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For a long time, the relationship between the United States and Iran has been tense. After the Iranian military figure Soleimani was killed by the U.S., a series of incidents such as the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane in Iran and an attack on a U.S. military base occurred. People often say: Football has nothing to do with politics. Football will make war go away. Is this really the case? In 1998, Iran and the United States met on a narrow road in France. In the most political match in the history of the World Cup, the stories of the ins and outs were brilliant and thought-provoking.

长期以来,美国与伊朗的关系一直很紧张。伊朗军事人物Soleimani被美国杀害后,发生了一系列事件,例如击落了乌克兰的一架乌克兰客机,以及对美国军事基地的袭击。人们常说:足球与政治无关。足球将使战争消失。真的是这样吗? 1998年,伊朗和美国在法国的一条狭窄道路上相遇。在世界杯历史上最具政治意义的比赛中,里里外外的故事精彩纷呈,发人深省。

In 1998, Iran reached the World Cup finals again after 20 years. After they advanced to the play-offs from the top ten in Asia, they eliminated the powerful Australia with more away goals. In the 1994 World Cup in homeland, the US team led by Milou into the knockout rounds. They came to France and they were regarded as dark horse favorites.


After the World Cup groupings, Americans and Iranians felt incredible about this grouping, not only because of the strong Germany and Yugoslavia in the same group, but also because of the continuing grievances between the two countries in their history.


In 1953, the US Central Intelligence Agency planned to overthrow the Mossadhai regime in Iran and support the restoration of the Pahlavi dynasty. During the Pahlavi era, Iran was completely westernized, relying on the support of the United States and Britain, and the gap between the rich and the poor was huge, and the middle and lower classes were miserable. Finally, the Islamic Revolution in 1979 overthrew Pahlavi's rule and Khomeini became the supreme leader.


Since then, the United States and Iran have repeatedly clashed. In November 1979, 66 American diplomats were detained in Iran. This incident lasted 444 days. The United States immediately announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran and imposed sanctions on it. The two sides continued to fight. In 1988, a US warship shot down an Iranian passenger plane, killing 290 people, arousing public outrage throughout Iran.

从那以后,美国和伊朗屡屡发生冲突。 1979年11月,有66名美国外交官在伊朗被拘留。这件事持续了444天。美国立即宣布与伊朗断绝外交关系,并对伊朗实施制裁。双方继续战斗。 1988年,一艘美国军舰击落了一架伊朗客机,炸死290人,激起了整个伊朗的公愤。

Originally, before the grouping, people were worried that if the two countries were grouped together, it would cause a lot of problems, but it really happened.


When Iran and the United States were in the same group, someone soon suggested that the two teams should not be in the same group, which would bring security risks and should be adjusted. In response to this, the head of FIFA, Avelange, calmly stated that football has nothing to do with politics, and the games of the two teams should not be mixed with more factors.


In the first round of the group stage, Germany defeated the United States 2-0 and Yugoslavia won Iran 1-0. In the second round, whichever side of Iran or the United States loses, it will basically miss out. Focus Before the war, whether it was FIFA, Iran or American public opinion, they all wanted to reduce the influence of the smell of gunpowder and off-court factors, but many practical problems still came.


The first is the question of who goes to whom first. According to FIFA regulations, when the two sides shake hands and salute, it should be the B team going to the A team. According to the grouping, Iran is the B team and they should take the initiative to go to the US team. However, according to British media, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei and some officials disagreed. It was reported that Iranian players were ordered not to go to the US team.


In the embarrassment, an Iranian-born FIFA official Masudi repeatedly communicated and finally made the US team compromise. During the game, they would take the initiative to approach the Iranian players.


So before the match between the two teams, the American players and the Iranian players were like a family. They took a group photo with flowers and smiled peacefully. The Iranian and American fans in the stands are also very friendly. They stand together for a photo, smile, and even hug, everything is so beautiful.


At this moment, football has defeated politics and war.


Another point that worries FIFA the most is that during the match, an Iranian anti-government organization in Iraq


After the opening, the players of both sides skipped the temptation and went directly to the melee stage of real swords and guns.


The American team showed habitual self-confidence before the game. From the coach to the players, it seemed that they were confident in winning Iran. This kind of strong self-confidence allows them to suppress their opponents in the opening stage.


In the second minute, when the American player Hejuk attacked on the right side, he knocked down the Iranian defender and the referee gave the American a corner kick.


After 1 minute, after the US team took a free kick on the right, McBride in the penalty area headered the center post. Soon, Reina took a long shot from the outside and the ball hit the right side of the goal post again. It seems that it is only a matter of time before the Americans are away from victory.


In the 40th minute, the Iranian team Ali-Dei instigated the offensive on the right. After a continuous pass, Zarinche made a pass. Estili made a powerful header, and the American goalkeeper Keller, who was slightly ahead, could not reach the whip.

在第40分钟,伊朗队阿里·代伊(Ali-Dei)煽动了右边的进攻。经过连续传球,Zarinche传球了。 Estili头球攻门非常有力,稍稍领先的美国守门员Keller无法达到目标。

In the second half, the Americans became anxious. They came out all the way, and the defense became more empty.


Originally, the Iranians had the opportunity to lock the score at 3-0, but it was a pity that Ali Daei's single-handed goal was cleared by the opponent in front of the goal line.

最初,伊朗人有机会将比分锁定在3-0,但可惜的是,对手在球门线前清除了Ali Daei的单手进球。

At the last moment, the Americans saw the hope of a tie with McBride's goal. After the goal was scored, the American players eager to kick-off also clashed with the Iranians. At the last moment, the American goalkeeper Miller rushed into the Iranian penalty zone, but still to no avail.


When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, they could not wait for the Iranian players to run into the arena excitedly. They celebrated their first World Cup victory with tears, and even Iranian fans jumped into the stadium excitedly. .

当裁判在比赛结束时吹响哨子时,他们迫不及待希望伊朗球员兴奋地进入比赛场地。他们热泪盈眶地庆祝了自己的第一次世界杯胜利,甚至伊朗球迷也兴奋地跳入了体育场。 。

After losing the game, the Americans missed the chance to qualify. Their luck was really bad. They hit the goalpost and crossbar 3 times.


At the same time, although the scene was very hot and people turned their backs on horseback everywhere, the two teams were very friendly after the game. Many American players congratulated the Iranian team on their victory, and several Iranian players embraced each other.


The tension between the United States and Iran seems to show no signs of easing. Every normal person in the world hates war and loves peace, as do the Iranian and American people.


"Football has nothing to do with politics" is a beautiful sentence, but in fact, it is difficult to realize. More often, sports are involved in politics and cannot be left alone. The Soviet Union’s killing of the American basketball team in Munich was a typical example.


At the 1998 World Cup, the confrontation between the United States and Iran promoted the relaxation of relations between the two countries, but it must be admitted that he could not determine the ultimate direction of the diplomacy between the two countries.


Sports are great, football is great, he brings people inspiration and blood, and makes people excited. Football is sometimes higher than life and death.


In the future, no matter what, we still look forward to this miraculous moment that will happen again.




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