with Tottenham, we had a few conversations. He was very enthusiastic at the time and pointed out some ways that I can improve. I am very happy to be able to play under his command.


Doherty: I think many people don't realize that the difference between these two positions is huge. As a wing guard, you don't have to invest too much energy in defense. This is what I realized in the right back position, and I am getting used to this position. I still need to learn a lot and I am still improving. I am excited about it. I know I have the ability to play right back, but I am also adapting myself (wing position).


Dougherty: Tottenham undoubtedly have the ability to win this event. After entering the group stage, no matter what kind of opponent we face, even if it is a giant, we have the ability to move on. You look at our lineup, it is very good and exciting!


(Editor: Yang Ge)


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