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Good morning, friends, and welcome to watch the Qiu Di Morning News on April 12!


Two anecdotes were revealed in football yesterday. One is that the "veteran player" Dembele was brutally tortured in the Football Manager Online League created by Griezmann and ranked last with 0 wins in 10 games; the second is that Yang Chen in Xingcheng, Chengdu During the isolation period in my hometown, I learned to drive an excavator and mastered a new craft.


The staff of the Chinese Embassy in Spain revealed that Wu Lei's physical condition has improved greatly. TEDA coach Stillik confirmed that he will retire after the contract ends, while Li Tie expects more naturalized players to join the national football team.

中国驻西班牙大使馆工作人员透露,吴磊的身体状况已有很大改善。 TEDA教练Stillik确认他将在合同终止后退休,而Li Tie希望更多入籍球员加入国家足球队。

Please see the detailed report below.


Barcelona star Griezmann started a 24-hour live game broadcast on Twitch last night to raise funds for charity. His teammate Dembele also joined in early this morning.


According to Red Star News, Yang Chen of Chengdu Xingcheng Team was trapped in Hubei for three months during the epidemic, and he also learned to excavate.


The Chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, Yao Fei, revealed on the 11th that Wu Lei and his family are currently in isolation at home. According to his own report, his physical condition has been greatly improved compared with the initial period of illness. The Chinese Embassy in Spain and The Consulate General in Barcelona sincerely hopes that he will recover as soon as possible and return to the stadium with 100% health.


Recently, Sky Sports launched a vote for the best team in the Premier League this season. About 50,000 fans selected the best 11 in their hearts. In this list, Liverpool has 5 people on the list, while Leicester City Forward Vardy was also shortlisted.

最近,天空体育(Sky Sports)对本赛季英超最佳球队进行了投票。大约50,000名粉丝选择了他们心中最好的11名。在这份名单中,利物浦有5人入围,而莱斯特城前锋瓦迪也入围。

Recently, Real Madrid’s official microblog launched a fan vote on Weibo to select Real Madrid’s best goals in the Champions League in the past 10 years. In the end, Ramos was elected with a header scored at 92 minutes and 48 seconds in the 2013-14 Champions League final.


According to the "Mirror" report, Ronaldo was recently photographed conducting secret training in a stadium in his hometown of Madeira, but Ronaldo's behavior seemed to violate the local government's home regulations. The Portuguese government officials warned Ronaldo not to expect privileges. He must set an example to the world and abide by the government's home regulations to stop the spread of the virus.


A report from "Aspen" claimed that Real Madrid had a chance to sign De Ligt, but due to economic considerations, they finally decided to introduce Millitang.


According to the Argentine media "Ole" news, La Plata gymnastics coach Maradona offered to lower his salary, but refused to let the players cut their salaries, in order to help the club through the crisis brought about by the new crown epidemic.


Recently, in an interview, Crouch selected the best foreign aid team in the history of the Premier League in his mind. In this list, Henry and Van Dijk are both on the list, and De Bruyne was also selected.

最近,克劳奇在接受采访时选出了英超历史上最好的外援队。在此列表中,亨利(Henry)和范·迪克(Van Dijk)都在亚博棋牌娱乐列表中,还选择了德布鲁因(De Bruyne)。

In an interview with German media recently, Tianjin TEDA head coach Stillik said that he would choose to retire after ending his contract with TEDA.


In an interview with CCTV, national football coach Li Tie said that he hopes that more naturalized players can join the national team.


After the former Chinese national footballer Dong Fangzhuo retired, he chose to engage in football youth training. Recently, he accepted an interview with host Chen Luyu and talked about his football career and some understanding of youth training.


Former Chinese international Qu Bo is currently engaged in youth football training in Qingdao and has formed an echelon of five age groups from 07-11. Recently, he accepted an exclusive interview with host Chen Luyu and talked about his understanding of youth training.


Recently, the former Chinese international Su Maozhen accepted an interview with the program "Lu Yu You You". He recalled the beginning and end of his trial training at Manchester United, and his unbeaten goal against Guoan in 1996, and his participation in the World Cup. The mental journey before and after.


Former Shandong Luneng foreign aid and Russian football star Kiryakov mentioned in an interview a few days ago that the Chinese need to be vigilant due to the new crown epidemic and eat only normal food in the future, and stop eating animals that can fly and crawl.


In October 2015, due to Courtois' injury, Chelsea signed Amelia as a free agent. The old Italian goalkeeper followed Atlético Roma in the 14/15 season in Serie C.


According to the "World Sports Daily", Hernandez, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy, said in an interview with Mexican media MedioTiempo: "I can earn a high salary by playing football, but there are no doctors and scientists looking for the cure for the world. It's incredible."


In a Champions League knockout round in April 2013, Dortmund beat Málaga 3-2 with Santana's last-minute goal. After 7 years, Málaga President Altani called for a confrontation on Twitter. Investigating that game and claiming that it was a dark day in the history of world football.

在2013年4月的冠军联赛淘汰赛中,多特蒙德队以桑塔纳的最后时刻进球以3-2击败了马拉加。 7年后,马拉加总统阿尔塔尼(Altani)呼吁在Twitter上进行对抗。调查那场比赛,并声称那是世界足球历史上漆黑的一天。

Ramsey praised his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus in an interview. He bluntly said that the Portuguese star is an incredible player.


Recently, Athletic Bilbao defender Inigo Martinez said in an interview that, except for Messi, the best player he has faced and the most difficult player to defend is Neymar.

最近,毕尔巴鄂竞技队的后卫Inigo Martinez在接受采访时说,除了梅西,他所面对的最佳球员和最难防守的球员都是内马尔。

Bayern star Koeman is a wide player who is extremely fast. In an interview recently, Koeman said that he and teenager Alfonso Davis have tried, and the Canadian star is faster than him. However, Koeman believes that he will accelerate in the first 15 meters more and he will be stronger when changing direction.


Manchester United star Scholes revealed in an interview with "BBC" that during the Euro 2000, Inter Milan had approached him through an intermediary and asked him if he was interested in joining, while other European giants had never looked for him.


"The Sun" used software to "change faces" of many stars into women. The "female version" Ronaldo still has the presidential style. Messi could not hide his cuteness after "changing faces", and Harry Kane had temperament after "changing faces" The most glamorous.


Recently, the England national team hosted the "Home Cup" FIFA20 online game. Sancho and Rashford, a good pair of friends, met in the first round, but Rashford was eliminated by his own goal!

最近,英格兰国家队主办了“主场杯” FIFA20在线游戏。桑乔(Sancho)和拉什福德(Rashford)是一对好朋友,在第一轮比赛中相遇,但拉什福德因自己的进球而被淘汰!

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