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The 2019/20 season belonging to Bayern Munich is fantastic. Flick used an incredible way to create a legendary poem, leading Bayern to complete a double harvest of athletic performance and style construction. Just when the Bundesliga giants reached the top of Europe, many strong teams were experiencing the turbulence of the reconstruction period. Flick’s team ushered in an excellent opportunity for the Champions League. To accomplish this goal, Bayern also Need to seek breakthroughs in tactical construction and signings.

拜仁慕尼黑队的2019/20赛季非常棒。弗里克(Flick)用一种令人难以置信的方式来创作一首传奇诗,带领拜仁完成了运动表现和风格建设的双重收获。当德甲巨人到达欧洲之巅时,许多强大的队伍正在经历重建期的动荡。 Flick的团队为冠军联赛带来了绝佳的机会。为了实现这一目标,拜仁还需要寻求战术构造和签约方面的突破。

When Frick first took office, Bayern had suffered a two-game losing streak against Leverkusen and Borussia. In the face of public doubts and accusations, Frick did not waver at all, and continued to insist on oppressive and impact-based play, and gradually improved the tactical details on this basis.


During Bayern's all the way to the European summit, Frick paid great attention to the psychological construction of the team and always praised the players in front of the media. After eliminating Chelsea, Frick specifically mentioned the fringe of the first team, Zilkeze: "At the end of the first half of the season, Zilkeze sent us two lore on the road to victory. It’s against Wolfsburg and Freiburg, which really helped us move forward."


The two games where Zilkeze Jiangong took place just after the losing streak against Leverkusen and Borussia, Bayern was hit by a wave of injuries. Gretzka, Koman, Boateng, and others The injury caused Frick to barely make up a big list. After entering 2020, Lewandowski and Muller missed out due to injuries. If the sudden offseason gave the wounded room to turn around, it would be difficult for Bayern to guarantee a good physical reserve and lineup integrity to cope with the Champions League knockouts.


In the past few seasons, Bayern has always fallen short in the Champions League knockouts due to injuries to key players. Flick is undoubtedly lucky, the offseason is just right, and the work of physical coach Holger Broich and recovery coach Peter Schlösser is also remarkable. Last season, Bayern’s injuries have decreased a lot compared to previous years, but it still reached the level of 3.9 injuries per game. This is a noteworthy phenomenon.

在过去的几个赛季中,拜仁因关键球员受伤而在冠军联赛淘汰赛中始终处于劣势。弗里克无疑是幸运的,休赛期恰到好处,体育教练霍尔格·布罗伊奇(Holger Broich)和康复教练彼得·施罗塞尔(PeterSchlösser)的工作也非常出色。上个赛季,拜仁的伤病率比往年减少了很多,但仍达到了每场比赛3.9人受伤的水平。这是一个值得注意的现象。

Affected by the epidemic, the schedule of the new season will become more intensive, and double matches in a week will become the norm. The high-position press will bring huge consumption and injury risks. For Bayern, who has been standing in the new year, the upcoming new season will be full of challenges. The experienced Frick is clearly aware of the crisis, even if he has the triple crown in his hands, he still has not lowered the signing requirements.


After Flick took office, Bayern's main rotation lineup has stabilized at around 18 to 20 people. At this stage, the first team lineup has 25 people, which is relatively "slim" among teams of the same level. After this transfer window, Bayern's rotation has changed a lot. Odriosola, Coutinho and Perisic will return to their old clubs, Thiago is about to leave the team, and Alaba may also be transferred.


Despite having gained Sane, Bayern clearly needs at least three to four new aids to enrich the lineup. The positions of wingers, right backs and defensive midfielders all need to be strengthened. Considering that the club’s income has shrunk significantly due to the impact of the epidemic, it takes high-level courage and courage to accomplish this goal.


Frick's tactical system emphasizes speed and impact, which consumes a lot of midfield players. Frick asked the defenders (including Neuer) to carry out a lot of forward pressure and sweep, and the frontcourt players should also actively implement anti-grabs to create more opportunities for ball conversion. Based on this kind of thinking, Frick transformed Alaba, and even arranged four players with full-back attributes to form a defensive line in individual games to support high-position pressure play.


When Bayern's physical stamina and state are at full capacity, the defensive line configuration of the wingback team battle can well exploit strengths and avoid weaknesses. When the overall strength of offense and defense cannot be guaranteed, Bayern needs to improve the frontal defensive capabilities of the defense. The combination of Alaba & Boateng brought the championship to Bayern, and the young Lucas-Hernandez and Jule are the guarantee for the continued competitiveness of the team in the future.


In the process of reaching the Champions League, Barcelona, ​​Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain did not have the opportunity to use the set kick to threaten Bayern. On the contrary, the Bundesliga team like Frankfurt accurately found the weak underbelly of Bayern's defense. Among the Bayern guards, only Boateng and Jule have excellent headers. Paval and Lucas are good at grabbing points on offense, but they seem a little weak on the defensive end. Bayern has no shortage of tall players in the midfield. Muller, Lewand and Gretzka can participate in the set-kick defense. What Frick needs to focus on is the team's air defense capabilities in the penalty area in sports.

在进入冠军联赛的过程中,巴塞罗那,里昂和巴黎圣日耳曼没有机会利用踢球威胁拜仁。相反,像法兰克福这样的德甲球队准确地找到了拜仁防守的弱项。在拜仁后卫中,只有博阿滕和儒勒拥有出色的头球。帕瓦尔和卢卡斯擅长于在进攻端得分,但他们在防守端似乎有些虚弱。拜仁在中场不乏高个子球员。 Muller,Lewand亚博棋牌娱乐和Gretzka可以参加定点防守。 Frick需要重点关注的是球队在运动中的罚球区的防空能力。

After the Bundesliga resumed work, Kimmich and Gretzka were the main defensive midfielders. Bayern often make mistakes in the face of high-position presses, and Gretzka's sense of response has certain problems. After Paval was injured, Kimmich moved to the right gate, and Thiago played a key role after his "return".


In this era of the prevalence of ball control and oppressive tactics, how to ensure the smooth flow of the midfield transportation line has become an important part of tactical construction. Players who can use creative passing to help teammates and complete the front and back series connection work are naturally valuable , Thiago is this kind of player who is not particularly outstanding in data, but can simplify the promotion process. Bayern's tactical center of gravity is relatively forward, and the attack line is huge, and it is even more necessary for Thiago to be an all-round midfielder.


Although there have been short-circuit performances (VS Lyon), Thiago played a key role in most games. Thiago's possession, escape and connection can well break the opponent's press. Forward through and dispatch are also good at creating threats. The Bundesliga's most effective interception player is also a reliable barrier in front of the defense. Bayern lacks players with a style similar to Thiago, and the midfielder who is rumored with the team is not of this type.


The strength of Gretzka and Kimmich's midfielder combination is not a problem, but this combination needs the help of frontcourt and wide players in the promotion link. Tiago’s departure seems inevitable. Bayern may rely more on frontcourt pressure and use more long passes. Players will inevitably consume more. The increase in the number of ball conversions will also increase the pressure on the defense. . Gretzka and Kimmich improved significantly last season, and Tolisso also has the opportunity to complete the transformation under Frick.

Gretzka和Kimmich的中场亚博棋牌娱乐组合实力不成问题,但这种组合需要晋升环节中前场和广泛球员的帮助。 Tiago的离开似乎是不可避免的。拜仁可能更多地依靠前场压力,并使用更多的长传。玩家不可避免地会消耗更多。球转换次数的增加也将增加防守的压力。 。上个赛季,格雷茨卡和金米奇取得了长足的进步,托里索也有机会完成弗里克的转型。

Bayern has accelerated its youthful process under Frick, and the team's tradition of focusing on wing attacks has not changed. Frick is committed to changing the past split-wing attack layout, which not only requires Mueller to connect the two-wing theaters, but also has a better rotation ability inside the striker. Gnabry and Koeman can both left and right, and Sane also has the same quality. His offensive ability with the ball is stronger than Gnabry, and his scoring ability when directly impacting the goal is better than Koman, Bayern’s striker. Strength has been improved.

拜仁在弗里克(Frick)的带领下加快了自己的年轻进程,而球队专注于侧翼进攻的传统并未改变。弗里克(Frick)致力于改变过去的分裂翼攻击布局,这不仅要求穆勒(Mueller)连接两翼战区,而且在前锋内部具有更好的旋转能力。 Gnabry和Koeman可以左右移动,Sane也具有相同的质量。他的控球能力比纳布利强,直接打入球门时的得分能力也比拜仁的前锋科曼更好。实力有所提高。

The center of gravity when holding the ball is too high and the touch accuracy is insufficient. Sane can kill the opponent on the flanks, but there will also be some unnecessary drops. In the past few seasons, Guardiola has been cultivating Sane's ability to cooperate with attacking opponents' defenses through passing and running, helping him to evolve towards an all-around forward with a balanced ball/off ability. In the 2018/19 season, Sane's playing time has been reduced, but his offensive and assist efficiency has not decreased, mainly because his off-ball ability has improved a lot.

握球时重心太高,触摸精度不足。 Sane可以杀死侧翼上的对手,但也会有一些不必要的掉落。在过去的几个赛季中,瓜迪奥拉一直在培养Sane通过传球和奔跑来配合进攻对手防守的能力,从而帮助他以平衡的控球/断球能力向全能前锋发展。在2018/19赛季,Sane的上场时间有所减少,但他的进攻和助攻效率并未下降,这主要是因为他的非球能力得到了很大提高。

From the battle of Tianwangshan (2018/19) at home to the lore of Liverpool at home, to the success of the Manchester City Derby after coming off the bench in the second round, Sane has repeatedly made great achievements in key Premier League games. The progress he has made after mastering the "inside" play is still obvious of. Sane can create threats on both sides, and Frick can gain a lot of room for turning during the formation phase.

从国内的天王山之战(2018/19)到国内的利物浦的绝杀,到第二轮替补席上曼城德比的成功,萨恩在英超主要比赛中屡屡取得重大成就。在掌握“内部”战术之后,他所取得的进步仍然显而易见。 Sane可以对双方都构成威胁,Frick可以在编队阶段获得很大的转向空间。

In the Champions League knockout stage, Alfonso Davis has a certain ball conflict with Perisic (Coman) on the left wing. If Gnabry plays the left wing, Alfonso Davis’s Offensive firepower can be better released. With Paval behind him, Sane, the right winger, was able to let go of the offense, echoing Alfonso Davis on the left.

在冠军联赛淘汰赛阶段,阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)与左翼佩里西奇(科曼(Coman))形成了一定的球冲突。如果格纳布里扮演左翼,阿方索·戴维斯的进攻火力可以得到更好的释放。在帕瓦(Paval)身后,右路边锋桑内(Sane)得以放开进攻,在左边与阿方索·戴维斯(Alfonso Davis)呼应。

Sane's high-profile performance in Manchester City is inseparable from the "support" of David Silva. After joining Bayern, the player who can support him in the ribs is Mueller. David Silva and Mueller play completely different ways. How to allocate the playing time of the three wingers, help Sane and Mueller seamlessly connect, and improve Sane’s contribution without the ball. The test Frick faced.

Sane在曼城的备受瞩目的表现与David Silva的“支持”密不可分。加入拜仁之后,能够支持他的肋骨的球员就是穆勒。大卫·席尔瓦(David Silva)和穆勒(Mueller)的演奏方式完全不同。如何分配三位边锋的上场时间,帮助Sane和Mueller无缝连接,并提高Sane的无球贡献。弗里克亚博棋牌娱乐面临的考验。

Since the resumption of work in the Bundesliga in the 2019/20 season, Bayern has actually crowned the Triple Crown in a single-line way. The physical fitness reserves during the offseason have been completely released, and the intensity and continuity of the oppressive style of play are fully guaranteed. The upcoming new season is a brand new challenge for Frick and his team. If the team wants to remain competitive in multi-line combat, it must fix its shortcomings and enrich its personnel reserves in key positions.


Considering that the attractiveness and competitive environment of the Bundesliga are relatively limited, the real test of Frick is not the integration of resources, but how to keep the Triple Crown in the Bundesliga to stay focused and play a "strong dialogue" to adapt to the Champions League knockouts in advance. The intensity of the phase. In the past few months, Flick has perfectly completed the firefighting mission. In the upcoming season, he has to prove that he is the best candidate to help Bayern achieve "long-term stability".


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